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Found 16 results

  1. My Tyranids. Started this army in 7th ed just due to frustration with bug players never fielding units I wanted to see. Army is almost entirely Armorcast and Metal. No flying bugs. Not finished painting by a longshot, but I wanted a break from chaos marines (a break from playing them, I'll still be painting them). Not sure which tyranid hive fleet I'm running. Paint Scheme is how I was doing Chaos Spawn for a Tzeentch army I no longer have... Present list of models: 1x Hive Tyrant 3 tyrant guard 2-3 Venom Thropes 3 Exocrines. 20-40 Hornagaunts 10-20 Gargoy
  2. Guest

    My little legion

    (copied from the cog collective forum. Given that I enjoy feedback, seemed logical to try for feedback from more than one venue. Also, allows the ordo warmahordes section to seem more busy... :) ) A long while since I played last. I intend to be at GG tonight, I'll be bringing this list: Rhyas -2x Shredder -2x Stinger -4x Harrier -Proteus Throne Throne Thrullg Thrullg Feralgeist Forsaken Forsaken 50pts Work in progress, very much so. Rhyas is proxied by a beast mistress, GG doesn't have one in stock, but it's ordered. I do have her card(s). Other models are owned. Idea
  3. Guest

    Pax's Militia

    Picked up the AM codex. Still don't have the index (waiting on GG to restock it) or the FW Index which I ordered a long while ago. I have a large number of Tallarn models I got at the tail end of 7th, via ebay. Mostly infantry. Plan is to use the same models and the same paint scheme for my AM, Genestealer Cults, CSM Cultists/Renegade Guard. Not sure if I have enough tallarn for a full army or if this will be solely as an ally army, and also not sure if I will be purchasing any additional vehicles/models. Anyway, I'll get some photos and lists up when I get them. Also probably goin
  4. Version 1.1


    Counts As document detailing fully converted Genestealer Cult Army
  5. Guest

    Harridan in 40k?

    Eyeballing the Apocalypse options for my Tyranids. Most of the options downright suck, since it's clear GW has no clue how to balance the bio-titans with the regular titans. Not to mention, the Barbed and Scythed Heirodules have totally mis-sized models for normal 40k since the tyranid MC models have become much larger since they were created. So, Tyranid Harridan. I know it was legal in escalation during 6th, and that it's a hugely expensive model (in cash costs). Is it legal in non-apocalypse 40k? Is it viable? Anyone ever even seen one on the table top? In terms of cash, I could get
  6. Already made a document with my army list, so here is the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CWErNoNR4lPMLZY4envCGM2B8NzgvGVBxgmFT5VhBhk/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Hello all! New to the group, and I have a quick question for anyone who may have an answer: Has anyone found, or know of, a blue primer that takes to minis well? I'm looking into priming my 'nids blue, because base coating 100 gaunts one at a time suuuuuuucks. Thanks!
  8. Alright, so I'm looking to move some models that are just sitting on my shelf taking up space. I'm willing to meet in Portland, or anywhere on the West side of town. I'm local to Hillsboro, so if that's helpful, that would be great. Pics are on photobucket. If you have any questions, just let me know. I'd prefer cash, but decent trades are always on the table as well. Thanks for looking! Haves: Warhammer 40K: Tau: XV 104 Riptide (Partially Painted) - $50 Dark Vengeance: Dark Vengeance (Various Stages, Missing One Cultist and Aspiring Champion) - $70 Tyranids: Tyranid Warrior
  9. Hey guys my main goal is to get into Tyranids but are willing to sell at 50% off msrp for the skorne and 30% off msrp on the High elf box. this is what i have for Skorne: Warlock Archdomina Makeda- Primed Makeda and the exalted court- Primed Rasheth- primed Lord arbiter Hexeris- primed lord tyrant Hexeris- primed Master tormentor Morghoul- primed supreme aptimus zaal - painted tyrant xeris- primed void seer mordikaar warbeast Archidon- primed basilisk Krea- painted bronzeback titan- partially painted cyclops savage x2- primed molik karn- primed razor
  10. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/nature/tongue-parasite.html Sweet dreams Warhamsters.
  11. From the album: Hive Tartarus

    A swarm of Hive Tartarus tyranids launches a surprise assault on a squad of Knights of Oceanus Space Marines.
  12. So one thing I love about the OFCC is that is pushes me to something new army wise each time. Last year was my Beastnesh goat themeed slanesh army which I was quite proud of. This year I i have bugs in my pants. I've been batting around some different color schemes and think I have settled upon one for my gribblies. Don't know if the name will change, but the fluff is a bit silly and works right now. The concept is a group of Tyranids that live in the void of space and rather then ride inside Space Hulks, they climb upon them and surf them from space ship, to space station, to mini
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