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  1. @Ish @Salty Soviet Check out these awesome new sculpts coming with the new Adeptus Custodes codex !!!
  2. Looking for a good home for the old death cube. Mostly assembled and partly primed, it just needs the ribs, back, and crystal bits added. The roof is slightly uneven and there are rough and uneven spots on the model. Comes with the box intact, instructions are printed on the box side. Starting offer is $45. I would prefer a local pick-up/drop-off (I'm in Portland area) but can ship if necessary. Photos on Imgur. Edit: can do Paypal or cash for payment.
  3. I know it's probably a long shot with all you Primaris Fanboy Personalities 😉 but I'm looking for a few old Tau Commander Upgrade Sprues (which came in metal or resin) or the Xv8 Tau Crisis Battlesuit Commander box that included the upgrade sprues with an old style Xv8 crisis suite as well. I've attached some photos of the various incarnations below courtesy of the interwebs. Have cash, paypal; or some indomitus necrons or primed death guard for trade if you prefer the barter system.
  4. After much noodling before points dropped today, plus some additional cuts/edits once they did, I settled on a list with which to start playing games of 9th ed. I've always liked soup for the utility options it provides; this list may not deliver the strongest board control, or shooting, or mobility, but it can do all three competitively, and it's designed to take all comers. A couple of combos that are worth pointing out: The inquisitor and GK strike squads: the former's warlord trait gives me a 12" radius Ld 10 bubble that buffs the Purge Soul power, plus I can Terrify a unit to give them an additional -1 Ld. Against otherwise tough units like Riptides, suddenly each strike squad is doing up to 7 mortal wounds on the turn it drops in. Taking three detachments lets me start each game with both a Culexus and a Vindicare. Basically I'm getting extra value out of my third detachment, since I'll rarely if ever have to pay 2cp to swap either of these assassins for a Callidus or Eversor. (As a side note, the Callidus' cp tax ability feels much less valuable in 9th ed because everyone gains 1cp at the start of each turn; if I can't deplete someone's cp pool early, or force them to make really tough choices, then I'm not as into it.) Here's the list: 2k imperial soup (AM, AS, GK) [680] AM battalion (-2cp) Detachment battalion (-3cp) warlord (+3cp) Strats vigilus: emperor's fist (-1cp) tank ace (-1cp) No slot doctrine: gunnery experts, jury-rigged repairs [100] culexus HQ [190] tank commander (155), heavy bolter (15), battlecannon (20), tank ace: master mechanic, relic: hammer of sunderance (free) [205] tank commander (155), heavy bolter (15), punisher (35), tank ace: master mechanic [35] company commander (35), chainsword, laspistol, warlord Troops [50] 10 guardsmen [50] 10 guardsmen [50] 10 guardsmen ==== [880] AS patrol (-4cp) Detachment patrol (-2cp) Strats open the reliquaries (-1cp) arbiter of the emperor's will (-1cp) No slot conviction: valorous heart [63] ordo hereticus inquisitor (60), storm bolter (3), chainsword, psyker, terrify, relic: blackshroud, WT: formidable resolve HQ [60] canoness (50), blessed blade (10), bolt pistol, wrath of the emperor [195] triumph of st katherine (195) Troops [55] 5 sisters (55), chainsword Elites [45] imagifier (45), tale of the stoic Fast attack [72] dominions (60), 4 storm bolters (12) Heavy support [195] exorcist (150), exorcist missile launcher (30), heavy bolter (15) [195] exorcist (150), exorcist missile launcher (30), heavy bolter (15) ==== [440] GK patrol (-2cp) Detachment patrol (-2cp) No slot [100] vindicare HQ [85] castellan crowe (85), inner fire Troops [85] 5 strikes (85), halberds, purge soul [85] 5 strikes (85), halberds, purge soul [85] 5 strikes (85), halberds, purge soul ==== total points: 2000 total units: 20 starting cp: 12 -3 (battalion) +3 (warlord refund) -2 (patrol) -2 (patrol) -4 (strats) = 4
  5. With the release of the new Harlequin codex for 8th ed I thought I’d take a break from power armor for a bit and dip my toes into the Webway. The force itself (like most of mine) is second hand with a repaint, and is intended for tabletop quality. One of the challenges of getting the army done will be staying motivated and finding time with work and family. To help in those regards I plan to avoid big batch painting sessions, and will try to finish (completely) a unit or two at a time. At some point I plan to add small diamond/checker patterns (perhaps with a rubber stamp system) but for now I’m satisfied with the base colors. First up is a shadow seer (my test model for the army) a troupe master and a troupe. I really enjoy all the implied movement the models have.
