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Found 10 results

  1. Despite knowing that it won't be legal in any formal Warmahordes TOs, I've starting putting together a 40k Inquisition themed army on PP bases with the intention of fielding them as the Protectorate of Menoth. Calling it the Inquisition of Menoth. I don't expect to finish anytime soon, but I'm having fun and it'll at least be some good pictures. It's also been a good excuse to buy some really cool models for armies I don't play in 40k. PP started releasing all the rules without the models, so now I'm free to not buy their models and just field what looks fun. I also have some inquisition
  2. Guest

    My little legion

    (copied from the cog collective forum. Given that I enjoy feedback, seemed logical to try for feedback from more than one venue. Also, allows the ordo warmahordes section to seem more busy... :) ) A long while since I played last. I intend to be at GG tonight, I'll be bringing this list: Rhyas -2x Shredder -2x Stinger -4x Harrier -Proteus Throne Throne Thrullg Thrullg Feralgeist Forsaken Forsaken 50pts Work in progress, very much so. Rhyas is proxied by a beast mistress, GG doesn't have one in stock, but it's ordered. I do have her card(s). Other models are owned. Idea
  3. Surprised we don't already have one of these on Ordo. As title, post sites when benefit new and old players of Warmachine or Hordes. Others encouraged to add their own. Descriptions of what you are linking would helpful, but not required. I'll start. Privateer Press' Card Database. A bit ago, PP switched from selling cards to giving them freely via their online PDFs. Database is found here: http://cards.privateerpress.com/ Online Armybuilder for Warmachine and Hordes: https://conflictchamber.com/ Warmachine University: Site Explains and summarize
  4. Not sure how big I'll let this army get, what with that large tyranid project and my Imperium which I'm also working on, but I acquired a used copy of the Khorne Daemonkin Codex and that's inspired me to start another actual army. So for starters, I'm not a fan of Chaos armies that follow the STCs. So I'll be converting and doing lots of counts as for this army. And for those that know me, I've got a bias against plastic models, so I'll be light on plastics for this army too, though some things are unavoidable. I will also be mixing Hordes Skorne models in with these, as I intend to keep t
  5. Cancelled* I will be there with a demo table setup and hopefully have a side game going on as well to show how the game is played.
  6. This year is coming to a close and so that means it's time to start thinking about 2016! On January 23rd ill be running a 35pt 2 list Steamroller event at Guardian Games in the upstairs of Critical Sip. This means only players who are 21+ can sign up, but I am working the details of getting some play space in the main area for those who are not over 21. This even will also tie in our White Elephant exchange that keeps getting put off! The rules are such! Buy a model or unit of $25 or less, paint up the models and wrap them. Before the event, we will be piling the gifts together and everyone p
  7. March 5th 2016, Red Castle Games will host a 50 point Masters event. Preregistration will start at 10:00, first game begins at 11:00 AM. The entry fee will be $10 plus a five dollar Red castle cash token. I am waiting to hear if they will allow a $20 purchase buy in as well. All entry fees will go into prize support. I expect the tournament spots to cap at 32, though there is a possibility of 24. As part of the Masters 2015 format, two lists are required. If we play only three rounds, I will remove Divide and Conquer. Once we get enough players for 4 rounds however, D&C 1 will go int
  8. This is a personal favorite event of mine that hasn't been ran in many years. You Brought What is where players come together and bolster their "worst" armies imaginable and prove their opponents wrong. Come be that Turd Polisher. Date: Feb. 27th Venue: Borderlands Games, Salem, Or Time: 11:00 Reg, 12:00 1st round Entry: TBD Format: 25pt armies of the worst composition you can come up with*. Prizes: based on attendance, 1st place will get the last spot to the Cherry City Invitational Additional Rules: This tournament is a casual format. The goal of each player is to make the absolute worst li
  9. My time and my number of factions no longer match, so I am going to get rid of my circle. I am going to sell things on ebay if they don't sell here but I would rather give a good price to someone in the community than an ebay reseller (lets face it, there are alot of them out there). I will consider trades of Infinity terrain, Aleph, Khador Ironfangs, or Merc Boomhowlers send me a PM and we can talk details. Here is what I got, and for coding sake: + Fully painted to a good standard, - is partially painted, and * is primed in black pKaya+ [also based and flocked on scenic base] eKaya*[Lar
  10. I have 2 WFB armies for sale or trade. Bretts consisting of mostly knights, some man-at-arms and bowmen. also some solos including green knight. I have a mix in Emprie w/ knights infintery and some arty, also has some solos. I will inventory the models to have an accurate count, but for now I'm just guaging interest. I am interested in either selling all of it or will accept reasonable trades. I am willing to get rid of my Hordes Circle army (Apx 100 pts.) in exchange for Trolls, or will get keep it and accept trades for Retribution, Circle or Trollbloods. I like WFB alot, and that's why I bou
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