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Found 15 results

  1. Starting a log of my progress on my putrid choir. These 3 guys where my start back into painting after a long break. I am going for a putrid choir look (lighter green with blue rusty highlights). I color in layers- base, highlight, wash, highlight and pick out the fiddly bits. I felt pretty good how these came out but there is more i can learn as i go.
  2. After I finish up my D-guard I will be diving into my dream army (been floating around my brain for year) the Orkdeptus Mechanics. Fluff:Deep space, orks, machine god infecting some big mech, the adaptus mechanicus being oddly cool with xeno races as long as they are 95% machine and make weapons for whoever needs em I would love some advice on a reasonable list (especially with new edition new units and all that) so let me know. For the most part this army will be made up a range of alternative models that land somewhere between Ork and AdMec. Some units have been very hard to find alts for but this is what I have tracked down so far. Closest thing i could find to Ork walker but i would still need lazer lance or laz guns... need them bitz: https://www.ironcladminiatures.co.uk/ourshop/prod_1020486-Steam07.html and more potential walkers https://www.nobleknight.com/Search?text=bitspudlo&ProductLineId=2137437881 and more chickens https://www.nobleknight.com/P/2147453258/Light-Assault-Walker---Wildfire-Honey So many good bitz here. Got wheel bitz for Kataphron , Mech legs for vangaurd or rangers, lots of choppy bitz for infiltators and even some greatcoat bodies for the occasion unneeded admech cloak: https://bitsofwar.com/16-greenskins More stuff from bitz of war. Weird revolver type guns similar to AdMech: https://bitsofwar.com/legion-armoury/187-magma-rifles.html Orc dune crawler: https://www.modelsandminis.com/Orc_Klanka_Walker/p2965327_15435182.aspx Servo arms for them heroes, I might just use regular admech heroes as well as they are already pretty orky: https://zealotminiatures.com/zealot-shop/#!/Servo-Arm-Human/p/70421082/category=6272033 Deathbots cause AdMech has those: https://www.manticgames.com/games/deadzone/goblin-stuntbot-upgrade-pack/ and these too once the shop reopens https://shop.ramshacklegames.co.uk/index.php?id_category=28&controller=category To note there are some Ork units that could cross over- copters/stormboys for skystalkers come to mind but i want to keep it seperate-ish if i can. There will be much more metal colors that green skins cause there admech but ya. It will be a while before i jump into this project but if you have ideas let me know.
  3. Selling my large pro painted Ork army for $1000 OBO. Their older models so a lot of them are made of metal which if your a real ork player you will enjoy because your models can actually be used as a deadly weapon. Everything comes in two cases and is organized in a very practical and convenient load out. I have more pictures so if you wanna see more just ask! Included in the army: 1 Warboss 5 Nobz 1 Pain Boy 2 Killa Kans 1 Storm Boy Nob 8 storm boys 2 big shootas 2 flamea boyz 2 tank bustsas 15 shoota boyz 32 slugga boyz 24 Gretchen 1 Gretchen standard bearer 3 slavers 3 cannons w/crew 2 mortars w/crew 1 zap gun W/crew 5 warbikes 1 warbuggie 3 deth kopters 3 war trucks 1 looted leman Russ Im located in Vancouver WA if your local but am willing to ship internationally as well! The best way to contact me if you are interested or have any questions is through metalmachine09@gmail.com Thanks guys!
  4. As sad as it is I've got to offload my 40k armies. Please take a look at my cragislist postings. I'm happy to provide pictures if any of y'all are interested in some or all of the armies. Necron Army 1000 Sons Army Thanks!
