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Found 3 results

  1. When the new GW FAQ's become officially ratified in a couple of weeks, will they be adopted for the tournament? It will possibly change around a few lists, my own included (a couple of allied drop pods).
  2. This thread will serve as the defacto ruling on game questions going into the OFCC Fantasy Open. Please ask your questions in this thread and the ruling will be given. If a FAQ from Games Workshop comes out that contradicts the answer in this thread then the Games Workshop ruling supersedes this answer. These FAQ answers are also subject to change provided new rules or errata arises. Please check back often if you have a rules question. Frequently Asked Questions and Rulings: 1. Are Wood Elves allowed to have more than one unit with enchanted arrows of the same type? - Yes,
  3. Hey I have been dipping my toe in the 40k pond again and saw this post on 3++ today. I'm impressed at the level of effort it takes to come up with something like that and it's deserving of some applause just cause that takes a lot of time and caring. Not being a rules lawyer (I mean that in a good way) myself I don't have a lot of opinion on the content but I'm curious: 1. Do you think this might be adopted as an 'unofficial' FAQ in our local NW scene? 2. Overall, will this help the game be better balanced? 3. WTF is up with GW not releasing FAQ in such a long time themselves? W
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