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Found 8 results

  1. From the album: Hive Tartarus

    A swarm of Hive Tartarus tyranids launches a surprise assault on a squad of Knights of Oceanus Space Marines.
  2. From the album: Knights of Oceanus

    The assembled forces of the Knights of Oceanus.
  3. From the album: Knights of Oceanus

    The assembled forces of the Knights of Oceanus.
  4. From the album: Knights of Oceanus

    Knights of Oceanus veterans, known as Knights Terminus or Death Knights for their terminator armor, prefer to enter battle aboard their chapters many land raiders.
  5. From the album: Knights of Oceanus

    A squad of scouts loaded out with camo cloaks and sniper rifles for hunting enemy officers.
  6. From the album: Knights of Oceanus

    A Knights of Oceanus tactical squad from the 3rd Battle Company.
  7. From the album: Knights of Oceanus

    A pair of dreadnoughts armed with paired twin-linked autocannons.
  8. From the album: Knights of Oceanus

    Sergeant Baelur is the foremost hunter and tracker of the Knights of Oceanus. This aging and grizzled warrior has refused multiple promotions to the battle companies, preferring to stay with the scouts where he can oversee the sea cat hunts that are the traditional graduation test for Knights of Oceanus Scouts. Sergeant Baelur counts as Scout Sergeant Telion.
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