  6. Getting started slowly for my next project. I'm deciding to bring a Khorne / Slaanesh demon army for OFCC 2021 and to play against friends. Started off with a fiend today. Base coat 1 is drying nicely, couple more for a nice even coat.
  7. 9/6/2019 Friday Updated https://imgur.com/a/o6OIEsy *ALL PRICES ARE FOR 1 [H] : OOP Chaos Space Marine Squad - Without Champion. No Command sprue. (NOS) [W]: $19 [H] : 2 SEALED Boxes of Kill Team: Fractal Blades - Thousand Sons Kill Team (NIB) [W]: $99 FOR TRADE ONLY [H]: Horus Heresy, The - Betrayal at Calth Forgebane [W]: Blood Tide of Khorne Chaos Daemons Spearhead Chaos Space Marines Army Chaos Tide of Spawn Favoured of Chaos Khorne Bloodbound Expansion Set Ork Megaforce Renegade Strike Force [H] $$$ [W] CHAOS VEHICLE BITS:Will Buy or Take as Trade: Willing to take any of the below and apply it to the trade of my items for the amount listed below.Looking to buy up as many Chaos Space Marine vehicle upgrades as I can. Looking to buy up as many CSM vehicle upgrades as I can. Will pay $35 for complete Imperial Knight Warden Upgrade Sprue. Will pay $20 for like new Imperial Knights Warden Avenger Gatling Cannon Will pay $20 for all chains and spikes from the Chaos Space Marine Knight Titan. Will pay $15 for complete Vindicator Cannon Sprue. Will pay $15 for the Spikes, Doors, and Chains Spruefrom Chaos Space Marine Rhino/Predator/Vindicator. Will pay $10 for complete Chaos Vehicle Upgrades Spruefrom Chaos Rhino/Vindicator/Predator/Land Raider/Defiler. Will pay $10 for complete Predator Turret Sprue. Will pay $10 for complete Predator and Land Raider Side Turret sprue. Will pay $8 for Defiler Autocannons with base, mount, and cover. Will pay $6 for Forgefiend/Maulerfiend Pauldrons Will buy Forgefiend and Defiler bits as well Will take loose bits as long as there good condition. Can meet at West Portland Hobby Stores and Guardian Games.Send me a PM.
  8. Guest

    Durable army help

    So, yeah, suggestions on extreme durability in 8e? Can't seem to get my marines to be durable in 8e. Defense for 8e is kinda focused on scoring faster, rather than actual defense, but I like defense. Suggestions on armies that play defense well.
  9. Team Imperial Krusaders is looking for a new player and a ringer. PM me or @apathy ales if you are interested. Benefits of Team Imperial Krusaders: We have no idea what we are doing Pizza Beer We have a Discord Channel to discuss both of the above items Cons: We have no idea what we are doing
  10. List creation stuff here. My faction is World Eaters for the Legion Keyword. Planning to attend GG league, which adheres to the ITC's rules. I'd love feedback on the list, confirmation that my math is accurate, and so forth. I doubt I'll have a viable list anytime soon, and I certainly intent to prioritize fully painted models over more tactically sound unpainted models. Low model count armies will be an initial goal, which will change as I get more models painted. EDIT: Current list on page 8
  11. Hey everyone, this thread is for the second team from Fate and Fury games in Vancouver Washington. Team Fate we are a loyalist themed team in spirt with some Xenos allies, due to teammates unavailability. This will be my 2rd year attending and my first year as team captain. Though some of our teammates this year are new to ordo and/or the OFCC, we all are familiar with the casual spirit of the event and so matches against any of us will prove to be a great time. We look forward to battling it up on the table top with you all. Here is the 2019 Team Fate lineup Mike Janecki / Ash (Astra Militarum) Tim Bischoff/ TheBaron (Imperial Knights) Jeremiah Bergdale / Arizenkin (Eldar ) Nelson Glaze / Phyfor88 (Orks). Pics and lists will follow shortly as we are still practicing the missions and finishing models.
