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Found 4 results

  1. The Invasion of Chaos – A 9th Age Escalation Campaign It is the Ninth Age of mortals and the world has begun to recover after being nearly annihilated. Empires were fractured and battered, but they persisted through the maelstrom that consumed the old world. As shattered realms emerge from the rubble, new factions and great houses come to the fore, each one eager to grasp the largest share of the recently devastated world. With new opportunity and prosperity, comes a desire for conquest and plunder from the legions of Chaos. The great eye of destruction once again turns its ga
  2. THE CAMPAIGN: Battle for Deathcap Junction is a narrative campaign for Necromunda that will be played at W.O.W. this fall. I just posted a narrative preview of the backstory. The TL:DR version is that a bloody civil war has destroyed the gang leadership of Deathcap Junction, an underhive settlement where a valuable resource is located. (Yeah, kind of ripping off Dune, I know, I know.) The player gangs will battle for fun & profit in the chaotic aftermath of that war. Initially, the campaign will use Dominion rules (e.g., Territory cards), but the new Law and Misrule elements
  3. Deathcap Junction is a settlement located in the depths of Hive Primus. It is the only place where Necromundan deathcap mushrooms grow in large quantities. Deathcaps are among the most deadly poisons in the galaxy. A single spore will cause nearly instant death, but the victim feels like the agonizing process lasts for millennia. (A few psykers have learned this horrifying secret the hard way.) Two standard years ago, the Corpse Guild outlawed any use of deathcap spores as a poison. The Corpse Guild feeds reconstituted human flesh to the hungry masses, and deathcap poison lin
  4. BY ORDER OF LORD HELMAWR, PLANETARY RULER OF NECROMUNDA. SEQUESTERED PALANITE ENFORCER DOSSIER. AUTHORIZED PERSONS ONLY. DATE: 0695001.M41 AUTHOR: Enforcer Captain V-492, "Wardog." RECIPIENT: All Enforcers stationed at Gamma Sector, Hive Primus. SUBJECT: Battle for Deathcap Junction Listen up, you pitiful sump rats. House Escher has lost control of Deathcap Junction, the most wretched bastard town in the Underhive. I hate the Junction worse than scavvy-pox, but it's the only place that grows a rare fungus needed for rejuvenat treatments to keep our L
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