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Found 18 results

  1. I've got a bunch of models I don't want that I'd like to trade for models that I do want. I'll sell if I can't trade. Not interested in splitting each army. I'd like Primaris Marines (anything non ETB), Space Marine non-bike vehicles, Tau infantry or vehicles, or anything non- ETB Stormcast Eternals. I don't even care if it's not a super close trade, as long as it's not an insulting offer. I do have more pics that I can send/post if that's necessary. Eldar (most primed white, a couple partly painted) $100 cash value or so 2 warlocks 1 wraith guard 7 warp spiders 2 fire dragons
  2. Trade completed.
  3. ***Now my general Sell/Trade thread*** Hello everyone. I have a few Items I am looking to trade or sell. I prefer to trade but as they say, money talks. I would prefer to trade out the following items from the Burning of Prospero (BoP) box set: Geigor Fell-Hand (NoS) Sisters of Silence (5 person squad, NoS) Looking for a straight 1:1 trade (Sisters -> Custodes, Ahriman -> Anything, Geigor -> Anything). I may be willing to also trade out my Sisters of Silence for something else of value but please message me first so we can work something out. Things I am
  4. Title says it all if you have one that you don't need, my Emperor's children are looking to bring him back into the fold. Preferably unpainted if possible. May also have interest in forgeworld slannesh/Emporor's children components Please feel free to PM me with questions or offers
  5. Looking to sell or trade the Age of Sigmar Starter Chaos sprues for $50. Can meet at Guardian Games or The Portland Game Store.
  6. Seeing if there is any interest: I have unclipped, basically new, Space Marines from Assault Black Reach I bought when it came out. The only model on the Space Marine side that isn't up for trade is the Dreadnought since I converted it into a Deff Dread. What I'm looking for is Ork stuff (maybe some Ork legs since I'm missing some), If I'm lacking on the trade I can throw in some cash as well. I have little interest in other armies as I love my green guys. (But due to ramshackle I can always convert). I live in Gladstone and typically go to Red Castle on Saturdays and Geeks a
  7. Going to sell this for $45.00 instead. I am interested in building a starter dwarf army. I'd like to do a straight swap for the Sigmarite starter set figures (plus a couple of extras) but I am willing to grease palms with a little bit of cash. If you have a small collection of dwarfs (plastic only please) you'd like to unload send me a message. 11 Liberators (7 painted) 1 Primed Mounted Lord Celestant 1 One Painted on Foot Lord Celestant 1 Primed Lord Relictor 3 Retributors (1 primed) 3 Prosecutors assembled w/o wings attached (I have them just didn't put them on) Example of
  8. Citizens and friends of Ordo, as I am hopping onto the Infinity train with both feet, I am in search of a particular miniature, one that may be hiding in YOUR closet at home. The Neoterra Bolt Cosplay miniature was released at Gencon 2014, and as such, is a bit hard to get ahold of. In exchange for the miniature in question, I can offer quite a variety of potential mini trade s, as listed above, and perhaps more, as well as the option of cold, hard cash. If you have one of these delightful items, please let me know, here or via PM. I hope to hear from someone soon!
  9. Anyone interested in taking the Khorne models off my hands for $50.00? I am also open to trades for more Stormcast, High Elves or Ogres. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/tag/5150793225.html
  10. I am trying to sell my Warhammer 40k models and books. I have a 10 man Scourge unit (partially painted), Lilith (primed), Archon (painted), a Void Raven (assembled), the current Dark Eldar codex, and their plot cards. I am asking $135 OBO for the whole lot. Also, I am wanting to sell the lot as a whole and not split it up
  11. You see over the last 15 years I've had to rebuild my Imperial Guard something like four or five times due to one reason or another. Getting the lost infantry replaced is more often than not a snap. As such I've developed into something of a "recycling enthusiast" recently and was hoping some of you fine folks might have any tanks, parts ect. that you might be willing to part with. Anything I can get will help and I'm not picky. I've been able to make the most unfieldable hulks and screw ups work. Right now I don't have much to offer but here's the highlights: - 1 old style Eldar J
  12. Traded away. I have gotten lazy in my old age and have grown tired of assembling and painting more than one army. So I am interested in trading away my starter second army. I have the following models + $350 in cash to trade for an assembled and reasonably painted army (2k-2400 points). Do you have a second or third army you never play? Send me a PM and lets see if we can make a deal. I am interested in High Elves, Dark Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Dwarves, Ogres & Vampire Counts. 1 Lizardmen Army Book 1 Skink priest (assembled) 1 Bastiladon (assembled) 35 Saurus Warriors (assembl
  13. I am interested in trading for a Slann. I would be willing to trade the following. 1) High Elf Army Book 2) $40.00 Guardian Games Gift Card (it has my name on it but I can just purchase what you want) 3) Wood Elf Stuff: a) Metal unpainted painted Way Watchers b) Glade Guard c) 4 Sisters of the Thorn e) Unit of Wildwood Rangers f) Dryads -T
  14. I'm selling off my mech Eldar army. Everything goes for 1/3rd retail price (cheap!). Since everything's priced to go fast, I'm selling in lots of $80 or more. It's easier to sell in lots, so I have a three-unit minimum for now. And if anyone wants to buy the whole shebang, I'll go down to 1/4th retail price and deliver if you're within a few hours'drive of Seattle. I would also be willing to trade for Infinity figs (Most Nomad units and some Yu Jing). This is a listing off the top of my head: I'll be adding more to the list as I go through boxes and find more stuff this week. Most vehi
  15. My time and my number of factions no longer match, so I am going to get rid of my circle. I am going to sell things on ebay if they don't sell here but I would rather give a good price to someone in the community than an ebay reseller (lets face it, there are alot of them out there). I will consider trades of Infinity terrain, Aleph, Khador Ironfangs, or Merc Boomhowlers send me a PM and we can talk details. Here is what I got, and for coding sake: + Fully painted to a good standard, - is partially painted, and * is primed in black pKaya+ [also based and flocked on scenic base] eKaya*[Lar
  16. Starter Dark Elf army for sale. Between work, family and 40K I don’t have enough time or money to pick up an additional hobby. I purchased all this stuff with the intent of delving into fantasy but think I will just stick with the round bases. My loss is your gain. I am open to Tau or Space Marine trades but cash is king, $170.00 for the lot. Its a STEAL! 1 (Unopened) recent Hydra model 1 Painted Sorceress. 1 (Unopened) Deck of Dark Elf Magic Cards 1 Dark Elf Army Book 1 Warhost of Naggaroth. I have assembled 20 Spearmen from this set. It wouldn’t take much work to pull them apa
  17. I have 2 WFB armies for sale or trade. Bretts consisting of mostly knights, some man-at-arms and bowmen. also some solos including green knight. I have a mix in Emprie w/ knights infintery and some arty, also has some solos. I will inventory the models to have an accurate count, but for now I'm just guaging interest. I am interested in either selling all of it or will accept reasonable trades. I am willing to get rid of my Hordes Circle army (Apx 100 pts.) in exchange for Trolls, or will get keep it and accept trades for Retribution, Circle or Trollbloods. I like WFB alot, and that's why I bou
  18. All items sold 1 Current DA Codex 9 Terminators 1 Dreadnought 1 Belial model 2 Tactical Squads (1 Sergeant, Plasma Cannon & Gun) 1 unpainted drop pod 1 Dark Vengeance Librarian (paint job is ok .. most models are painted)
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