  12. Hey everyone, this thread is for one of our two teams this year. Team Fury is all chaos themed armies and Team Fate is all loyalist pig dog imperials. We are all from Fate and Fury Games in Vancouver, Washington. This will be my 3rd year attending and my second year as team captain. Though some of our teammates this year are new to ordo and/or the OFCC, we all are familiar with the casual spirit of the event and so matches against any of us will prove to be a great time. That being said, here is the 2019 Team Fury lineup Chris Green / @zcaust83 (Deathguard/Nurgle Daemons) Jason Gager / tbd (Thousand Sons/Tzneetch daemons) Joe Punley / tbd (Chaos Space Marines/slaanesh daemons) Tanner Hebert / tbd (Chaos Space Marines/slaanesh daemons). Pics and lists will follow shortly as we are still practicing the missions and finishing models.
  13. OFCC 40K Team Rewind What: Let’s play the 5 OFCC Missions from last year and do the full Team Experience Where: W.O.W. Tuesday Game Night When: Every other Tuesday and Sunday night; Starting May 14. Ending July 14. Captains’ Pairings begin at 6PM each night. May 14 May 19 May 28 June 2 June 11 June 16 June 25 June 30 July 9 July 14 Who: Any 40K players who want to attend, preferably 8 people for every mission Why: To see what OFCC is all about and get prepared for OFCC 2019 How: Each week, we will play a new mission from last year’s OFCC. We will do assisted Captain’s Pairings with all participants. This means that all participants will form into teams of 2, 3, or 4. All players must have a list printed out and available for the team captain to review. One participant from each team will be designated as Team Captain. Team Captains will pair off and do list rating and choose who will battle. Once matches are set, we play the missions! We really need a good number of people to have the best experience. The 6PM start time is to give everyone a chance to get to the clubhouse and have a printed list available for their captain. If you do not have access to a printer, I will make available a laptop and a black and white printer at the club. OFCC has always played at 2000 points so everyone can bring their favorite toys. The Rule of Cool will be in full effect. REQUIRED READING: Please see evil_bryan’s post for full details about List Building Guidelines, details on Captain’s responsibilities etc. for OFCC. We want to conduct ourselves as if we were at OFCC playing these games against total strangers in a relaxed and casual setting.
  14. My Tyranids. Started this army in 7th ed just due to frustration with bug players never fielding units I wanted to see. Army is almost entirely Armorcast and Metal. No flying bugs. Not finished painting by a longshot, but I wanted a break from chaos marines (a break from playing them, I'll still be painting them). Not sure which tyranid hive fleet I'm running. Paint Scheme is how I was doing Chaos Spawn for a Tzeentch army I no longer have... Present list of models: 1x Hive Tyrant 3 tyrant guard 2-3 Venom Thropes 3 Exocrines. 20-40 Hornagaunts 10-20 Gargoyles 2 Sporocysts (Plastic) 2 Muclids Mines Many Spore Mines. 6-9 Raveners 2 lictors 1 Zoan/neurothrope. 3 screamer killers. 3 Haruspex (2 complete, 1 missing arms) 1 Dactlyis (missing arms) which I use as a Counts As "Maleceptor"
  15. Just gonna drop this here for funzies. Picked up some additions for the Rout. I plan to paint them to tabletop quality by the end of January.
  16. Despite knowing that it won't be legal in any formal Warmahordes TOs, I've starting putting together a 40k Inquisition themed army on PP bases with the intention of fielding them as the Protectorate of Menoth. Calling it the Inquisition of Menoth. I don't expect to finish anytime soon, but I'm having fun and it'll at least be some good pictures. It's also been a good excuse to buy some really cool models for armies I don't play in 40k. PP started releasing all the rules without the models, so now I'm free to not buy their models and just field what looks fun. I also have some inquisition from previous editions of 40k that I want to field, but don't play the related armies anymore. And I really think PP games need more non-PP conversions. I'll add pictures when I'm more confident in the results. On a more general response, current list of conversions various stages of progress 4x heavy warjacks. Bought 4x Armigers. Tough getting them to fit on 50mm bases, but they really look like "heavy" warjacks. 3x light warjacks. Bought 3x adeptus titanicus imperial knights. Much smaller than the armigers, but look similar enough where they seem like part of the same faction. These fit perfectly on 40mm bases. 1x Vessel of Judgement. Metal Karamazov converted so an even older Lord of Macragge can sit on that throne. Very much still in progress, but looks really cool.