  5. Brand new paints and brushes for $25 (no longer $30). Box has minor wear and tear. Army Painter Wargames Hobby Starter Paint Set- ideal for painting miniatures for miniature wargaming. Brush set is Army Painter Wargamers' Most Wanted 3-brush set. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/art/6231030786.html
  6. 40,000 Dark Eldar Army for sale. Sadly no trades- gotta pay down my debts. :( $340 + shipping. Estimated shipping inside the USA is between $20-30. Tracking and insurance is a must. 10 Vehicles 3 Bikes 64 Figures Razorwing Jetfighter- Magnetized dark lances & Necrotoxin missiles x4. (all other missiles still on sprue) Ravager MIB Ravenger- Magnetic mast, DL x3 Ravenger- Magnetic mast, DL x3 Raider- Dark Lance Primed Black Raider- Dark Lance Raider- Dark Lance Magnetized Sail Raider- Dark Lance Magnetized Sail Raider- Dark Lance Magnetized Sail Primed Black Raider- Dark Lance Magnetized Sail Primed Black 3 Reavers Primed, 1 fusion or splinter partially painted (gun detached). Drivers are not. 2 Venoms Splinter cannon x2 each. Haemonculus New MIB Archon- Finecast. Assembled Female Archon or Succubus Metal, plastic arms. Agonizer, blast pistol, Grenades 8 Incubi 2 Converted Incubi leaders or Archons. 10 Witches - Hydra blade, Razor flail. Leader with an agonizer. 10 Kabalite Warriors- Dark Lance, Blaster, Leader with a sword and pistol. Primed Black 10 Kabalite Trueborn- 4 Splinter Cannons, leader with blade. 1 primed black 4 blasters, 1 dark lance, 1 splinter cannon, 1 shredder 1 squad leader with splinter rifle 1 squad leader with pistol and blade 1 squad leader with blast pistol and agonzier (primed black partially painted) 11 Kabalite Warriors partially assembled or on sprue. Dark Eldar Data Cards Dark Eldar transfer sheet. Lots of spare DE bits still on sprue. Warriors and vehicle parts. Extra special, heavy and wytch weapons. About 2 raider boxes full of bits still on sprues! If you respond to me via PM please make note of that here so I don't miss it.
  7. Sold! http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/tag/4905026826.html I am selling the following, as a whole arm only, for $250.00. The link above shows a small sample of the entire army. I am not a skilled painter but the few things that are painted are serviceable. I don’t want to ship it so the sale is local to the Portland, Vancouver area only. Act now and I will throw in a High Elf Army Book! 1 Wood Elf Army book Spellweaver (painted) Orion (painted) (no dogs) Glade Lord on Dragon (mostly painted) 30 Dryads (10 primed) 20 Eternal Guard (assembled) 30 Glade Guard (6 painted the reset assembled and some primed) 8 Glade Riders (assembled) 2 Eagles (primed) 5 Sisters of the Thorn (painted) 10 Wild Riders (5 Assembled and partially painted, 5 in bits) 1 Treeman (painted) 20 Wildwood Rangers (assembled)
  8. Traded away. I have gotten lazy in my old age and have grown tired of assembling and painting more than one army. So I am interested in trading away my starter second army. I have the following models + $350 in cash to trade for an assembled and reasonably painted army (2k-2400 points). Do you have a second or third army you never play? Send me a PM and lets see if we can make a deal. I am interested in High Elves, Dark Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Dwarves, Ogres & Vampire Counts. 1 Lizardmen Army Book 1 Skink priest (assembled) 1 Bastiladon (assembled) 35 Saurus Warriors (assembled) 20 Temple Guard (assembled/ half primed) 10 Skinks (NOS) 8 Cold One Riders (NOS)
  9. Make me a reasonable offer and this starter VC army is yours. http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/tag/4693775584.html
  10. I'm in Corvallis, and don't have any way to really ship the army in one piece, so if you were interested, you'd have to come to Corvallis to get it. Because of school I haven’t played since the beginning of 6th, and have no interest in picking up 7th, my lack of interest in the hobby can be your big win. This Black Legion Chaos Space Marine army represents over 15 years of collecting, gaming, and painting. The army has many conversions, from simple weapon swaps and combi-plasmas to a Dreadnought that is nearly as much green stuff as metal. As I have painted this army over a large period of time, and was in the process of a new project when I stopped playing the painting quality on the minis ranges from bare plastic, to “yeah, that’s got 3 colors and a base… kinda” to minis that have subtle shading and highlights applied with advanced glazing and blending techniques. The army also features many clean and detailed hand-painted unit insignia. As befits a Chaos army many of the minis have their own personalized details in paint or modeling. I’ll be keeping a bit of stuff in case I want to start playing again, but this sale still represents a fieldable army of over 3000 points depending on options taken. I have prices listed by mini, but you can buy the entire damned host for $350, less than 2/3ds the cost of buying the minis from me individually, and so far less than retail you’re practically losing money by *not* buying