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  1. This looks like a good way to help draw more people to local events. I like that they have done this and I will be posting any event I organize. Hopefully it will be widely used and provide a one stop shop for finding out about events in our local areas. http://nodicenoglory.com/2019/02/01/battlefronts-event-organizer/
  2. Flames of War Battles PDX 2019 When: Sat, January 5, 1:30pm - 5:00pm Description Name: 'barca' Reservation date: 01/02/2019 Start time: 1:30 PM End time: 5:00 PM Repeat this event? 7 How many participants? 4-6 Looking for more players? yes Desired room in store: General Area as choice #1, Critical Sip as choice #2. What kind of table do you need? Two "40k-style" minis wargaming tables, 4'x6', elevated What game are you playing? Flames of War tabletop miniatures game, v4 Additional comments: --Please do not post my phone number. Flames-of-War Battles on the first Saturday of each month at Guardian Games Schedule: 1st SAT of each month Rose City Dukes and Duchesses hosts battles from their online campaigns: 1) “Patton’s First Blood” [Tanks under Patton, Rommel and Montgomery clash in Tunisia, 1942-43], 2) “Blitz to Stalingrad.” [German panzers and Russian armor fight across the Ukraine toward Stalingrad, 1942-43]. Schedule: 1st SAT of each month in 2019 Asterisks denote exceptions to the pattern of 1st SAT of each month. JAN 5, SAT: Flames-of-War Battles, 1:30 PM-5:00 PM, at Guardian Games FEB 2, SAT: Flames-of-War Battles, 1:30 PM-5:00 PM, at Guardian Games MAR 2, SAT: Flames-of-War Battles, 1:30 PM-5:00 PM, at Guardian Games APR 6, SAT: Flames-of-War Battles, 1:30 PM-5:00 PM, at Guardian Games MAY 4, SAT: Flames-of-War Battles, 1:30 PM-5:00 PM, at Guardian Games JUN 8, SAT: Flames-of-War Battles, 1:30 PM-5:00 PM, at Guardian Games Posted on: http://www.ggportland.com/calendar/ https://www.meetup.com/Rose-City-Dukes-and-Duchesses-Tabletop-Wargaming-Group
  3. Please comment and vote on these, and suggest your own ideas.. If anyone wants to get together and chat about these and other ideas in detail please suggest a time and place. TY Event #1: Team-Yankee: Cav, Recon and Forward Detachments. THEMES: Light to Medium Armor Forces. Home-brewed scenarios. SIZE: Points/size TBD, but maybe between 50 and 75 pts. SCHEDULE: FORMAT: This could be a mini-tournament or a special event with prize drawings. DESCRIPTION: Home-brewed scenarios will feature Reconnaissance/Mechanized Cav style missions and objectives. There will probably be limits or restrictions on having heavy armor in your force. Suggestions to refine this further are welcome. One idea is heaviest FA (Front Armor)=15. For example, “Medium” Second Generation tanks in TY are: T-55AM FA=14, M-60 Front Armor=15 Leo 1 FA=9. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_main_battle_tanks_by_generation TY Event #2: Team Yankee: Heliborne forces. THEMES: Helicopters and infantry delivered by helos. SIZE: Points size can be significantly less than 100. SCHEDULE: FORMAT: Probably a casual format: this event might be more experimental and less competitive. DESCRIPTION: Scenarios in which one faction or both have heliborne infantry in their force. Table size might be lengthened for this event (e.g. 4’ x 8’). We might want to limit the complexity as we experiment and get used to this new dimension. TY Event #3: Team Yankee: Quick Missions. THEMES: Small forces, quick battles. SIZE: 50-60 points SCHEDULE: Not tied to any release. FORMAT: Experimental. You can design your own scenario to use these missions. DESCRIPTION: RCDD has not tackled these missions, yet. Input from you is very welcome in fleshing out this event. TY Event #4: Team Yankee: Exploring the Free-Nations. THEMES: NATO Nations other than W.GE, UK, USA SIZE: Standard, 80-100 pts. SCHEDULE: Timing depends on the release date of the book, but probably 2-4 weeks after the release date. We might not wait for the actual models. FORMAT: Experimental, force building and proxy-model approach DESCRIPTION: This might be a proxy-model approach for us to try out various experimental new forces and formations that are in the yet-to-be published TY Forces book. We could also have a variant where traditional forces (before free-nations) have a new “free-nation” unit or more in their force. We might also have a second go after the models are released and people have had time to assemble and paint them. NOTE: We could repeat this event after some people have built up new armies or at least allied units from this new book. TY Event #5: Team Yankee: Mega-battle / Mini-Campaign THEMES: Covering force, Forward Detachment, heliborne forces, SIZE: 2-3 tables (4x6), or one very large table (5x12 or 6x12), if that can be arranged. 