  17. Selling my large pro painted Ork army for $1000 OBO. Their older models so a lot of them are made of metal which if your a real ork player you will enjoy because your models can actually be used as a deadly weapon. Everything comes in two cases and is organized in a very practical and convenient load out. I have more pictures so if you wanna see more just ask! Included in the army: 1 Warboss 5 Nobz 1 Pain Boy 2 Killa Kans 1 Storm Boy Nob 8 storm boys 2 big shootas 2 flamea boyz 2 tank bustsas 15 shoota boyz 32 slugga boyz 24 Gretchen 1 Gretchen standard bearer 3 slavers 3 cannons w/crew 2 mortars w/crew 1 zap gun W/crew 5 warbikes 1 warbuggie 3 deth kopters 3 war trucks 1 looted leman Russ Im located in Vancouver WA if your local but am willing to ship internationally as well! The best way to contact me if you are interested or have any questions is through metalmachine09@gmail.com Thanks guys!
  18. Hello there all you hammers! I would like to introduce our team, Just the Dickel! We are @DisruptiveConduct - Khan @Dark Trainer - Matt @Atomic - Marshall @MOONEY - David We will be using this thread to post our lists. Talk about match ups. Design our team display boards. Smack talk other teams. All the good stuff! Join us in our road to OFCC!
  19. Guest

    Pax's Eldar

    In line with never finishing any army, I've decided to start collecting Eldar. I say start, but I got a bunch from my cousin, plus a few trades recently, so I'm not sure how many I'll be needing to "collect." Plan is Altaioc, not so much for their rules, but because Rangers are the only troops I have presently. Paint Scheme is sort of tree themed, with it being Green, with wood-like sections, and apple red gems. List is mainly so I can figure out how many points I have. HQ Mugen Ra 140 HQ Baharroth 110 HQ Nightspear 80 HQ Avatar of Khaine 250 HQ Farseer 100 HQ Farseer/Autarch Elites Wraithguard (8, Cannons) 240 Troops Rangers (12) 144 Heavy Dark Reapers (12, including 1 shuriken cannon exarch and 1 missile launcher exarch) 315 Heavy Wraithlord (Spirit Walker) Wraithlord 103+weapons Heavy Fire Prism 155+weapons Heavy Fire Prism 155+weapons Heavy Falcon 125+weapons Heavy Warp Hunter 285+weapons Fast Vyper 50+weapons Fast Vyper 50+weapons Flyer Pheonix 183+weapons Dedicated Transport Wave Serpent 107+weapons Dedicated Transport Wave Serpent 107+weapons Dedicated Transport Wave Serpent 107+weapons Lord of War Scorpion 700+weapons Total: 3506pts (Not including variable weapons or the farseer/autarch)
  20. Have one partially assembled Monolith, with box, with yet-to-be-added parts. No longer running Necrons, looking for a good overlord to take care of this fella. You get what you see in the photos. The Gauss turrets can rotate. Parts should fit well, noticed when I was assembling it some of the parts were slightly warped (as to be expected from a relic from 4th edition), and required a little more work to fit properly. Starting price $30, or equivalent trades in Guard Troops, Elites, Fast Attack.
