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Found 4 results

  1. The Invasion of Chaos – A 9th Age Escalation Campaign It is the Ninth Age of mortals and the world has begun to recover after being nearly annihilated. Empires were fractured and battered, but they persisted through the maelstrom that consumed the old world. As shattered realms emerge from the rubble, new factions and great houses come to the fore, each one eager to grasp the largest share of the recently devastated world. With new opportunity and prosperity, comes a desire for conquest and plunder from the legions of Chaos. The great eye of destruction once again turns its gaze upon the mortal realms and sees a new age of subjugation before it. The wind whispers of dark omens, and the mortal empires again look to the edges of their world, afraid of what they may find. Intent on toppling the weak forces of Order, the taint of Chaos creeps into the minds and souls of the unrighteous, binding otherwise warring factions together for a greater cause. The followers of Chaos are mustering their hordes to descend from the wilderness and extinguish the fragile hopes of those trying to stem the evil tide. In short order the realm will be thrown back into war. The forces of good must band together to stop this new encroachment. The banners are mustered, and the rallies are cried. Will you heed their call? What: The Invasion of Chaos will be a 4-5 game escalation campaign set in the 9th Age World. Players will be split into two teams: Order and Chaos depending on the factions of all the players. The campaign will be played over a series of several weeks with one scenario occurring at a time. Battles will start small (2,000 points) and get larger as the campaign progresses (up to 4,500 points). At the start of each scenario, players will be matched up on a 1v1 basis between Order and Chaos, and the outcomes of each battle will be tallied up to determine the following scenario. Bonus points will also be given to reward hobbying. When: Early January Where: We will host 1 or 2 nights at WOW (717 SE Main Street in Portland) for people to meet up and have battles concurrently. This is a great way to meet other people in the campaign and to have a space where we can be assured enough room to battle. Regular fees will apply for members/non-members. Interested players, please fill out the participation survey here: https://forms.gle/uiADYooHzoy5jPuY6. For those who cannot make the meetups, you will need to coordinate with your opponent to find another time to have your battle. If the battle cannot occur due to scheduling conflicts, then the battle will result in a draw, or a minor loss / victory depending on the circumstances. Summon your forces! Break out your paints! To battle! Feel free to message me or @TheBeninator with questions Campaign Info: https://sites.google.com/view/calapooia-campaigns/home
  2. THE CAMPAIGN: Battle for Deathcap Junction is a narrative campaign for Necromunda that will be played at W.O.W. this fall. I just posted a narrative preview of the backstory. The TL:DR version is that a bloody civil war has destroyed the gang leadership of Deathcap Junction, an underhive settlement where a valuable resource is located. (Yeah, kind of ripping off Dune, I know, I know.) The player gangs will battle for fun & profit in the chaotic aftermath of that war. Initially, the campaign will use Dominion rules (e.g., Territory cards), but the new Law and Misrule elements will be phased in after the first week. Games will be played using both Sector Mechanicus and Zone Mortalis formats. Acting as arbitrator, Josiah will keep track of player victories and losses, and those outcomes will influence the ongoing narrative. START DATE: First game will be on Tuesday, September 17th, starting around 6:00 P.M. END DATE: The campaign will last for seven weeks, including a one-week break after the first three weeks. The final week will begin on Sunday, October 27th. LOCATION: Western Oregon Wargamers 717 SE Main Street Portland, Oregon, United States The campaign will be hosted on Tuesday evenings at W.O.W. Players are welcome to make plans with each other to play at homes or game shops or anywhere else they like. After each game, players will send the results to me, Josiah, for bookkeeping and narrative development. STARTING GANG COMPOSITION: Starting gang lists will be made with a 1000 credit limit. Players should adhere to all the guidelines laid out in Gangs of the Underhive (for House gangs). The Book of Peril (for Venator gangs). The Book of Judgment (for Enforcer gangs). Players can also use Genestealer Cult & Chaos Cult rules from the GW website. The website Yaktribe has lots of nifty tools for building gangs, printing character cards, and tracking progress. Highly recommended. Painted models are encouraged for the most immersive and fun experience possible. WYSIWYG is a goal that we strive for, within reason. (Meaning, nobody will get salty if a grenade isn’t modeled on the miniature’s belt.) Kitbashes or counts-as models are great as long as the new model is not confusing for your opponent. IN CLOSING (FOR NOW): This is gonna be an exciting campaign with lots of fun new rules to play with. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Josiah. Likewise, if you're curious about the game and would like to try it before you buy models, I’d be happy to set up a learning game at W.O.W. some time. See you in the Underhive, gangers!
