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Found 8 results

  1. After much noodling before points dropped today, plus some additional cuts/edits once they did, I settled on a list with which to start playing games of 9th ed. I've always liked soup for the utility options it provides; this list may not deliver the strongest board control, or shooting, or mobility, but it can do all three competitively, and it's designed to take all comers. A couple of combos that are worth pointing out: The inquisitor and GK strike squads: the former's warlord trait gives me a 12" radius Ld 10 bubble that buffs the Purge Soul power, plus I can Terrify a unit to give them an additional -1 Ld. Against otherwise tough units like Riptides, suddenly each strike squad is doing up to 7 mortal wounds on the turn it drops in. Taking three detachments lets me start each game with both a Culexus and a Vindicare. Basically I'm getting extra value out of my third detachment, since I'll rarely if ever have to pay 2cp to swap either of these assassins for a Callidus or Eversor. (As a side note, the Callidus' cp tax ability feels much less valuable in 9th ed because everyone gains 1cp at the start of each turn; if I can't deplete someone's cp pool early, or force them to make really tough choices, then I'm not as into it.) Here's the list: 2k imperial soup (AM, AS, GK) [680] AM battalion (-2cp) Detachment battalion (-3cp) warlord (+3cp) Strats vigilus: emperor's fist (-1cp) tank ace (-1cp) No slot doctrine: gunnery experts, jury-rigged repairs [100] culexus HQ [190] tank commander (155), heavy bolter (15), battlecannon (20), tank ace: master mechanic, relic: hammer of sunderance (free) [205] tank commander (155), heavy bolter (15), punisher (35), tank ace: master mechanic [35] company commander (35), chainsword, laspistol, warlord Troops [50] 10 guardsmen [50] 10 guardsmen [50] 10 guardsmen ==== [880] AS patrol (-4cp) Detachment patrol (-2cp) Strats open the reliquaries (-1cp) arbiter of the emperor's will (-1cp) No slot conviction: valorous heart [63] ordo hereticus inquisitor (60), storm bolter (3), chainsword, psyker, terrify, relic: blackshroud, WT: formidable resolve HQ [60] canoness (50), blessed blade (10), bolt pistol, wrath of the emperor [195] triumph of st katherine (195) Troops [55] 5 sisters (55), chainsword Elites [45] imagifier (45), tale of the stoic Fast attack [72] dominions (60), 4 storm bolters (12) Heavy support [195] exorcist (150), exorcist missile launcher (30), heavy bolter (15) [195] exorcist (150), exorcist missile launcher (30), heavy bolter (15) ==== [440] GK patrol (-2cp) Detachment patrol (-2cp) No slot [100] vindicare HQ [85] castellan crowe (85), inner fire Troops [85] 5 strikes (85), halberds, purge soul [85] 5 strikes (85), halberds, purge soul [85] 5 strikes (85), halberds, purge soul ==== total points: 2000 total units: 20 starting cp: 12 -3 (battalion) +3 (warlord refund) -2 (patrol) -2 (patrol) -4 (strats) = 4
  2. Raindog

    Grok Smoke?

    Here is a good post on the use of smoke from The Dice Abide’s website.
  3. Raindog

    Grok Smoke?

    Here is a good post on the use of smoke from The Dice Abide’s website.
  4. @thediceabide Check it out! Infinity Tactics 101: Sensor, Sniffer, and Sat-Lock Or How to combat camo
  5. Hi Awesome folks! I just finished another post on aos-tactics.com: The power of Summoning in Age of Sigmar I think that summoning is a great and misunderstood tactical tool in Age of Sigmar. To help myself and others understand its strengths and weaknesses I decided to write a post about it. In this post, I explain the basics of summoning and how you can us it to kick butt. I do so by covering the following topics: Flexibility Model placement Overruling restrictions The Balewind Vortex Summoner Efficiency Dealing with the rule of 1 Minimising casting risk A bunch of other stuff I would love your input on the subject and the article. How do you use summoning and do you think it is worth it? Cheers!!
  6. Hello, ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD! NOW I CAN START FROSTGRAVING!!!! (maybe some more Infinity models too) ================================================================================================================== I'm attempting to clear out a few games, so I can move onto another game obsession (Frostgrave and DragonRampant ). Not sure if anyone still plays this but I have a small contingent of Dust Tactics miniatures and game components I need to sell. They are all in excellent condition (played about 5-6 times before being distracted by some other bling). I still have original boxes and contents. I'm asking $80 for the whole thing (which is how I would prefer to sell it all at once). -Core Set Revised - contains all original contents (rules, dice, play mats, and following miniatures: Heavy Flak Grenadiers, Heavy Laser Grenadiers, Sturmpioniere, Lara Feldwebel character, "Hans"-Panzer Aufklarealaufer 1-c, "Death Dealers" - Raner Weapon Squad, Rhino character, "The Hammers" - Heavy Assault Squad, "Hell Boys" -Ranger Attack Squad, and Blackhawk Light Assault walker M1-B). -The first edition Dust Warfare rulebook -boxset "Hot Dog/Pounder/Steel Rain/Mickey" Medium Assault Walker -boxset "Wildfire/Honey"-Light Assault Walker -boxset "The Boss"- Ranger Command Squad -boxset "Kommandotrupp"-Sturmgrenadier Commmand Squad -boxset "Luther/Ludwig/Lothar"-Medium Panzer Walker -boxset "Henrich/Hermann"-Light Panzer Walker -I also have three White Dwarfs (Dec. 2012, Jan 2013, and Feb 2013) (also poster of GW Hobbit minatures and poster of WH 40k miniatures). Sell all for $5 obo. -and I have the Maulifaux 1.5 paperback rulebook in excellent condition sell for $5 obo. Thanks! Jim
  7. I broke down and bought the starter set. I now have to justify the decision too myself. :) This video makes some interesting points about tactics for AoS.
  8. I'm shelln' out some teef for a new ork army. I am wondering about trukks, the voice of the intra-webs seems pretty divided. Have you guys had any luck with them?
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