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Found 9 results

  1. I have some 40K and AOS stuff I am looking to trade for Malifaux models. My preference is for Gremlins/Archanist stuff but I am open to other factions. I am perfectly willing to provide pictures for anyone interested. AOS Painted: Megaboss on Maw-krusha Assembled but not Painted: Start Collecting! Ironjawz set Commission Painted: Neferata w/Primed but unpainted mount. Stormcast Eternals Sigmar's Vengeance set Celestant Prime 1 Knight Azyros: on sprue Unit of Tempestors: on sprue Unit of Decimators: on sprue Unit of Liberators: assembled
  2. Hello! The Renegade Open is in its 5th year! this year is our inaugural Age Of Sigmar event! As such, we have our own mission format we have just announced! Check it out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5Ne7F-4REXZTWM4eFFpYUNBX1E and don't forget! Early registration for all events ends august 31st! www.renegadeopen.com
  3. Hi all, Breaching the 'Faux is back for 2017! We'll have all the stuff you love about previous years - story-oriented, free swag, beer on site and a custom deck! This year we're being organized by the chaps from the Dead Man's Hand podcast, with help from a bunch of other volunteers and the event will be at Mox Boarding House in Bellevue, WA, on April 15th and 16th. Breaching the 'Faux's focus has always been on a good narrative, creating an atmosphere where you're a character in an ongoing story. It's designed as an immersive and narrative event whereby good people come together from aro
  4. FRIENDS! FANATICS! GAMERS! Allow me to play both sides of an imaginary conversation so you can get the skinny on Malifaux at OFCC this year! Alright, sure, but how would that work? See? You're (I'm) getting the hang of it already! Great! Wait, Malifaux? There's going to be Malifaux at OFCC? That's that one with the Zombie Hookers, right? Yup! We're going to Faux it up for reals. I'll be your Head of Games Rudy. You're an OFCC Guy? ... Kinda. I wasn't, really, but I heard that Faux wasn't gonna have a presence, and I said, "NOT ON MY WATCH!" Oh. Well thanks for th
  5. I Have new in the blister Battlefront Flames of War British vehicles 2x Tetrarch 2x Crusader I or II 1x Churchill VII 3x Churchill III keeping for my Russians 1x Rolls Royce armoured car 1x Universal Carrier Looking for some of the newest Necron vehicles, US tanks, Soviet tanks and universal carriers, Malifaux models, boradgames, terrain and cash.
  6. Getting a temp on who plays what in what region. Not for any particular reason besides curiosity, and getting to know the local metas- Who is your daddy, and what does he- I mean... What are your factions, and who are your masters? I will give you an example: I'm Rudy, I play in Portland, I have lots of masters because Malifaux is my only Minis game, and I had "ooh shiny" syndrome bad. That being said: Guild: I own all the masters but Lucius, but I mostly like Hoffman, McMourning, and McCabe. I enjoy Lady J as well, but it's more corner case for me- If it's all death I may go
  7. Alright, so I'm looking to move some models that are just sitting on my shelf taking up space. I'm willing to meet in Portland, or anywhere on the West side of town. I'm local to Hillsboro, so if that's helpful, that would be great. Pics are on photobucket. If you have any questions, just let me know. I'd prefer cash, but decent trades are always on the table as well. Thanks for looking! Haves: Warhammer 40K: Tau: XV 104 Riptide (Partially Painted) - $50 Dark Vengeance: Dark Vengeance (Various Stages, Missing One Cultist and Aspiring Champion) - $70 Tyranids: Tyranid Warrior
  8. Have: Collodi box set (NIB) Rasputina Box set (NIB) Douglas McMourning Zoraida (NIB) Captain Daschel Sebastian Sorrows blisterpack NIB Von Schill Rusty Alice SOLD Jack Daw (primerred and on base) cash Peacekeeper (still unpainted and in box. I can't be bothered to assemble him) Want: Insidous Madness Dead Doxies Killjoy Miss Demeanor Miss Ery Lilitu Barbaros Tuco Watcher Mechanical attendant scales of justice mechanical toolbox Guild Rifleman Neverborn Aresenal Pack Arcanist Arsenal Pack Outcast Arsenal Pack Guild Hounds Santana Sue malifaux decorative base
  9. The following is a list of events that are scheduled to take place on Friday, Sept. 26 at the OFCC, along with the names of participants. All those listed have paid for a ticket to the specified event and have guaranteed a spot in said event. Updated - 9/25/14 40k Open Bronson James Ryan Longair Aaron Albert Todd Smith Aaron Couture Eben Lowy Ben Cromwell Anthony Hammerschmith Matthew Stephens Joshua Urlaub Ian Moskowitz Chance Townsend Infinity Matt Schlotte Jonathan Polley Ben Lehman Malifaux Mark Handford Dan Miner Christopher Gorham Jamie Stockdale J
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