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Found 15 results

  1. Tonight I started my kill team project with the Howling Banshee Exarch stand in with an executioner. So far I've used Scourge legs and head, guardian body and arms for dire avenger exarch. Realised I could've used a Helion weapon but I dont have one so it works out
  2. Hey Guys, I decided that I needed to do a new army. It's been a hot minute since I was active in the scene, but my wife and I decided to both start new forces, and this seems like a good spot to document my progress. (I'll see if she feels like doing the same.) Initially I was going to do another Imperial Army, since I have marine, and a detachment of guard, but I decided to take a hard right on that, and go xenos. I've loved wraith models for a long time, and I don't really care that they aren't uber competitive. I'm fine with being merely ok in that regard. Cool models > cool rules i
  3. I've got a bunch of models I don't want that I'd like to trade for models that I do want. I'll sell if I can't trade. Not interested in splitting each army. I'd like Primaris Marines (anything non ETB), Space Marine non-bike vehicles, Tau infantry or vehicles, or anything non- ETB Stormcast Eternals. I don't even care if it's not a super close trade, as long as it's not an insulting offer. I do have more pics that I can send/post if that's necessary. Eldar (most primed white, a couple partly painted) $100 cash value or so 2 warlocks 1 wraith guard 7 warp spiders 2 fire dragons
  4. I'm thinking going cheesy and doing a full Wraith list. Screw if I die instantly by range. I'm thinking single theme. If you could build a 2K WraithList... what would it be? Would you use Wraith Host? Which Craftworld would you use?
  5. Guest

    Pax's Eldar

    In line with never finishing any army, I've decided to start collecting Eldar. I say start, but I got a bunch from my cousin, plus a few trades recently, so I'm not sure how many I'll be needing to "collect." Plan is Altaioc, not so much for their rules, but because Rangers are the only troops I have presently. Paint Scheme is sort of tree themed, with it being Green, with wood-like sections, and apple red gems. List is mainly so I can figure out how many points I have. HQ Mugen Ra 140 HQ Baharroth 110 HQ Nightspear 80 HQ Avatar of Khaine 250 HQ Fars
  6. It's time to let this go to a good home! It's largely 90s-2000s era. Metal where noted. Painted in blue/yellow/white Alaitoc colors. Things with engines: 3 Wave Serpents, 2 with interchangeable magnetized turrets, one with glued on Brightlance. Bag of bits to go with. 1 Fire Prism (metal crystal) 3 Jetbikes with Scatterlasers 3 Jetbikes with Shuriken Catauputs 1 Jetbike with Shuriken Cannon 1 Vyper with interchangeable turret parts Special guys: 10 Warp Spiders, including one with Exarch with Spinnarett Rifle kitbash (metal) 3 Vauls Wrath with 6 crew models (metal) 6 Fi
  7. I am looking for $400 for an army valued at $875. Or make me an offer. Not interested in breaking up collection. 2x Wave Serpents 1x fire prism 3x jet bikes (one with cannon) 1x wraithlord 1x wraith knight 25x dire avengers 10x guardians 1x weapon platform for guardians 5x warp spiders 5x howling banshies 6x striking scorpions 6x fire dragons 8x rangers 2x farseers 3x warlocks 1x autarch 1x fuegan 1x asurman and bits and decals see attached photos
  8. Haven't played 40k in over a decade and already sold my Orc army a while ago. Just found my first Eldar army in storage. a lot of the pieces are not painted. some are primed. and a select few I started to paint, albeit kind of poorly haha. I want to sell this all together as opposed to piece by piece. Please make me an offer. I live in NE Portland on MLK and could meet at Guardian Games for the trade off. Cash only offers please. Comes with foam padded briefcase in picture. Feel free to email me at keen4nmccune@gmail.com Thanks! Includes: Corner piece of building terra
  9. So bro, Pour, & I are looking at going to the Doubles Tourney this weekend. Bro suggested going with an Hover Theme Farseer Spirit Seer 4x Wave Serpents, Scatter Laser & Shuri Cannon 2x 5 Dire Avengers 2x 4 Dire Avengers 986 ish points... Anyone got any ideas to put into play with this? Drop 2 Serpents and go Fire Prisms? (Don't have my list around me to play with)
  10. I have a million bits, as you can well imagine. But what I don't have is turrets to place my millions of guns on. Does anyone have spare turrets they're willing to part with. OR Can someone point me in the right direction for the bits sitez? I recall a while back someone posting to a bitz place and I had checked 'em out, but as you can guess, I forgot where! HELP! Please and thank you!
  11. I'm selling off my mech Eldar army. Everything goes for 1/3rd retail price (cheap!). Since everything's priced to go fast, I'm selling in lots of $80 or more. It's easier to sell in lots, so I have a three-unit minimum for now. And if anyone wants to buy the whole shebang, I'll go down to 1/4th retail price and deliver if you're within a few hours'drive of Seattle. I would also be willing to trade for Infinity figs (Most Nomad units and some Yu Jing). This is a listing off the top of my head: I'll be adding more to the list as I go through boxes and find more stuff this week. Most vehi
  12. As you know the Warp Spider models all strike the same pose. As the soon to be proud owner of at least 7 metal ones, does anyone have any ideas for reposing a few of them in (relatively) simple ways? It would be nice to break the monotony.
  13. SOLD! Thanks for looking It would appear that I've accumulated a number of space elves over the years. On the infrequent occasion that I play these days, it's with my IG. So, have them, would rather have money for ... other stuff. Unpainted/Partially Assembled (New Models) (All the bits that came with this stuff are included, with some extras even) Autarch Autarch on Jetbike Farseer 2x Warlock 12x Fire Dragons (2x Exarch) 5x Warp Spiders (Exarch) 12x Striking Scorpions (2x Exarch) 20x Dire Avengers NIB Dire Avengers box set 9x Jetbikes 2x Vyper Jetbikes 3x Warwalkers (two have a snapped a
  14. Fellows and ladies or Ordo. I am swamped by armies that dominate my shelf space. New Year means new projects. So I give to you 4 separate 40k armies for sale. Ravenwing Bike Army For Sale: 1 Master of the Ravenwing (Sammael) on a jet-bike (Metal) 1 Ravenwing command squad with Champion, standard bearer, and apothecary 2 Black Knights with grenade launchers 1 Dark Vengeance biker converted to be a Black Knight 5 squads of 6 bikes/1 attack Bike: 1 sergeant, 2 plasma guns, 3 Marines and 1 attack bike with a multi-melta All models come in Battlefoam trays, mounted on Dragonforge Resin Ur
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