4-6+ players, 4-6 hours SCHEDULE: Depends on getting at least 4 dedicated Team Yankee gamers to commit to the same date. FORMAT: Casual. If we do not get to try out at least two of the scenarios before the big event, expect this event to become “experimental”: we might have some slow patches when we pause to sort out scenario questions/refinements. We could try out eqach scenario individually before we bundle them all together in a mega-battle. We could also play them out as a linear mini-campaign, over three different days. DESCRIPTION: We will play two or three battles from the Iron Maiden Scenarios. Battlefront article is on https://www.team-yankee.com/Default.aspx?tabid=908&art_id=5347. PDF download file is at https://flames-m58ip69dfg.netdna-ssl.com/portals/0/Documents/TeamYankee/Iron-Maiden-Scenarios.pdf If we have 4 players, then we will run these scenarios: "Covering Force" and "The Defence of Shellerten". If we have 6 or more players, then we will run the combined scenario “Call Sign Charlie.” TY Event #6: Team Yankee: Developing our next “Home-Brewed” Firestorm-like campaign(s). THEMES: Free Nations. Both formal Battlefront-approved forces and experimental forces that BF has not spec’d yet. SIZE: Campaign(s) with both flexible and fixed missions. SCHEDULE: After Free nations. There will be a schedule of several small events for everyone who wants to move this project forward. FORMAT: Experimental, force building and proxy-model approach. Experimental scenarios and scenario special rules. Home-made unit stats. DESCRIPTION: We might have either: 1) one campaign focused on infantry and light-to-medium armor, or 2) number one plus a second heavy forces campaign similar to the III (US) Corps counterattack in the NORTHAG area. For #1, we will include amphibious landings, Airborne forces, heliborne forces, special forces, territorials, etc. For #2, we can include whichever Free Nations anyone in the club is building as an army. TY Event #7: Team Yankee: “Way, way, out there…” THEMES: Bring Military fiction to the tabletop SCHEDULE: Requires a passionate, committed pair of individuals over a period of several months to make this a reality FORMAT: Experimental, force building and proxy-model approach. DESCRIPTION: This one is wide open. Pick a book or series you find riveting, and use the Team-Yankee rules and models to make it into a 3-D living story, where you can be the hero, or the villain.
  4. March 2018 Flames of War league and mini-campaign This will cover the Battles in Tunisia, in November of 1942: Novemer 17-30. RCDD Mini Campaigns- MAR 2018 - Flames of War - "Battle Axes, Diving Eagles" WHAT: Each campaign is a month-long series of connected battles, with individual and team prizes. These instructions cover both Team Yankee and Flames-of-War mini-campaigns. WHEN: START: the first of the month. END: The last day of the month. PRIZES: Awarded on the first Thursday of the following month. POINTS and RANKINGS: Updated online every Sunday at https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com WHERE: Prizes will usually be awarded in-person, by the organizer, at GG or OCGG. Exceptions will be communicated via Ordo PM or email. Battles to claim are listed on the ORDO topics "Flames of War MAR Campaign - PDX" and "Flames of War MARCH Campaign - PDX" The Campaign map is posted and updated at https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com WHO: Gamers who claim a battle can participate in the campaign. Games can be fought solo, or by several people. Gamers who pay the fee are eligible for Individual and team prizes. Gamers who fight battles but do not pay the fee will be recognized and ranked, but are not eligible for prizes. COMMUNICATIONS: BRIEFINGS and MAPS: You can download from our blog HERE. REPORT: To be ranked and earn points for prizes, you must report on the results of your battle. REPLY BELOW. HOW DO I REPORT THE RESULTS? You should fight the battle and report on it within 3 days of claiming it. At a minimum, post the following information: Battle Code, Faction, ALLIED General(s), AXIS General(s), winner, victory points of winner, VP of loser, ALLIED Force, AXIS Force. HOW DO I CLAIM A BATTLE? Go to the ORDO thread (this one) and post a comment (REPLY BELOW) or send an Ordo PM to the organizer. TEAMS: CAN I SWITCH TEAMS? Yes, but when you claim your first battle, you must pick a default team. Only the points you earn for that team will be used for your rankings and prizes. SCORING: Whether or not you pay the campaign fee, we will record your individual and team scores for: Battles won, Battles lost, Victory points per battle, Total victory points and Team Points NOTE: If you play solo, then when you claim your first battle, you must pick a default team. Only the points you earn for that team will be your score for rankings and prizes. From the time that you pay the fee, until the end of the month, those points count for FULL value towards the prizes. If you pay the fee after you have played one or more games, the scores that you earned before the fee count for HALF value towards prizes. Points you earn after the fee count for FULL value for prizes. If you fight the battles, but don’t pay the fee, you are not eligible for prizes. PRIZES: If there are 2 or more paying participants, there will be an individual prize. This will be in the form of a gift certificate for a FLGS. The value of the gift certificate will increase with each additional fee-paying participant. If there are 5 or more paying participants, there will be a set of team prizes. Team prizes are gaming and modeling products purchased from FLGS. There might be some painted models as prizes... FEE: paid in-person to barca, cash, $5 for the month. BATTLES - AVAILABLE (UNLOCKED) as of MAR 1: see our blog - battles-available-as-of-MAR-1 BATTLE #1: ROUTE WEST: Djebel Abiod CODE: FoW-BADE-01 BLOG LINK for battle #1 (tbd) CLAIMED BY: CLAIMED ON: FOUGHT BY: ALLIED FORCE: AXIS FORCE: VICTOR: WINNER’S VP: LOSER'S VP: RESULT: BATTLE #2: ROUTE WEST: Aine Soltana CODE: FoW-BADE-02 BLOG LINK for battle #2 (tbd) CLAIMED BY: CLAIMED ON: FOUGHT BY: ALLIED FORCE: AXIS FORCE: VICTOR: WINNER’S VP: LOSER'S VP: RESULT:
  5. Strictly discussions about the RED THUNDER book from Battlefront and Soviet forces in Team Yankee
  6. Strictly discussions about the STRIPES book from Battlefront and American forces in Team Yankee
  7. You will soon see announcements and instructions for the Rose City Dukes an Duchesses (RCDD) Monthly Mini-Campaigns for 2018. DESCRIPTION: These campaigns use the Team Yankee rules from Battlefront, and Flames of War, 4th ed. tabletop miniatures wargame rules Each month, we will run a 4-week campaign that is also a competitive league. There will be online rankings, battle reports and prizes. Many of the battles will be played out at Guardian Games (Portland) and Oregon City Geeks and Games. However, tabletop generals from farther afield can participate virtually, via the Ordofanaticus.com forum and our blog at https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com There will also be an updated campaign map and narrative where you can follow the progress of the battling forces. AWARDS: We will have at least one individual award, for the most victory points won in battles during the month. Depending on the level of participation, we may also have team awards for the team that wins the most battles. Some of our prizes and awards will be assembled using the Battlefront Organized Play Kits. Other awards and prizes will be our own local creation and choice. PLANS: Initially, we will have Team Yankee campaigns during February and April. The theme is the Fulda Gap, in West Germany, circa 1985, covering the 3rd Armored Division and the 8th Guards Army. We may throw in Britsh, West Germans, East Germans, the US 11th ACR and the US 82nd Airbrone division. The February campaign is like the design for Battlefront Axis of Attack campaigns. We are exploring a larger Team Yankee campaign, which we are designing and will run locally. We intend to have a rich backstory, greater depth, and more "fluff", but that is not yet ready to roll out. On alternating months, we will run Flames of War (FoW) mini-campaigns. The first two FoW campaigns will be held in March and May. The theme for these campaigns is North Africa, Mid-War (November and December of 1942), in Tunisia, covering the American, British, German and Italian forces. If the campaigns are popular, then we will schedule more of them in the second half of 2018. Instructions and more details will follow in the Flames of War section of the OrdoFanaticus forum. The "Formal" announcements will have the topics "Team Yankee FEB Campaign - PDX" and "Flames of War MARCH Campaign - PDX"
  8. Some of you may have noticed a significant time lag between when Battlefront releases new stuff and when the Portland-Area/Oregon City/Lacey, WA Flames-of-War and Team Yankee groups start using new stuff from Battlefront. Well, there are good reasons, and they have nothing to do with being cheap nor lazy. 1. Our local game stores sometimes experience delays in receiving new product from BF. 2. The order volume is small locally, due to a small customer base here. The store might run out of product, unless you special order very early. 3. Even though a book may be officially released in early February (e.g., "Avanti!"), it takes a while for the products for that book to be released and shipped. For example, in the Avanti! FoW release schedule, the last items in the release are shipped in late March. Accounting for a later arrival in Lacey, WA or Portland, OR or Oregon City, and then allowing time for painting and assembly, an army list that uses the 90mm Anti-Tank Battery might not hit the table until some time in April, or even later. 4. Digesting a new book takes time - to put together an army list, and then a shopping list. 5. Assembly and painting takes time. So what does this mean for the eager Oregon/Washington gamer who wants to get rolling with the newest stuff ASAP? The local guys will probably have core armies from a new book 6-8 weeks after it has been officially released. It might be another month or two before ALL the units in that army are table-ready So that is about the time when you will see the shiny stuff that is covered in the books (i.e., "codexes" for some of you) will actually appear on our tabletops and in local FoW / TY events. In some cases, we do have painted models and figures ready before a new book arrives. In that case, we can put on a demo event for the new book and its contents about week or two after the book arrives at Guardian Games or Oregon City Geeks and Games or Gabi's Olympic Cards & Comics. Locally, it is unlikely that Oregon/Washington gamers will get advanced copies or samples, unlike some venues on the US East coast or online groups in the UK. Don't be discouraged, tho. We all like new, shiny and challenging book and toys. We will adopt and use them. Just be patient, persistent, and don't be shy about speaking your mind.
