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Found 14 results

  1. I know it's probably a long shot with all you Primaris Fanboy Personalities 😉 but I'm looking for a few old Tau Commander Upgrade Sprues (which came in metal or resin) or the Xv8 Tau Crisis Battlesuit Commander box that included the upgrade sprues with an old style Xv8 crisis suite as well. I've attached some photos of the various incarnations below courtesy of the interwebs. Have cash, paypal; or some indomitus necrons or primed death guard for trade if you prefer the barter system.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm new with the Ohio group. I figured I would post some of my first models.
  3. I recently came into possession of some imperial knight bodies and Crisis suit bodies via auction but they are both missing their armaments so I need any leftover weapons for any of the two kits you may have ( I would prefer the knight weapons to have the arm bit but will still consider them without it). In exchange I have the ever popular monies. I'm in Portland, OR for a point of reference.
  4. I am looking for the turrets for the forgeworld hammerhead variants. Anybody got any of those floating around they'd be willing to part with? High-Yield Missile Pod Twin T'au Plasma Cannon Twin Heavy Burst Cannon
  5. So I am a cruel person... and some of this will likely make some of you squirm. I would apologize... but I am not sorry at all. Here are my HQ units. Here is the current status of my Shas’O Coldstar Commander. I need to start painting her and figure out the rest of her base. Latest Pictures Yes, there is a Firefly reference in that picture. Can you find it on the Coldstar Commander?
  6. Oh that hunt, the hunt for a list that not only finds me my cake but lets me eat it too. After belatedly realizing my hazards+farsight+commander+shadowsun list was not going to work due to the deployment limitation imposed by the Infiltrate special rule and GW's FAQ it's time to take a look at what other models I rarely use. The Y'vahra while a gorgeous model (in my humble opinion) is definitely NOT for-fun games friendly. I did drop a pile of money on ghostkeels that never see the light of day and good 'ol Commander O'Rly. Here's a list taking those for a spin. Thoughts on how it might fi
  7. All right. I have two potential lists to run for Saturday and I'm curious which you all would have more fun playing against. I'm going to post them both below and I am completely open to thoughts, suggestions, and definitely votes as far as which you think would be more fun (yes, more FUN!) to play against come Saturday. Farsight and Friends (OFCC) Total Points: 2000 Farsight CAD 1054 HQ Commander 'Arcfist' (85) 222 Twin-Linked Fusion Blaster (20) Shield Generator (25) S
  8. So for OFCC my faction has now changed to Tau, but as some of you have heard in discussion with me the spirit of OFCC has gone back to the glory days of fun games and not being super serious. I'm pasting the guidelines for list rating below: 1 – This is the lowest tier list, at a glance they might even be called by many “bad.” The majority of the units may be from the weaker and lower aspects of each Codex. Think Dark Eldar Wytches, especially if they’re on foot. Ogryns or Armored Sentinels, Infantry based armies are often found here. Allies that may be massive force multipliers won’t be foun
  9. Alright, so I'm looking to move some models that are just sitting on my shelf taking up space. I'm willing to meet in Portland, or anywhere on the West side of town. I'm local to Hillsboro, so if that's helpful, that would be great. Pics are on photobucket. If you have any questions, just let me know. I'd prefer cash, but decent trades are always on the table as well. Thanks for looking! Haves: Warhammer 40K: Tau: XV 104 Riptide (Partially Painted) - $50 Dark Vengeance: Dark Vengeance (Various Stages, Missing One Cultist and Aspiring Champion) - $70 Tyranids: Tyranid Warrior
  10. Hey Guys, Selling my Tau army on Ebay. The listing can be found here. It includes: 1x Tau Empire Codex (Latest Edition) 1x Metal Tau Ethereal 1x Fire Warrior Squad with pulse rifles 1x Fire Warrior Squad with pulse carbines 1x Unassembled Fire Warrior Squad 1x Kroot Carnivore Squad with Kroot rifles (12x models) 1x Unassembled Kroot Carnivore Squad (12x models) 10x Metal Pathfinders with carbines 6x Metal Pathfinders with rail rifles 2x Devilfish Transports 2x Gunships (includes two Hammerhead and two Skyray turrets) 6x Stealth suits 2x Crisis Suits 2x Forgeworld Broadsid
  11. I have a hammerhead and a devilfish, assembled but not primed or painted. looking to get 60 bucks for the pair or best offer.I am located in Vancouver, WA.
  12. Have the following units for trade. All are Crimson fist so all are blue or primed. A. base coated and dry brushed Storm Raven. Still needs some work. Has lascanons and Meltas installed. B. 3 man centurion devastator squad. Small magnets installed and all 3 weapons available. Unit is primed only. C. 3 man centurion assault squad. One is painted and the other 2 are primed D. 5 man vet vanguard squad. 2 painted 3 primed. Kited with thunder hammers, relic blade, storm shields and thunder claws. E. 1 Lone Terminator F. 1 Lone Space Marine Captain I am interested in Hammer Heads, Broad Sides, Bo
  13. Starter Dark Elf army for sale. Between work, family and 40K I don’t have enough time or money to pick up an additional hobby. I purchased all this stuff with the intent of delving into fantasy but think I will just stick with the round bases. My loss is your gain. I am open to Tau or Space Marine trades but cash is king, $170.00 for the lot. Its a STEAL! 1 (Unopened) recent Hydra model 1 Painted Sorceress. 1 (Unopened) Deck of Dark Elf Magic Cards 1 Dark Elf Army Book 1 Warhost of Naggaroth. I have assembled 20 Spearmen from this set. It wouldn’t take much work to pull them apa
  14. Alright, I'm definitely down for some PDX Kill Team. Tau Kill Team Crisis Shasvre, 2 Plasma Rifles, Iridium Armor - 87 Sniper Drone Team, 1 Marksman, 3 Sniper Drones - 58 Pathfinders x 2 w/ Markerlights - 22 Firewarriors x 5 w/ Pulse Rifles - 45 Kroot x5 w/ Sniper rounds - 35 Total 247 Pts - General Purpose List, not jumpy enough. Tau Suit and Tie Team Crisis Shasvre 2 Flamers, Iridium - 67 Crisis Suit 2 Plasma Rifles - 52 Crisis Suit 2 Plasma Rifles - 52 Crisis Suit 2 Plasma Rifles - 52 Pathfinders x 2
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