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Found 2 results

  1. I'm about to take the plunge into my first post-apocalypse tabletop wargame. Sherbert mentioned that he and another guy up here, Joey, have begun to play This Is Not A Test (TNT), and I thought, what the hell, count me in. Sherbert is playing Mutants, of course (conversions galore), Joey is playing the Preservers (the high tech warband), and I'm playing the Tribals (low tech warband). Tribals are the descendants of survivor groups that, by chance or choice, developed a pre-industrial culture that shuns most Pre-Fall technology. Their shamans teach that it is better to live in simplicity than to again unleash the horrors of the End War. Nevertheless, they do permit the use Pre-Fall weaponry to protect their people and resources from their many enemies. TNT Tribals aren't necessarily the decedents of Native American tribes, but I'm going to go that route. This gives me an opportunity to use some of Conquest Miniatures' Woodland Indian models that I have long admired, but have never had a practical use for. Crucible Crush's Flint & Feather Hurons and Iroquois are some of the best Woodland Indian minis available, but they only sell the minis that I want in packs of 14 and they charge way too much for shipping because some dumb ass decided to package their minis in oversized boxes. I sent them an email asking if they'd be willing to sell their minis individually or in smaller sets, but they have yet to respond. I also need some models armed with modern weaponry to represent my elite fighters, so I've ordered West Wind Productions' Crow Dog Soldiers. I need to convert one of these bad boy's shotguns into a grenade launcher. A band of screaming, half naked "savages" supported by a grenade launcher firing relic plasma grenades is a wonderful thing.
  2. Hey hey, jumping on the This Is Not A Test band wagon! I had a handful of these models lying around ever since I watched the latest mad max movie, Fury Road. I was inspired to create a Imperial Guardsmen army using conversions like these, because I was tired of seeing only ork mad max conversions tbh. Anyways, this is a handful of the models I made and they will fit TNT just fine, especially when the vehicles eventually come out. I threw some hasty paint on these gents to see if I liked the scheme or if I wanted to change it, so bear with me the WIP.
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