  21. Guest

    Pax's Bugs

    First game with tyranids since I started 40k in 3rd edition (and ultimately decided I didn't have the funds to play tyranids). Bugs were not the primary army, since I don't have enough of them yet. Tyranid army theme is exclusively metal and armorcast models only. Game was very casual and opponent was pure tyranids. FW was banned for this game. We were using the Draft FAQ. Neither of us play very often anymore. I took: Deathwing Redemption Force (Turn 2 auto-arrival) -Librarian (TDA, rolled pyromancy and I forgot to use his powers all game) -Terminators (5x SS+TH, 1 cyclone, sergeant was my warlord and rolled furious charge for unit) -Terminators (AC++CF, 3x LC, PS+SB) -Venerable Dreadnought (ML+MM) -Drop Pod Oathsworn Detachment -Paladin (Stock, first game fielding a knight of any kind) Tyranid Allied Detachment -Hive Tyrant (Scything Talons, Rending Claws, Adrenal Glands) -Maleceptor (I'm using an Armorcast Dactlysis without arms for this model) -Rippers (8 bases, Adrenal Glands) -Gargoyles (10, stock) -Exocrine (stock, love this model, the armorcast versionis just so awesome) Opponent's Tyranids Detachment 1 (not certain on entire list) -Hive Tyrant (Wings, double TL Devourers) -Zoans (2+Neurothrope) -Zoans (2+Neurothrope) -Tyranocyte (Deathspitters) -Tyranocyte (Deathspitters) -Hive Crone -Trygon -Trygon -Termagants (Full 20, most had devourers, some didn't to save points) -Genestealers and broodlord (Small unit, not sure how many) Detachment 2 (Living artillery Formation, I think) -Tyranid Warriors (3, barbed Strangler, Devourers) -Exocrine -Biovores (3) Game was 2000pts. We placed 6 numbered objectives and used the tactical objective cards, plus the three standard secondary objectives. 12" deploy zone from the long table edge. Opponent deployed first and went first, I failed to sieze. I'm terrible at the turn by turn, but I can try. Deployment was opponent putting their detachment 2 in a ruin in a corner, and me putting the Maleceptor, Gargoyles, and rippers in the opposite corner, just outside the biovore range. 2 trygons and a zoan brood in the center, with the other zoans and terms in a pod via reserves. The tyrant and crone also reserves. I put my tyrant as close to the living artillery as possible. The Knight was left-center and my Exocrine right-center. And the Dark angels were in reserve (since their formation requires it). Genestealers later infiltrated in line to assault my Exocrine. Opponent's turn 1 wasn't very impressive. Most of my units were in cover behind ruins, and positioned out of range of opponent's weapons. Exocrine took 1 wound, from the biovores, I think. No other damage. My turn 1 was very pivotal for the game. Opponent had positioned a trygon so it was in charge range of the Knight. Killed a Neurothrope with the battle cannon and assaulted the trygon for 3 wounds. Opponent missed with smash. This locked up the trygon and the Knight, which prevented opponent's main anti-tank (both zoans) from being able to damage the Knight turn 2, which dramatically altered the rest of the game. Otherwise, rippers and Gargolys advanced, Maleceptor claimed an objective, but was otherwise out of range. Hive tyrant advanced. Exocrine, with Onslaught, advanced, blasted some Genestealers, and then ran back a bit. Opponent's turn 2 saw the arrival of the Hive Crone, Termagants (in pod), and zoans (also in pod). Flyrant decided not to participate this turn. Podding terms wiped out the gargoyles for first blood. Trygon died in assault with the knight, with the rest of the tyrants deciding to give the knight a wide birth. My Exocrine died due to shooting and assault. My hive tyrant got reduced to 2 wounds. Hive Crone failed to damage the Knight. My turn 2 saw the arrivale of my deathwing. Terminators deployed in opponent's backfield to snag an objective. Cyclone terminator used frag to amazingt effect against the termagants, killing close to half the squad. Dreadnought landed to engage devourer gants and their pod. The hive tyrant doubled back to engage the Zoans that had podded in, charged, and locked them in assault. Imperial knight moved to engage the Living artilery, destroying both the warriors and the biovores. Maleceptor got of his ruin and got into position to charge the remaining 2 genestealers and 1 broodlord. I used psychic overlord to snipe out and slay the broodlord with focused witchfire (Draft FAQ no longer requires a "hit" roll and he failed look out sir). I then charged and defeated the 2 remaining genestealers with the maleceptor, consolidating back into the ruins. Rippers, intimidated by overwatch from the remaining