  9. Shake up your Forces/Formations. Try SOMETHING NEW. Each month, build/paint something new, then try it out in your force. or, do Every SECOND month. You might borrow and play (your buddy's) current month's theme units... ...while you take two months to prep your next addition. Even better split the effort (and expense) and borrow/share both directions (1) By month: April: SCOUTS OUT! - Recon units May: Big Man, Lil' bro - Mixed Tank Forces June: Light Armor - Wheeled APCs, wheeled IFVs and "mini-tanks" July: PBI - One or more infantry units (or buff up your existing infantry) August: Helos, Jets and AA September: Air Assault/Airmobile October: Big Boom and Rocket Man - Artillery November: Allies (needs catchy phrase)(1) As a group, we will be getting into the details of the rules for each type of units. Lots in common to try out and discuss. We will also be looking at missions and scenarios that showcase these various units. NOTES: (1) Updated Team Yankee Force Diagrams (online) now allow for one Allied Formation in your force: https://www.team-yankee.com/hobby.aspx?art_id=5872
  10. Merry Christmas From Battlefront - 2018 Teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=ncIZzA6aQ74 I noted some highlights below, but you should watch the entire video (10:20) Books: v4 "Avanti!" Italian Forces in N. Africa v4, "Armoured Fist" April, bring your Desert Rats book in to your store, get free churchill sprue v4 Eastern Front books later in the year Team Yankee - "Free Nations": Canadian, French, Dutch, Australians 'Nam" 1965-72 Team Yankee rules for Vietnam Fate of a Nation - reworked, both 1967 and 1973, incl Israeli version of M60 Plastic and resin kits for each of the books. TANKS! - Desert tanks - Brit & Italians, including option for allied tanks TANKS! - New late war tanks and mid-war Eastern Front tanks The video also included previews of new plastics and some resin, especially... ...Plastic T-55, along with bits for T-55AM2 for Volksarmee
  11. Strictly discussions about the LEOPARD and PANZERTRUPPEN books from Battlefront and West German forces in Team Yankee.
  12. Strictly discussions about the IRON MAIDEN book from Battlefront and British forces in Team Yankee
  13. Strictly discussions about the VOLKSARMEE book from Battlefront and East German forces in Team Yankee
  14. This thread is for local discussions in the PacNW (Oregon, Washington, Idaho area) on getting started in Flames of War version 4 rules, Late-War, or coming back to FoW after being away awhile.
  15. This thread is for local discussions in the PacNW (Oregon, Washington, Idaho area) on getting started in Flames of War version 4 rules, Mid-War, or coming back to FoW after being away awhile.
  16. This thread is for local discussions in the PacNW (Oregon, Washington, Idaho area) on getting started in Team-Yankee.
  17. Depending on when the "Armies Of Late-War" book arrives, we will be putting together a late-war Flames-of-War event. I am considering the date to be in mid-December or early January. This can be at either GG or OCGG. My suggestion is a 4-6 player event with a quasi historical scenario: perhaps a compressed version of the battle/campaign that led to US-USSR linkup in the Elbe River in April of 1945. Any thoughts? Any takers?
