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Found 5 results

  1. "If you are using the battle-forged method, you will instead need to organise the Imperial Knight models in your collection into Detachments such as the Household Detachment and the Oathsworn Detachment shown here. This is a fun process in its own right. Note that you can also include any of the Formations present in this section as a part of a Battle-forged army." Can I take a Household Detachment (3-5 Knights) that consists of the Exalted Court(5 Knights)?
  2. Guest

    Durable army help

    So, yeah, suggestions on extreme durability in 8e? Can't seem to get my marines to be durable in 8e. Defense for 8e is kinda focused on scoring faster, rather than actual defense, but I like defense. Suggestions on armies that play defense well.
  3. I recently came into possession of some imperial knight bodies and Crisis suit bodies via auction but they are both missing their armaments so I need any leftover weapons for any of the two kits you may have ( I would prefer the knight weapons to have the arm bit but will still consider them without it). In exchange I have the ever popular monies. I'm in Portland, OR for a point of reference.
  4. Guest

    Pax's Imperials

    Still tinkering with list concepts, but for GG league (it has to be ITC legal), thinking something like this: DA (Consecrators) Battle Demi-Company Company Master (TDA, Shroud of Heroes, CF) Tactical Squad (5, ML) -Razorback (Las/TL Plas) Tactical Squad (5, ML) -Razorback (Las/TL Plas) Tactical Squad (5, HB) -Razorback (TL Las) Assault Squad (5, Jump Packs) Devastor Squad (5, 4x MM) Dreadnought Squadron (3, 3x TL Las + ML) IK Oathsworn Detachment Paladin (Icarus Autocannon) SM (Ultramarines) Suppression Force Whirlwind Squadron (2) Land Speeder Squadron (2, 2x dual heavy bolters) Total 1850pts Basic concepts: Company master deep strikes with the assault squad, who function mostly as a body guard, since the demi-company can't take any terminator squads. Demi-company makes entire detachment objective secured and BS 3 in overwatch (includes the dreads for overwatch, but not the transports). Not decided on heavy weapon selections, but will likely be some combination of those weapons (with plasma cannons being a waste of BS 3 overwatch). Paladin is general purpose, but covers the otherwise lack of AA nicely, without actually having to devote a unit. I'm a big fan of including barrage in every army, so the suppression force is mainly for that - it really isn't a huge point investment, and I do think that having the option for unlimited range on the whirlwinds will pan out in some games. Speeders are always useful, plus the DA ones cost more (+5pts). I went dual heavy bolters speeders because I expect to be jinking in most situations, so being able to hit while snapping is what I'll need. As for weak points, it's meant as an all comers list, so it's weak to very specialized armies. Otherwise, this army is mostly slow and doesn't have any psychic solutions, other than killing the enemy psykers.
  5. Subject says it... We are celebrating the release of our Eisenkern Panzerjägers with a sale. 20% off the new release Panzerjägers. 30% off our infantry, support weapons, accessory kit and APC. 40% off all Leviathans and their components. http://dreamforge-games.com/
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