devourers, decided to move and assist the maleceptor against the genestealers, but failed their charge. Opponent's turn 3 saw the arrival of the flyrant, which immediately swooped in and popped the dreadnought. Devourer gants decided to further flee the terminators, and instead shot and assaulted the rippers, resulting in only a single ripper base survivng. One set of zoans remained locked with my tyrant, while the other, now out range to the knight, attempt and failed to hit the warlord's terminator unit. Opponent's exocrine and trygon wiped the assault cannon terminators. Hive crone continued to fail to damage the knight. Hive Tyrant remained locked with zoans. My turn 3, my warlord's unit left their objective and assaulted the zoans (we tried to multi-charge, but failed to get the other units in). Zoans got wiped, after taking 10 S9 wounds... Knight advanced and slew the opponent's exocrine and dealt two wounds to the remaining trygon with his battle cannon. Hive tyrant remained locked with the zoans. Rippers got wiped in my assault phase. Maleceptor realized it was in range of a trygon and did 3 wounds with psychic overload. Hive tyrant remained locked with zoans. Opponent's turn 4. Lost my warlord (and his unit, including attached librarian) this turn due to trygon and gant shooting, then assault by both (couldn't make 2+ saves...). Flyrant Zoomed to Maleceptor and dealt 2 wounds. Hive crone, yet again, attempted and failed to damage the Knight (really bad rolling). Hive tyrant remained locked with zoans. The 2 tyranocyte (spore pods) drifted towards obectives. My turn 4. Knight wiped the gants with shooting, and charged nothing due to a lack of targets. Maleceptor killed the trygon with psychic overload. Hive tyrant remained locked. Just the 3 units, plus I still had an empty pod with storm bolter which was doing nothing every turn. Opponent's turn 5. Hive Crone continuted to try and fail. Flyrant dropped to the ground intending to assault the maleceptor and hold that objective, but shot it to death. Zoans contined their locked battle with the hive tyrant. At this point, opponent has the 2 flyers (one on the ground), and 2 pods. My turn 5. Knight shot the flyrant with the battlecannon and got 1 wound on it, then charged a pod and wiped it. Hive tyrant remained locked with the zoans. Pod did nothing. Opponent's turn 6. Flyrant stayed grounded, but moved to ruins to hold the objective there. Hive crone again, failed to harm the knight (only vector strikes left, kept rolling 1s). Hive Tyrant, finally beat the zoans. I consolidated towards an objective. My turn 6. Hive tyrant grabbed an objective. Knight got another wound on the grounded flyrant (2 total). Pod did nothing. Opponent's turn 7. We decided to end it here. We didn't set a turn limit, but I had the undamaged knight which really couldn't harm the flyers, the immobile pod, and a half-dead hive tyrant far too far away to affect the flyers with psychic powers. Opponent had a half-dead flyrant, 1 tyranocyte pod, and his undamaged (but proven useless) Hive crone. VP total, opponent had 10 to my 7. We both had fun. In hindsight, I forgot that psychic overload can't be used on the same target more than once per phase (though it can be used more than once per phase), so the trygon's last wound should not have been from the maleceptor (only turn I attempted it more than once, actualled used it 3 times on the trygon that turn, 1 denied, 1 failed, and 1 success).
  22. Looking to hire someone to build me a custom Tyberos the red wake. Will pay cash. I can buy kits to bash if needed supplys you name it. Forge world makes a ok one but I want him to match the fluff, 1 bad MoFo. Pm me if you want the job, I know we have some awsome modelers. Thank you TW
  23. Stock photos, not mine. Different arms types listed here: Plasma, Dual Laser, Melta, Machinegun http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/File:Armorcast_Imperial_Titan_Weapons_1.jpg Carapace Missile Launcher, Power Fist, Chainsaw http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/File:Armorcast_Imperial_Titan_Weapons_2.jpg Vortex Missile http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/File:Merlyn_Imperial_Vortex_Missile.jpg I have some of the weapons. I have the Carapace Missile Launcher, the Plasma, and the Dual Laser. Looking to see what others have in the interest of trading arms for arms.
  24. zcaust83

    APOC 2018

    Apoc in vancouver! Come on out, we are only 25 minutes from SE portland. Lunch will be provided so as to maximize dice throwing. https://m.facebook.com/events/2076927895917093
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