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Found 8 results

  1. After much noodling before points dropped today, plus some additional cuts/edits once they did, I settled on a list with which to start playing games of 9th ed. I've always liked soup for the utility options it provides; this list may not deliver the strongest board control, or shooting, or mobility, but it can do all three competitively, and it's designed to take all comers. A couple of combos that are worth pointing out: The inquisitor and GK strike squads: the former's warlord trait gives me a 12" radius Ld 10 bubble that buffs the Purge Soul power, plus I can Terrify a unit to g
  2. Raindog

    Grok Smoke?

    Here is a good post on the use of smoke from The Dice Abide’s website.
  3. Raindog

    Grok Smoke?

    Here is a good post on the use of smoke from The Dice Abide’s website.
  4. @thediceabide Check it out! Infinity Tactics 101: Sensor, Sniffer, and Sat-Lock Or How to combat camo
  5. Hi Awesome folks! I just finished another post on aos-tactics.com: The power of Summoning in Age of Sigmar I think that summoning is a great and misunderstood tactical tool in Age of Sigmar. To help myself and others understand its strengths and weaknesses I decided to write a post about it. In this post, I explain the basics of summoning and how you can us it to kick butt. I do so by covering the following topics: Flexibility Model placement Overruling restrictions The Balewind Vortex Summoner Efficiency Dealing with the rule of 1
  6. Hello, ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD! NOW I CAN START FROSTGRAVING!!!! (maybe some more Infinity models too) ================================================================================================================== I'm attempting to clear out a few games, so I can move onto another game obsession (Frostgrave and DragonRampant ). Not sure if anyone still plays this but I have a small contingent of Dust Tactics miniatures and game components I need to sell. They are all in excellent condition (played about 5-6 times before being distracted by some other bling). I still have orig
  7. I broke down and bought the starter set. I now have to justify the decision too myself. :) This video makes some interesting points about tactics for AoS.
  8. I'm shelln' out some teef for a new ork army. I am wondering about trukks, the voice of the intra-webs seems pretty divided. Have you guys had any luck with them?
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