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Found 22 results

  1. The second annual Hall of Fame Derby will be held on 3/21 at the Ordo Clubhouse. This tournament is a combination effort by the Everett Blood Bowl League and Ordo Bowl. For more details, contact @Weav or visit Facebook. This March 21st will bring the Second Annual Hall of Fame Derby in Portland, Oregon at the Ordo Fanticus Clubhouse. This is a joint production of the Everett Blood Bowl League and Ordo Fanaticus. Continue the tradition! Participate in the second Hall of Fame Derby and play one of the sixteen currently-published Hall of Fame Teams from Death Zone 1&2 and Spike M
  2. Combined event; first portion will be to discuss the 2020 OBBL leagues, including The Human League as well as the Fanatics Founders Cup and fall Premiership. Please come prepared to play a friendly, and/or to request specific changes to the leagues, rules and their execution. In addition, the participating coaches in The Human League 2020 will draft their new teams at this session.
  3. Come join us for our second combined Blitz Bowl and Street Bowl tournaments, Red Shirt Riot. Emerging from the mean streets of The Empire isn't easy, and Blood Bowl is a common route to glory and riches. If they have the right amount of drive, work ethic and luck, young players are often the Blood Bowl stars of tomorrow. Regardless if these players start with illegal, unsanctioned games in the streets, or through more official avenues like the Blitz Bowl Crush, the ultimate goal is to make a professional roster. Join us at the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse for a casual combination Blitz Bowl
  4. Hello, Blood Bowl players! With the overwhelming response to @Burk‘s 2019 Ordo Crush Friday draft (Braft) tournament, Ordo Bowl has decided to hold three additional Friday events. Since the Ordo Crush is limited to only eight players, we want to have options for our coaches who aren’t playing in the Crush to play something else that day. There are three new events: ACAA Crush Combine 8/16/2019 10am: a FREE Blitz Bowl event, the Crush Combine is held by the Arabyan Collegiate Athletics Association (ACAA) to find the next group of young players to join next year’s Crush. The event will use
  5. The NAF - Three-horn Cup tournament page OrdoBowl.com event page/roster upload Facebook event page - Three-horn Cup ⭐ TEAM CREATION ⭐ Teams may be purchased using 1,100,000gp Skill pack: you purchase your skills using your 1,100,000gp budget; regular skills cost 20,000gp, and doubles cost 30,000gp; each player may have up to 40,000gp in purchased skills; no stat advancements are available Only allowed inducements that may be purchased with your initial 1,100,000gp allowance are one Star Player, and Halfling Master Chefs to Halfling
  6. until
  7. Welcome to the Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter resources thread. In this thread I will post regular updates and links to important documentation. If you want to follow the progress, please post a reply and activate the 'Notify me of replies' toggle on the lower left of your reply window. First, here are the different areas you can access for Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter information: Ordo Fanaticus Web Store, Ordo Bowl II Products (to purchase your Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Slaughter entry) Ordo Bowl on Facebook (please like our page) Ordo Bowl II: Southstorm Sl
  8. Blood Bowl star player Lewdgrip Whiparm
  9. ALWAYS. BE. PAINTING. Turning the corner on any painting project is a great feeling. If you're anything like me, you never really feel accomplished until you start to see the end of the project in the distance. Well, I had that moment this week with @Ziggens' Gnomes. After finishing a few sample models, a Blitzer and Longbeard, I focused my attention on completing the contraptions first. This included the remaining Blitzer and two Troll Slayers. I'm not including the Star Players that Ziggens gave me; those will be covered in a future blog post. This entry is labeled 'Time
  10. ⭐⭐⭐Did you know... The Southstorm Squids' original pitch was actually ten meters underwater? Back when the team was sourced from the local 'Fishman' population, the pitch was an aquatic nightmare for opponents. During the Storm of Chaos, nearly the entire Fishman population was levied into the Bretonnian conscription, and subsequently deceased at the hands of Chaos. The result? The Squids' management decided to bring the pitch above water to the now infamous Southstorm Schooner, and has drafted an all new, non-gilled, team of humans from the local pubs and colleges. Ordo Bowl II: Souths
