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Found 1 result

  1. Few pics of the models I've been getting put together for the league. I was late, and got switcherooed into playing blood bowl last week, so nobody has seen the battlefield yet. The inquisitors theres a resin Russian Eisenhorn knockoff, and a xenos inquisitor with a daemon sword and some severe body modifications, (bought off of @Scarydog And the an Ordo Mallus inquisitor in terminator armour with a power fist and combo-weapon (he's blurry, sorry) and another old model who must be an inquisitor because, well, look at the brim on that hat. Next the acolytes arbities with a shotgun, (needs to be proxied as something since acolytes can't take shotguns), a mantic shark dude with a crazy gun, (plasma?), a catachan with a flamer, and a crazy bug guy with all the guns. I may use him as a proxy jaeokreo. The digital weapons can either fire scatter shot assault 5(all the pistols) or focused blast (heavy 1 s7, I think? So big weird xenos rifle) some Deathwatch marines These se guys were mostly purchased assembled and not my paint jobs. Theyll do the trick until I start putting some more together. And the vehicles: chimera, hellhound and razor back. All with doors that have been pinned to be functional. If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. Next up on the assembly list, some tempestus scions for inquisitorial storm troopers, maybe a squad of mantic models that look like elder exodites to be fielded as rattling snipers, and some converted kroot riding on beasties to be some rough riders.
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