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Found 4 results

  1. Heya, anyone have these four parts left over from building their heavy destroyers? Just need one set. Happy to pay cash, trade, etc. Thanks!
  2. I need six of the crested heads that come with the lychguard/praetorians kit or the overlord or command barge kit. There’s a lot of variation on the crests and any combination of them would be great! Here’s a photo for reference: Have cash, paypal, other bits etc. Thanks!
  3. Selling most of my Necron collection. Looking for cash, willing to trade for Imperial Guard models and bits, specifically Guard infantry, Guard officers, Rough Riders, tanks and artillery, tank sponsons, tank turrets and turret cannons, or the odd Ministorum Priest or Techpriest Enginseer model. Bits-wise I’m looking for power fists, power axes, plasma pistols, or shotguns. I’m in the Portland area. Prefer pickup in person, payment in cash, can also do Paypal (if you need it shipped). Listed prices do not include shipping. I can meet at Ordo on Sunday evenings or Guardian Games during the day most days. Pictures are linked through the names of the models. 20x Necron Warriors, split into 10-model Squads A and B: $10 per squad 7x Scarab bases: $1.50 per base, $10 for all 7 4x OOP metal Canoptek Spyders: $10 per Spyder, $35 for all four at once - 2 Spyders have magnets for the arms, one with 2 magnets, one with 1 magnet - All Spyders have magnetized bases - If you purchase any number of Spyders, you can pick as many or as few of the arms/guns as you want, no additional charge. First come, first served. - The silver spyder is missing 2 legs, and one of the non-magnetized black spyders lost one of its legs. I still have that one leg, but it needs to be glued back on the model. Triarch Stalker: $25, armed with Heat Ray 3x Tomb Blades: $18, armed with twin Gauss Blasters, one has Shield Vanes I WANT IT ALL: $90 for the whole bunch.
  4. So, after months of painting, I finally finished the Necrons my buddy commissioned. Being my first commision, I've never painted an army so quickly. I think they turned out nicely. C&C encouraged!
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