  11. ALWAYS. BE. PAINTING. With the gnomes fully assembled, it was time to get some color on them....and for me, white is a color . I opted to white prime, using an old can of P3 I've had around for awhile. I normally like to use watered-down Gesso, but that method would be too laborious for this project. Many painters like black primer as it is great for blackening and speeding up the process, but I've always preferred the brightness white primer provides. Once the priming is complete, my idea is to spray the base olive color on all the models and then follow my normal painting proc
  12. ALWAYS. BE. PAINTING. This has been my motto for awhile now, having a desire to put brush on model as often as possible. And while I have plenty of Blood Bowl projects to occupy my time, I have found myself painting teams for friends of mine recently. I painted up @savion47's humans for the OBBL Human League, and I finished and unified a partially painted Necromantic team for @Patriarch of Sigmar's trip to Orclahoma Bowl. Based on my work on the Necro team, @Ziggens asked me if I could help him with a team, and I said yes. Boy, did I not realize what I was getting in to . I
  13. Time: 3 PM to ???? (we sometimes close later) Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs Cost: $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! And as always, your first Game Night is FREE! Games we play: 40k, Blood Bowl, Board Games and more All are welcome. We also have tables open for Blood Bowl, Necromunda, AoS, 40k, or whatever game you want to play. Although it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to prearrange a game before coming down. Hope to see y
  14. Click Here To Learn More!
  15. Blood Bowl players! As you should know by now, the Ordo Blood Bowl League and Ordo Bowl tournaments are part of a much greater wargaming community, Ordo Fanaticus. Ordo is a volunteer organization that hosts events for a variety of games, and of course, the large Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge event each summer. However, much of Ordo's activities are not self-sustaining; in addition to donations from our awesome friendly local game stores, we buy prize support from them for many of our events, we buy terrain and paints, and we have the Ordo clubhouse that has rent, insurance, electricity and so
  16. until
    In an effort to support the local Blood Bowl community, and more specifically the Ordo Blood Bowl League, I will be hosting a coaches meeting on January 7th 2018 at Western Oregon Wargamers. The purpose is two-fold: one, to discuss the commission's plans for the coming year; and two, for coaches to play friendlies and build their OBBL teams. The meeting will start at 3pm and will follow this agenda: Introductions Commission Existing coaches New coaches 2018 structure Friendlies Persistent League Competition pyra
  17. Fanaticus Founders Cup The Fanaticus Founders Cup (FFC) is a multi-week, single elimination, league team tournament. The FFC is open to any team that has participated in the three seasons of the OBBL's Persistent League, and has been re-drafted. Based on number of participants, the FFC will run three or four weeks, in a one and done format; you win, you continue...you lose, you're done! The final two teams face off in the Cup final, and will take home the honors. Teams progress through the event, and all injuries and SPP's count like a normal league game. All monies collected go to prizes
  18. until
  19. savion47

    Red Card Rampage

    Ordo is hosting a single day Blood Bowl tournament at the club house. Get more details here!
  20. until
    Two teams enter, one team leaves! The Ordo Blood Bowl League will crown the first ever OBBL Second Division Championship to on 4/20/2017 at Guardian Games! The match will be contested between the two top teams in the Super League, and this game will determine the winner. The Super League champion will be promoted to the OBBL Premiership, the First Division in the Ordo Blood Bowl League. Keep an eye here for details on which teams will represent the Super League in the championship game! For more information contact league rep Weav via Ordo forum PM, or email him at weav@ordobowl.com
  21. until
    COME PLAY SOME BLOOD BOWL! Each Thursday the Ordo Blood Bowl League meets at Guardian Games for the Super League. The Super League is the perfect place to learn Blood Bowl, enjoy the many fun aspects of a league (like player and team progression), and to hone skills and strategies. The Super League is the second division of the Ordo Blood Bowl, with the top teams each season progressing to the Premiership, the top level of Blood Bowl completion at Ordo. For more information contact league rep Weav via Ordo forum PM, or email him at weav@ordobowl.com www.facebook.com/obblsuperlea
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