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Found 12 results

  1. So I've had some success in the past trading stuff I wanted for recording time in my studio. I would consider it a small scale modest professional studio. Not a bedroom studio, but not the full scale hollywood studio. However, the examples of material I have from my studio DO reflect that level of quality (I even have reviews and compliments from real world famous producers if that matters). I know there probably aren't a lot of people who would want to utilize this trade offer, but, I'm low on cash, flush on time, and I want to flesh out my miniature arsenal. So, I figured I would throw this out there. The only thing I can't do is recording (and KEEP) an entire band performance at the same time. I can do scratch tracks all at once, but then we would overdub the takes afterwards for better control/isolation (as I said, small scale). I record a lot of hard rock, metal, and hip hop (actually hip hop is my bread and butter primarily). I've done a few cool nerdcore artists locally, and even gospel. What I am looking for are newer fantasy models. I'm just very nitpicky and the older models tend to have mold lines that are just awful (especially the metal ones). Highest value will go to miniatures still on sprues but I won't try and rip anyone off or low ball. I'll be generous. So, any takers? Also, if this somehow violates the TOS let me know, and I apologize in advance.
  2. Looking to get a crop of 20 or more ArrowBoys. I am hoping to trade for some Space Marine or Space wolf stuff. Oh and just to clarify I am looking for Savage Ork Arrowboys. Nothing strikes fear with half naked green skins hitting on 5's ;)
  3. Hey folks, Just wanted to give a heads up that I'm bringing the following to OFCC Friday in case anyone wants to buy it. It's all painted (you can see how in person... pretty solid paint work though). Ready for tourney play. Usable as WFB, 9th Age, AoS (huge army!) etc: Copy/paste of original model order so you see exactly what's included. On top of this (~$1400 USD of models) it was all pro-painted and looks pretty damn good (see the Bloodthirster centerpiece, wow!) 1 Bloodthirster £70.00 £70.00 1 Khorne Chaos Lord on Juggernaut £30.00 £30.00 1 Khorne Exalted Hero with Axe and Shield £11.00 £11.00 1 Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount £23.50 £23.50 1 Chaos Lord on foot £15.00 £15.00 3 Chosen Command £25.50 £76.50 5 Chosen £25.50 £127.50 1 Chaos Chariot £25.00 £25.00 1 Gorebeast Chariot £25.00 £25.00 2 Chaos Knights £20.00 £40.00 2 Skullcrushers of Khorne £58.00 £116.00 2 Chaos Warhounds £15.50 £31.00 2 Chaos Furies £18.50 £37.00 1 Hellcannon £36.00 £36.00 2 Banners of Rage £12.00 £24.00 model total £687.50 It's all bubble-wrapped (never opened after I bought it because 8th ed. died while it was being built for me) but I unwrapped the Bloodthirster to photo him. I can deliver at OFCC. Taking offers! $1400 in models and at least that much more spent on painting... but I need to make room so any offer will be considered! Thanks, Nathan
  4. Hey All, With the release of Dragon Rampant, im looking to get some players together for a few night games, or Saturday/Sunday afternoon games. I'd like to build a small community of players if possible, and get regular games going. Post here if your interested, maybe we can get a meet and greet going. If you haven't heard about DR, its a fantasy skirmish game put out by Osprey publishing that is the fantastical brother of Lion Rampant, their Historical Skirmish game. Use whatever miniatures you have to build your own warband. The game is quick, the rules concise, and its lots of fun! Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/Dragon-Rampant-Fantasy-Wargaming-Wargames/dp/1472815718 ~J
  5. All, If you listen to Warhammer podcasts, we've started one focused 100% on fantasy. We're based in Seattle, so we have a slight slant toward our local scene, but I think the content is of general interest to anyone who plays, and that's how we aim to keep it. Please visit our iTunes page if you'd like to subscribe, or listen directly from our blog. Feedback welcomed! Episode 2 should be coming within the next week or so. Thanks, ~gwh
  6. Hey does anyone know where I can find a list of upcoming fantasy tournaments in Washington/Oregon? Also, what's the best game store for playing pick up fantasy games in the Seattle area? Thanks!
  7. I invite you to join us at the Elks Lodge in Salem in March for the fourth Black Sheep Brawl. The Black Sheep Brawl is 5 game Warhammer Fantasy Tournament with equal scoring for Painting, Sportsmanship, Narrative Story Points, and Generalship. Registration is open at: http://bsbreg.appspot.com Latest Event Details are on Order of the Black Sheep Website (2400 points, fully painted armies, etc.) This year, you will be playing scenarios trying to vie for control of the legendary army of the Black Sheep. Here are a few reasons this event will rock and you should join us! The trophies you win hold awesome things like beer! Each year we wrangle up a long list of sponsors to bring great product prizes Throw dice and have great fun with old friends and new as Fantasy players up and down the West coast converge We'll have a dedicated bartender in the tournament hall All of your dice will roll perfectly all weekend! ( definition of perfectly to be defined ) So, you want to join us, right? Here's what to do: Step 1 - Get your name on the list at registration Step 2 - Pay $40 by Jan. 31st, or $50 any time after that here Step 3 - email your army list to orderoftheblacksheep@mail.com by Feb. 28th [Swedish Comp] [End Times Supplement] See you there!