  3. Deathcap Junction is a settlement located in the depths of Hive Primus. It is the only place where Necromundan deathcap mushrooms grow in large quantities. Deathcaps are among the most deadly poisons in the galaxy. A single spore will cause nearly instant death, but the victim feels like the agonizing process lasts for millennia. (A few psykers have learned this horrifying secret the hard way.) Two standard years ago, the Corpse Guild outlawed any use of deathcap spores as a poison. The Corpse Guild feeds reconstituted human flesh to the hungry masses, and deathcap poison lingers in dead bodies for a long time. Even worse, human tissue absorbs deathcap spores so completely that they are nearly impossible to trace after a victim dies from seemingly natural causes. And the problem is one of scale: a single polluted body will toxify an entire batch of valuable corpse starch. Put simply, deathcap poison is bad for the Guild’s bottom line. As a result, the Guild lobbied Lord Helmawr for decades until he finally delivered an edict outlawing deathcap poison. Nearly a century ago, House Escher established a monopoly on the trade and cultivation of deathcaps, in keeping with that House’s disturbing fascination with toxins. Until recently, Deathcap Junction was ruled by the Hot Knives, a large and powerful Escher gang. To a woman, the Hot Knives were murderers and drug peddlers, but they were staunchly loyal to the Noble Houses and the Guilds. After the Corpse Guild outlawed deathcap poison, the Hot Knives were quick to wash their blades, and they immediately stopped peddling deathcap spores to wealthy spies and assassins. From that point on, the Hot Knives would only sell deathcap harvests to uphive nobles who buy the potent spores for medicinal purposes. Deathcap mushrooms are a powerful catalyst in the rejuvenat treatments that keep many spire nobles—including Lord Helmawr himself—alive and healthy for hundreds of years. The process of refining the deathcap spores to make them safe for consumption—a process known as “quickening” by noble apothecaries—is prohibitively expensive for most people living downhive. Recently, the Corpse Guild succeeded in criminalizing the use of deathcap medicine throughout the Underhive. The Guild did this to prevent even the rare wealthy downhiver from polluting the next big yield of corpse starch. The Hot Knives lost vast sums of credits due to the outright ban on deathcap poison and the downhive ban on deathcap medicine. This economic downturn sowed discontent among the ranks of the Hot Knives. Their second-in-command was a charismatic swordswoman named Epitomie. Epitomie believed that House Escher was strong enough to defy the Corpse Guild, and she convinced many of her sisters to join a rebellion against any Hot Knives who remained loyal to the Guilds. Before long, Epitomie found powerful allies among the Narco Lords, a recidivist organization that—until recently—had taken in large profits by selling deathcap medicine on the black market. Epitomie’s rebel faction called themselves the Devil Cats, and they fought a brutal guerilla war against the Hot Knives. The Devil Cats took heavy casualties, but they ultimately won the war, seizing control of the deathcap trade throughout the Junction. Epitomie is deadlier than ever—she took over a dozen brightly colored scalps during the war—but she doesn’t have enough battle-ready soldiers to ward off the many House gangs that come pouring into the Junction everyday, seeking to take advantage of the new power vacuum. She has also heard disturbing news that the Corpse Guild has sent down squads of Enforcers to make sure that she pays dearly for defying their sacred laws. "Oh well," Epitomie has been known to say, while drawing her power sword: "I asked for an interesting life, not a long one."
  4. BY ORDER OF LORD HELMAWR, PLANETARY RULER OF NECROMUNDA. SEQUESTERED PALANITE ENFORCER DOSSIER. AUTHORIZED PERSONS ONLY. DATE: 0695001.M41 AUTHOR: Enforcer Captain V-492, "Wardog." RECIPIENT: All Enforcers stationed at Gamma Sector, Hive Primus. SUBJECT: Battle for Deathcap Junction Listen up, you pitiful sump rats. House Escher has lost control of Deathcap Junction, the most wretched bastard town in the Underhive. I hate the Junction worse than scavvy-pox, but it's the only place that grows a rare fungus needed for rejuvenat treatments to keep our Lord young and healthy. Civil war broke out between two Escher gangs in Deathcap Junction. One gang was loyal to Helmawr and the Guilds. The other was in league with Narco Lords and other recidivist groups that mock our sacred laws. Delaque informants say the recidivist gang has won the war. The Guilds have lost their foothold in Deathcap Junction. As Enforcers, we cannot let that stand. House gangs from all over the Hive are marching on Deathcap Junction, looking for profit in the bloody chaos. Some of these gangs are allied with the Guilds. Others have thrown in their lot with the recidivists. Our job is simple, but the fighting will be hard. We go to the Junction. We shackle arms and legs. We crack skulls. We bring order to Deathcap Junction. Or we die in the attempt.
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