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Found 8 results

  1. If you're interested in competitive Warmachine or just want to get three or four games down in one day, check out the PDX Open on March 2nd. Capped at 64 players.
  2. If you're interested in competitive Warmachine or just want to get three or four game down in one day, check out the PDX Open on March 2nd. Capped at 64 players.
  3. Fanaticus Founders Cup The Fanaticus Founders Cup (FFC) is a multi-week, single elimination, league team tournament. The FFC is open to any team that has participated in the three seasons of the OBBL's Persistent League, and has been re-drafted. Based on number of participants, the FFC will run three or four weeks, in a one and done format; you win, you continue...you lose, you're done! The final two teams face off in the Cup final, and will take home the honors. Teams progress through the event, and all injuries and SPP's count like a normal league game. All monies collected go to prizes and the Cup trophy, which will be engraved with the winning team's name and the year. Minimum eight participants needed, maximum sixteen, sign-ups must be completed by 10/14; games begin 10/15/2017. Who's taking home the first Fanaticus Founders Cup?!?!
  4. Raindog

    ITS Season 9

    What is new! If a player takes a single combat group, that is, ten models or less in a single group and not other combat groups, he cannot be effected by the strategic use of command tokens. You cannot strip two order or limit him to a single coordinated order. The HVT: Retro-engineering card is no more. HVT: Kidnapping replaces it. Troops that are elite, veteran, or have chain of command must Civevac the HVT at the end of the game. T.A.G.s now have the Fatality 1 Rule (I might have predicted this rule at Game Night....) Some scenarios require a model on each force to be a designated Data Tracker. Hidden units, marker units (Camo or holo), irregular, and remote units cannot be Data Trackers. The ALIVE group is done. BIT and Kiss are allowed by the Combined Army. Since PAN-O won Wotan, they are allowed to take one of several predetermined lists. The lists revolve around Jotums, Nisse, Knights Hospitalers, Order Sergeants, and Fussiliers. Nisse are in Haris! Other closed lists may be added later in the season. If a tournament allows Soldiers of Fortune, up to 75 points of Mercs may be selected. Of course, named characters cannot be duplicated in the same force. This privilege cost 1 S.W.C.
  5. "Alright everyone, this is our last ITS pack for the current season, meaning it's your last chance to get that ITS winners patch and mini! Come on down to Sherwood for a September to Dismember ITS tournament!" When: Saturday, September 9 at 10 AM - 6 PM Where: Glimpses pf Wonder and Warfare in Sherwood, OR 300 pointsNo Spec OpsNot Limited InsertionRound 1: 10:15-12:30 - The ArmoryLunch: 12:30-13:30Round 2: 13:30-15:45 - Deadly DanceRound 3: 15:45-18:00 - Show of Force
  6. Greetings, I am one of the Razor Valley Charity Tournament Series TOs and we would love to run Age of Sigmar at our events but we are lacking a TO for doing this. We're out of Corvallis, OR and we can't offer much, but you do get free food, a nice little resume booster (we really are a charity fundraising event), and some shots at the raffle prizes. So if you are interested in helping out, please message me.
  7. The X-Wing game day was a big success so I'm looking to put together a tournament in March. As Corey is running his event on the third Saturday and I'm out of town on the 22nd, I'm looking at the last Saturday, March 29th, as the day to shoot for. Does anyone know of any conflicts with this date? I'm looking to run the tournament with the standard Fantasy Flight Tournament rules with the following exceptions and random thoughts: Tournament Organizer Participation I'm looking to play in this tournament as well as run it, which is allowed in those rules as long as this isn't a regional, national, or world championship tournament, but that means I'll need a second for deciding rules disputes in my games. Kevin or Joey, are one of you up for this? You won't really have to do anything, just know stuff if disputes come up. Squad Building As much as I'd like to say that proxy cards or just running off a list is allowed, I think we should probably stick to the tournament rules for this, but am open to discussion on the topic. I'm fairly torn on the subject myself, but if we're calling this a "tournament" I think this is probably the right call. I do however encourage people to be cool dudes and share your Advanced Sensors or Push the Limits or Wedges or whatever you aren't using in your current list with each other to get the maximum experience of awesomeness. Component Modifications I think the rules against heavily modifying or scratch-building your own ships are dumb don't have a place in our local scene. If you want to go crazy and hobby up a model, I say go hog wild as long as it's fully painted and you have the appropriate pilot card/upgrades for it. I don't think anyone has tried doing anything like this yet, but my stance is go for it. Round Duration I'm thinking 90 minute rounds are the way to go here. Tournament standard is 75, but they come with the option of adjusting anywhere between 60 to 90 and I think having more time to play and hang out is fun. I suppose if we did have a huge turnout this could be adjusted to fit in more games, but for now I'm thinking 90. Does that sound good? Entry Fee/Prize Support The standard way that things are run for the 40k tournaments is $10 entry with that pool and half of whatever if raised put in by Nathaniel going to a raffled off prize support (with extra tickets going out for wins). I'm cool doing things that way or cutting the fee down to $5 since X-Wing stuff is less expensive in general or pretty much anything people want to do (and Nathaniel okays once I clear it with him). What do you guys want? Does this sound good to everyone? I'm probably going to talk to Nathaniel tonight about it.
  8. How long does an infinity game last in a tournament setting?
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