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Found 3 results

  1. I have to say, that I am really excited by this league. I have been loving 8th edition, but learning the rules has been tough. Not that the new rules are difficult to understand, but there is SOOOOOOO much to unlearn. And this league has been a great opportunity to break bad habits, and play with awesome people. So I will take a moment to thank @DisruptiveConduct for running this thing for us. And speaking of DisruptiveConduct..... Game 1 vs. Genestealers @ 25 Power Level So I decided to play my Imperial Consuls for this league. Which wasn't a hard choice since I only have two 40K armies, and the other one is three Imperial Knights. I used my 25 power to build out a Battaltion Detachment, but due to the restrictions of the game I ran it as a patrol detachment. It consisted of: Captain with Thunderhammer and The Shield Eternal Primaris Lieutenant with Boltrifle 5 man Tactical Squad with Combi-plas, chainsword, and missile launcher x2 5 man Intercessor Squad When used as a Battalion Detachment this grants me a total of 6 CP. But I was running this as a patrol det, so I went into the game with three. I then used 1 cp to grant my captain a relic. However, since I was using the Ultramarines chapter tactics, I picked the warlord trait that allows for me to regain spent CPs on a 5+ roll. So I wasn't worried about only have 2 CP. I had never faced genestealers before, and so I thought three troops choices with plenty of rerolls would be ideal. it would give me the versatility I would need to tackle just about anything. And with 9 leadership across the board, re-rolls in the morale phase, being able to fall back and shoot, and re-roll 1's to-hit and wound, AND having objective secured.... I was feeling very good about my life choices. The pictures don't really do the match justice because my phone died. But there were a lot of great moments, and tons of laughs. I got the win, and I learned genestealers are a neat army to play against. I look forward to pairing off again so that I can see how they operate with more units on the table.
  2. Date: Tuesday, August 8, 2017 Time: 4pm to 10pm (we sometimes close later) Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs Cost: $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! And as always, your first Game Night is FREE! Games we play: We will be starting the 40k 8th Edition Escalation League tonight. We always have tables open for Blood Bowl, Infinity, AoS, SWA, or whatever game you want to play (one of the rooms even has natural sunlight!). Note: Although it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to prearrange a game before coming down. Hope to see you there!
  3. Anyone in the Seattle/Tacoma area still playing 8th edition? I just got into WFB.. I know I could just jump into 9th Age or KoW but I want to get into GW's last edition before AoS.
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