  8. Sold! http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/tag/4905026826.html I am selling the following, as a whole arm only, for $250.00. The link above shows a small sample of the entire army. I am not a skilled painter but the few things that are painted are serviceable. I don’t want to ship it so the sale is local to the Portland, Vancouver area only. Act now and I will throw in a High Elf Army Book! 1 Wood Elf Army book Spellweaver (painted) Orion (painted) (no dogs) Glade Lord on Dragon (mostly painted) 30 Dryads (10 primed) 20 Eternal Guard (assembled) 30 Glade Guard (6 painted the reset assembled and some primed) 8 Glade Riders (assembled) 2 Eagles (primed) 5 Sisters of the Thorn (painted) 10 Wild Riders (5 Assembled and partially painted, 5 in bits) 1 Treeman (painted) 20 Wildwood Rangers (assembled)
  9. Traded away. I have gotten lazy in my old age and have grown tired of assembling and painting more than one army. So I am interested in trading away my starter second army. I have the following models + $350 in cash to trade for an assembled and reasonably painted army (2k-2400 points). Do you have a second or third army you never play? Send me a PM and lets see if we can make a deal. I am interested in High Elves, Dark Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Dwarves, Ogres & Vampire Counts. 1 Lizardmen Army Book 1 Skink priest (assembled) 1 Bastiladon (assembled) 35 Saurus Warriors (assembled) 20 Temple Guard (assembled/ half primed) 10 Skinks (NOS) 8 Cold One Riders (NOS)
  10. Too long? Skip to the bottom for the quick summary. I'm pleased to present the qualification system for the Northwest Region's US Masters. First the rationale, and then the system. Feel free to skip this bit if you only care about the numbers :-) We wanted to use a rankings system to allow players multiple chances to improve their score, and to help ensure engagement in the tournament scene throughout the year by all players. We also needed to acknowledge that we are partway through the year, we have a comparatively small number of GTs and a community that isn't terribly used to traveling, and we have some very well attended one-day events. We also wanted the possibility of being able to win your way in just by winning a single tournament, but we don't have the size and depth of tournaments to make this a mainstay of the qualifiers, so we came up with a way that involved something of a wild card system. One final note: this is the system for this year. We expect it to evolved for next year, once the word is out that the folks from the region are competing at the Masters. The System So, we have 10 spots to fill. How do we do it? First off, everyone who wants to go to Masters must play in both one 2-day event and one 1-day event. You can compete in as many as you like, and we'll take your best score from each category to give you a total score. Everyone is then ranked based on their total score. The top 8 will automatically qualify for a spot in the US Masters. At the end of the year, we'll run a 2-day tournament with two sets of competitors. The first set of competitors are the top 8 I just mentioned: they will be duking it out against each other for the title of Northwest Champion. For everyone else at the tournament, they will get a chance to compete for the last two spots of the 10, in a field clear of the top 8 players in the region. The 9th spot will go to the winner of the tournament, and the 10th spot will go to the person who has not yet qualified that has the highest overall tournament score after the GT. (If we decide to continue with this method ongoing, the location of this tournament could rotate, depending on availability of organizers and venues). Rankings are calculated using a formula that was created primarily by Tom Weber, a researcher at the UW (and Beastmen/Chaos Dwarf player from the Dimensional Cascade podcast). I've posted his explanation of how the tournament scoring works as the first comment after this post. The last piece that remains is to maintain a list of tournaments whose scores can be used to earn rankings points. Given that the primary driver behind the US Masters is to help engender a bigger and better community in each region, we want to include as many tournaments as possible that are held in the Northwest. This list should grow and we want to lend our help, contacts and expertise to anyone who wishes to run a tournament so that it can be used to earn Masters Points. If you know of a tournament that is being run that should be on here, please let me know ASAP. I know there are several tournaments that are still in the works, and I've pencilled in one. The list only includes tournaments that have yet to occur, with the exception of Black Sheep Brawl which was already advertised as being a qualifier for the Masters (albeit in the old West Coast Region). Next year we will look to help grow the tournament scene and include more of the existing tournaments - this is just to get us off the ground, and we know it's not perfect. One Day Sparkle Party Deathmatch 3 (WA, Apr) Sparkle Party Deathmatch 4 (WA, Jul) Ordo Fanaticus Open (OR, Sep) To be named event, Bellingham, second half of the year Two Day Black Sheep Brawl (OR, Feb) Wet Coast GT (BC, Jun) Sparkle Party Deathmatch 5 (WA, Oct) NW Masters (WA, Dec (or early Jan)) Summary Your best 2-day tournament result and your best 1-day tournament result will determine your rank. Top 8 ranked players automatically qualify, and are invited to a play-off to determine NW Master. Winner of the NW Masters wins the first wild card spot. Second wild card spot goes to top ranked player who has not already qualified after Masters. Scores can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/NWMasters. Questions, comments, rants and other feedback all welcomed! ~gwh
  11. All items sold 1 Current DA Codex 9 Terminators 1 Dreadnought 1 Belial model 2 Tactical Squads (1 Sergeant, Plasma Cannon & Gun) 1 unpainted drop pod 1 Dark Vengeance Librarian (paint job is ok .. most models are painted)
  12. I have been playing 40k (Marines and Tau) for about 6 months and am interested in starting a small Fantasy Army. Currently I am looking and Vampires and Dwarfs. The latter because its new and I hear it has a low model count. The former because it has a lot of fluff that I have been reading about in books. What I think I want is something with a lot of magic, relatively low or reasonable model count (cost is a factor & would like to start with 800 to 100 points worth of stuff), and lots of interesting fluff. Am I on the right path with these two armies or should I be looking elsewhere? Also I would prefer to play an evil race but it isn't necessary. Thanks in advance for the input! -T
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