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Found 7 results

  1. Few pics of the models I've been getting put together for the league. I was late, and got switcherooed into playing blood bowl last week, so nobody has seen the battlefield yet. The inquisitors theres a resin Russian Eisenhorn knockoff, and a xenos inquisitor with a daemon sword and some severe body modifications, (bought off of @Scarydog And the an Ordo Mallus inquisitor in terminator armour with a power fist and combo-weapon (he's blurry, sorry) and another old model who must be an inquisitor because, well, look at the brim on that hat.
  2. Already made a document with my army list, so here is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kCx7XjOtGEMcotN8c477Z3XBOKU-WNgZnUUcPzm8Ggc/edit?usp=sharing
  3. As the title says I received a couple of kickstarter models and I'm wondering how bad this multiple years ago planned army really is. For the infantry I have a ridiculous amount of Raging Heroes toughest girls of the galaxy while the Manticore is a dream forge APC with the Thor upgrade. This army only uses 4 GW models! I should prolly replace the Tempestus boys and sentinels with leman russes or Chimeras but this is what I wrote up first. Commisar lord carapace armor, and camo gear (hide the warlord) Commisar lord power weapon 3 priests yay smash for ap 2! 3 primaris psykers lvl 2 for a
  4. Hey Guys, Doing some more cleaning and have put up some more Ebay listings: Forge World: OOP Forge World Aeronautica Imperialis books OOP Forge World Apocalypse books Astra Militarum: 88 Infantry Models Latest edition Codex Leman Russ 1 Leman Russ 2 Leman Russ 3 Leman Russ 4 Leman Russ 5 Leman Russ 6 Basilisk Random Stuff: 2014 Limited Edition Space Marine Captains Deadzone Rulebook Collection
  5. Hey Guys, Doing some more cleaning and just posted an auction on Ebay for a Baneblade. Here is the link for the auction.
  6. Sorry the photos are so blurry, I'll update sometime with in progress painting pics. I can't figure out how to delete the post. I put quite a bit of work converting this already assembled $20 ebay tank. I just primed it, but C&C welcome. He'll count as Pask. I might swap out the heavy bolters for multimeltas or even magnetize. I plan to add a stubber too. The gun is from Robogear.
  7. Clearing out closet for room for baby stuff. I do not have have time to play anymore, and I need the money for newborn daughter Catachan Lot 54 Regular Catchan guardsmen 7 Kneeling 4 Old school Lascannons 3 Old school Autocannons 4 Old school Missile Luanchers 9 Demo Charges 8 Flamers 7 Plasama 1 Heavy Bolter 6 Chick grenade launcher 12 Sergeants Box of bits to make at least 1 more squad of guardsmen $75 for lot
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