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Found 6 results

  1. Goin' Gaming (in Troutdale, OR) is hosting an Elites Kill Team casual Tournament on Saturday, Nov. 30th starting at 11am. What better way to recover from Black Friday than taking it out on a Kill Team!There are 18 slots, entry fee is $10, beer, food, and yes we have prize support! All ages and player levels welcome.This will be an Elites and Core rulebook tournament with games at 125 points and players can bring rosters up to 20 models (though I suggest bringing a full roster). There are no Commanders or Arena rules being used. Here is a link to the facebook events page for full rules: h
  2. Announcing the Siege of Psi Delta-X Join us for our summer Kill Team campaign and stake your claim on the elusive space station Psi Delta-X. This will be a map based campaign, with a prize draw every month. How do you participate?! By playing games of Kill Team. Designed to be flexible, the campaign allows playing at 100 pt, 125 pt or 200pt levels, and using any of the available supplements you feel like. It will also reward: Playing multiple factions Painting your models Sharing snacks with others Playing a complete
  3. My Tyranids. Started this army in 7th ed just due to frustration with bug players never fielding units I wanted to see. Army is almost entirely Armorcast and Metal. No flying bugs. Not finished painting by a longshot, but I wanted a break from chaos marines (a break from playing them, I'll still be painting them). Not sure which tyranid hive fleet I'm running. Paint Scheme is how I was doing Chaos Spawn for a Tzeentch army I no longer have... Present list of models: 1x Hive Tyrant 3 tyrant guard 2-3 Venom Thropes 3 Exocrines. 20-40 Hornagaunts 10-20 Gargoy
  4. Guest

    Pax's Kill Teams

    Goofing around with concepts for kill team and trying to motivate myself to finish the many army projects I have underway. I think I'll make a kill team for each of the armies I own. At present, that's Tzeentch Daemons, Tyranids, Dark Angels, and my Ultramarines (intended as allied detachment, so not really willing to invest in models I wouldn't bring in normal 40k). Kill Teams in Progress (Pictures when I remember and the weather is clear....) Tzeentch Daemons (Not started yet, I'm thinking flamers or screamers are my only viable models in kill team since horrors lose the brotherhood
  5. I don't have the rules, so I'm just fussing around here a bit, but here's the basis of the first Kill Team I plan on building. Parts have not been ordered yet, but planning and detailing is beginning. Secutarii Peltasts 130 Sydonian Dragoon 45 Leaving me 25 points to play with for gear on the Sgt. The Phosphoenix is a pretty tempting use of funds.... Any suggestions? The Peltasts will come with enough heads and arms to convert the Dragoon to match. The Backpack will be different. Greenstuff and Instamold? Will take a look at it and decide when it's time to address, I guess.
  6. Alright, I'm definitely down for some PDX Kill Team. Tau Kill Team Crisis Shasvre, 2 Plasma Rifles, Iridium Armor - 87 Sniper Drone Team, 1 Marksman, 3 Sniper Drones - 58 Pathfinders x 2 w/ Markerlights - 22 Firewarriors x 5 w/ Pulse Rifles - 45 Kroot x5 w/ Sniper rounds - 35 Total 247 Pts - General Purpose List, not jumpy enough. Tau Suit and Tie Team Crisis Shasvre 2 Flamers, Iridium - 67 Crisis Suit 2 Plasma Rifles - 52 Crisis Suit 2 Plasma Rifles - 52 Crisis Suit 2 Plasma Rifles - 52 Pathfinders x 2
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