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Found 6 results

  1. I have a bunch of old warhammer and 40k stuff in storage - I haven't played in a couple decades and have no time or interest in getting back into the hobby. Apparently some of the stuff I have is hard to get now so it was suggested to me I see if anyone local was interested in buying it. Links to what I have available: Open but still on sprews IG Chimera, unopened chaos space marines, unopened fantasy skeleton regiment: https://imgur.com/a/JCMKh Landraider, Chaos space marines, custom rhino, custom predators, csm bike, daemon engine of khorne: https://imgur.com/a/dsoPq
  2. You see over the last 15 years I've had to rebuild my Imperial Guard something like four or five times due to one reason or another. Getting the lost infantry replaced is more often than not a snap. As such I've developed into something of a "recycling enthusiast" recently and was hoping some of you fine folks might have any tanks, parts ect. that you might be willing to part with. Anything I can get will help and I'm not picky. I've been able to make the most unfieldable hulks and screw ups work. Right now I don't have much to offer but here's the highlights: - 1 old style Eldar J
  3. As the title says I received a couple of kickstarter models and I'm wondering how bad this multiple years ago planned army really is. For the infantry I have a ridiculous amount of Raging Heroes toughest girls of the galaxy while the Manticore is a dream forge APC with the Thor upgrade. This army only uses 4 GW models! I should prolly replace the Tempestus boys and sentinels with leman russes or Chimeras but this is what I wrote up first. Commisar lord carapace armor, and camo gear (hide the warlord) Commisar lord power weapon 3 priests yay smash for ap 2! 3 primaris psykers lvl 2 for a
  4. A few kit bashes and simple conversions, painted to match my existing army. I try to get something new for every OFCC. Yarrick's claw is from a Mechwarrior Koshi and it's the perfect size. Thanks Aventine for the Last Chancer who will be joining one of my vet squads! His paint scheme was nearly identical to my own, I just painted a mowhawk and redid his glasses.
  5. Clearing out closet for room for baby stuff. I do not have have time to play anymore, and I need the money for newborn daughter Catachan Lot 54 Regular Catchan guardsmen 7 Kneeling 4 Old school Lascannons 3 Old school Autocannons 4 Old school Missile Luanchers 9 Demo Charges 8 Flamers 7 Plasama 1 Heavy Bolter 6 Chick grenade launcher 12 Sergeants Box of bits to make at least 1 more squad of guardsmen $75 for lot
  6. Hey Ordo! I know with the new Miitarum Tempestus/Astra Militarum on its way, some of you may be buying some of the new Tempestus Scion models...and I'd like to get some of your spare bits. Specifically, I'm looking for any beret-wearing heads from the kit (appears to be 10 of them on the sprue per 5 man box), to customize my old 2nd Edition IG Stormtroopers. In trade, I have tons of 40k, lots of it OOP, including Chaos Marines, IG, Space Marines, and Tyranids. Bring out your bits and let's trade! Thanks, Alex
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