  18. Saturdays in November: 4, 11 & 25, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM Saturdays in December: 2, 9 & 16, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM
  19. Contests for completing Flames-of-War games or Team Yankee games at GG and OCGG As an incentive to get you off the couch and play more games, the Rose City Dukes and Duchesses FoW Ranger Group are sponsoring prize drawings of store gift certificates (GG and OCGG) for the FoW and TY games you play in these two game stores during October, November and December. “GG”=Guardian Games “OCGG”=Oregon City Geeks and Games At GG: 1 Prize per month, OCT-DEC, $15.00 GG store gift certificate. FoW/TY Prize for October, games at GG: Drawing to be held on Thursday, 2 NOV, at 9:30 PM, at GG. FoW/TY Prize for November, games at GG: Drawing to be held on Thursday, 7 DEC, at 9:30 PM, at GG. FoW/TY Prize for December, games at GG: Drawing to be held on Thursday, 4 JAN, at 9:30 PM, at GG. At OCGG: One FoW/TY Prize for the period OCT-DEC, games at OCGG: Drawing to be held on Tuesday, 19 DEC, at 9:30 PM, at OCGG. Contest Rules: Games played at GG (one drawing per month, in the Fall season - OCT-DEC): Each month (OCT-DEC), an eligible player will win a $15.00 GG gift certificate in a prize drawing. Games played at OCGG (one drawing for the Fall season - OCT-DEC): The period runs from OCT 10 through DEC 12. One eligible player will win a $15.00 OCGG gift certificate in a prize drawing. The number of tickets per gamer in the drawing is based on the number of games they completed in that month. You cannot BUY tickets. The contest applies to Flames of War Games using v4 rules, and to Team Yankee games. Miniatures can be from any manufacturer, but Battlefront mini’s are preferred. Games are played at GG (Guardian Games), or OCGG (Oregon City Geeks and Games). Games must be completed on: Tuesdays by pre-arrangement with “the assistant MC”, at OCGG (6-10 PM). Thursdays at the time reserved on the GG calendar (6-10 PM). Saturdays at the time reserved on the GG calendar (1-5 PM). Some part of the game must be witnessed by barca or “the assistant MC”. Regular mission Games must start at least 2 hours before reservation end or store closing. Quick Mission Games must start at least 1 hour before reservation end or store closing. Games must be played to the mission conclusion or time-out (15-30 minutes before reservation end or store closing). Players must jointly fill out the form below, or get one from barca or “the assistant MC”. Ruleset: ________________________ Mission Played: ________________________ Gamer #1: Name _________________________ Gamer #1: Army type: ____________________________ Gamer #1: Size/point of your force: ____ Gamer #2: Name _________________________ Gamer #2: Army type: ____________________________ Gamer #2: Size/point of your force: ____ Who won? __________ Winner’s Victory Points ______ Getting your tickets at GG: Players turn in completed forms to barca (at GG). Barca registers your form he gives you a numbered raffle ticket barca writes your name on the ticket’s “twin” he saves the ticket twin in the drawing bag. · Getting your tickets at OCGG: Players turn in completed forms to “the assistant MC” (at OCGG). If your game was witnessed by “the assistant MC” at OCGG, then “the assistant MC” will give completed forms to barca. Barca will then register the game and ensure that the players get their tickets, or hold them until the drawing. Do not get Store Employees (staff at GG or OCGG) involved in the contest. They cannot take your forms, nor issue tickets. Complete as many games as you want, under the conditions described above. The Prize Drawings: At the time of the drawing, all the tickets’ “twins” for that month/period got into a jar. Barca, or “the assistant MC”, will do a blind drawing of one ticket for that month/period. The winner gets a $15.00 gift certificate for the store in which they played their games. As the administrator of the contest, barca is not eligible for any prizes. “the assistant MC” is eligible for prizes. The “the assistant MC” will be announced when that person agrees to assist in the contest administration. P.S. - since this is locally funded, donations to support the prizes will be gratefully accepted by barca.
  20. Historicon Q&A Session with Pete Simunovich Wednesday, July 26, 2017 http://www.wwpd.net/2017/07/historicon-q-session-with-pete.html Posted by Tom Burgess CAVEATS: "...the reader must keep two caveats in mind with this article. One; the comments that follow are what I thought I heard. There is ample room for misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Two; Battlefront plans two years out. Anything below that will take more than two years to get to is subject to change." My comments: USMC in Stripes: The LAV-25 entered service with the Marines in 1983 The U.S. Army did not order any LAVs (at that time), but they did, however, borrow at least a dozen LAV-25s for use in the 82nd Airborne's, 73rd Cavalry Regiment for a Scout Platoon during the Gulf War (2 August 1990 – 28 February 1991). [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LAV-25] The inclusion of USMC will provide stats to do a TY Campaign in Iceland (out of the Red Storm Rising book)
  21. Soliciting input/ideas for FoW games/events for the rest of this year: SEP-DEC. Historical battles? Unusual Scenarios? Small game ideas? Mega-battle? Campaign? Painting Workshop? Desert Terrain building session? Tactical workshops? (how do I succeed in assaults?) Some other ideas? Bear in mind that mid-NOV thru end of January are low-participation times when it comes to gaming.
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