it. HQ 1 Winged Khorne Lord $10 1 Winged Chaos Sorcerer (unmarked) $10 1 Daemon Prince. Based off an older fantasy metal DP with a couple modifications. Painted passably well. $10 Elites 17 classic metal terminators on 25mm bases. $3 each, or $40 for the lot They include: • 3 combi-melta • 5 converted combi-plasmas • 7 power axes • 5 power mauls • 2 power fists • 1 chain fist (this mini is an even classic-er rogue trader terminator) • 2 reaper autocannon (1 more in bits) • Spare ranged and close-combat options in bits that will be included if you buy the lot of terminators 24 Khorne Berzerkers, 19 are plastic, and 5 are classic RT/2nd ed. metals. $2 each for the plastics, or $4 each for the metal. $44 for the lot 2 Dreadnoughts. These are *heavily* converted, well-painted (underneath the dust…), and are some of the coolest minis in the army. $15 each 6 Noise Marines, 4 are OOP metal, 2 are the extra-cool RT/2nd ed. metals with guitar guns and mohawks. Yeah. Those ones. Masterpieces. These are all well-painted. $8 each for the OOP metal, $14 each for the RT minis. Troops 53 Chaos space marines/havocs. These guys have a lot of conversions mixed in with the bunch, including minis with skulls for heads and skeleton bits, limb re-poses for a more dynamic look, weapon swaps, etc. They also include a small number of Rogue Trader metals that are real collectors’ items. $2 for each plastic mini with basic gear, $3 for plastic special/heavy weapons or icons, $4 for metal heavy weapons, $5 for RT minis. $65 for the whole lot. They include: • 2 combi-plasma aspiring champions • 2 bolt pistol/power fist champions • 4 heavy bolters (2 currently have no heads, but I have lots of bits) • 5 autocannons (1 RT, 4 metal) • 2 flamers (1 RT, 1 converted with really cool OOP bits) • 3 melta guns (1 RT) • 1 missile launcher • 1 icon of Chaos • 1 icon of Khorne • 4 plasma guns • The rest mostly have bolters, but have some bolt pistols and CCWs mixed among them 4 MKI rhinos 2 of them have combi-meltas, two of them have havoc launchers. Other than the super-fragile railings these rhinos are in good shape for their age. $10 each 1 MKI rhino One of the new kit, partially painted half-black and half-red as a ride for Black Legion Berzerkers. No optional equipment. $15 Heavy Support Vindicator Converted from a MKI rhino and the battlecannon from a Defiler. $10 2 MKII Predators These are heavily converted. One of them has extra armor plates to give it a “Mad Max” look; it is equipped with a havoc launcher (converted out of a different launcher to give it a unique look), an autocannon, and two lascannon in the side sponsons. The other predator goes along with the skeletal theme of some of the army. It has skeleton legs instead of tracks, and has a skeletal tank commander gunning a havoc launcher mounted on the turret. It is additionally equipped with an autocannon and heavy bolter sponsons for massive anti-infantry punch. $25 each MKII Land Raider Converted with green stuff to give it a single baleful eye above the heavy bolter, and a wicked tongue curling out of a toothy boarding ramp. Equipped with a twin-linked heavy bolter and twin-linked lascannon side sponsons. $35 3 Custom Obliterators I can’t stand the looks of the metal ones, so these are converted out of plastic Chaos Terminators and Possessed. $7 each Fast Attack 3 Bikers One of them is converted to look a bit like Ghost Rider, but not a whole lot going on with these guys. $7 each 2 attack bikes Part of an aborted project. Equipped with multi-meltas. $5 each 20 jump infantry/Raptors 13 of these are Chaos Marines equipped with imperial jump packs. 7 of them are the extra-cool OOP metal raptors with bat wings. $2 for regular chodes, $3 each for special weapons or icons, $4 each for the bat-winged minis. They include: • 1 icon of Khorne • 3 melta guns • 1 flamer If you buy the whole kit-and-caboodle you get an army case and all my bits for free. If you are interested please text at (707)367-2205
  11. From the album: Knights of Oceanus

    The assembled forces of the Knights of Oceanus.
  12. From the album: Knights of Oceanus

    The assembled forces of the Knights of Oceanus.
  13. So, after months of painting, I finally finished the Necrons my buddy commissioned. Being my first commision, I've never painted an army so quickly. I think they turned out nicely. C&C encouraged!
  14. I have been playing 40k (Marines and Tau) for about 6 months and am interested in starting a small Fantasy Army. Currently I am looking and Vampires and Dwarfs. The latter because its new and I hear it has a low model count. The former because it has a lot of fluff that I have been reading about in books. What I think I want is something with a lot of magic, relatively low or reasonable model count (cost is a factor & would like to start with 800 to 100 points worth of stuff), and lots of interesting fluff. Am I on the right path with these two armies or should I be looking elsewhere? Also I would prefer to play an evil race but it isn't necessary. Thanks in advance for the input! -T
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