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Found 6 results

  1. Can someone doublecheck this for me? My Fallen (with cypher) could legally be fielded alongside a detachment of GK, right? Sounds really wrong, but Fallen have the Imperium Keyword in this edition... Was just thinking that I want to field fallen, but my chaos is already too large to include them. Want to field my GK, but I don't really have enough of those for a full army. Plus GK really need a cheaper unit of infantry to provide fire support and numbers. They don't really need an ally with mobility, as they have that in spades, but a decent backfield Marine squad with a lascannon wo
  2. Subject says it... We are celebrating the release of our Eisenkern Panzerjägers with a sale. 20% off the new release Panzerjägers. 30% off our infantry, support weapons, accessory kit and APC. 40% off all Leviathans and their components. http://dreamforge-games.com/
  3. So to get ready for the LVO (have my hotel and ticket secured) I decided to to go all out this year and see what is the best I can do. I would consider myself above average in playing, but I know one thing that hampers me is that I don't like playing the same thing over and over. I tend to focus on an army for a bit then switch over to something else soon. Usually too soon before I can really master it. I also decided to take the grossest list I can muster with what I have to give me an edge that way as well. The list is centered (heh CENTered) upon the Centstar. Draigo gives Gate
  4. 2000 points of Grey Knights 20x Strike Marines 10x Terminators 1 Librarian 5x Interceptor 1x Rhino/Razorback 1x Dreadnought 5x Purifers Grey Knight Codex Grey Knight Pyschic Cards and Tactical Objectives Multiple Grey Knight pieces PM me with a price and we will figure something out! Will send pictures if requested
  5. Looking for cash or swap to expand my Wood Elf Army. (New Link with Pics) http://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/tag/4606973589.html
  6. Grey Knights army for sale. 3 units of 5 terminators with halberds With 9 sprus of every bit I didn't build them with or use on converting the Dreadnaught. 1 unit of metal terminators 1 brother captain with halberd 1 Dreadnaught With everything shown in pic. 1 Landraider With extra bits (treads, a couple of sides, and commander. It was miss pack with two of the same sides.). Grey Knights codex Everything was assembled with superglue. Looking for $200. Can meet at any local game store.
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