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Found 17 results

  1. Looking for a good home for the old death cube. Mostly assembled and partly primed, it just needs the ribs, back, and crystal bits added. The roof is slightly uneven and there are rough and uneven spots on the model. Comes with the box intact, instructions are printed on the box side. Starting offer is $45. I would prefer a local pick-up/drop-off (I'm in Portland area) but can ship if necessary. Photos on Imgur. Edit: can do Paypal or cash for payment.
  2. Selling my large pro painted Ork army for $1000 OBO. Their older models so a lot of them are made of metal which if your a real ork player you will enjoy because your models can actually be used as a deadly weapon. Everything comes in two cases and is organized in a very practical and convenient load out. I have more pictures so if you wanna see more just ask! Included in the army: 1 Warboss 5 Nobz 1 Pain Boy 2 Killa Kans 1 Storm Boy Nob 8 storm boys 2 big shootas 2 flamea boyz 2 tank bustsas 15 shoota boyz 32 slugga bo
  3. There will be a Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire 3 round event at OFCC this year and I hope everyone that is playing this fantastic, fast paced, tactical game can make it out to play. Rules and information for the event: -Ticket purchase link: -Tournament will take place at OFCC on Friday August 24th 2018 starting at 1pm (end time roughly 7pm). -We will use the standard matched play rules from the core rules, meaning that each round you will play the same opponent for up to 3 games. As soon as one player wins 2 games the round is over. We will be playing 3 rounds. -Ea
  4. Hello everyone. I've recently relocated from Florida to Portland and as I don't know anyone in this city I wanted to take a brief moment to introduce my self. I'm a new player, more or less. I used to run DA and IG armies back in the 3rd/4th editions era but I haven't played since then. I started to pick up the modeling aspect of the hobby again during 7th edition and now after a long absence from playing the TT game I've decided to get back into it wholeheartedly. The army I'm building is still very much a WIP but it won't take too much more time for it to be playable. I'm real
  5. Selling wheeled KR case in very good condition with 5 standard sized cardboard trays arranged in different configurations. One is a troop carrier can hold 80, 28 mm miniatures, One is configured for two large miniatures, the others are a mixture of arrangements. All can hold some 28 mm miniatures and some are setup to hold 8 Warjacks. Looking for $400 (or best offer) for the hard case and all 5 cardboard trays. Examples online: https://www.krmulticase.com/product/cases/WH6-S https://www.krmulticase.com/product/cases/KRM Foam in the cardboard trays https://www.krmu
  6. Hello! The Renegade Open is in its 5th year! this year is our inaugural Age Of Sigmar event! As such, we have our own mission format we have just announced! Check it out here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5Ne7F-4REXZTWM4eFFpYUNBX1E and don't forget! Early registration for all events ends august 31st! www.renegadeopen.com
  7. So I mostly play GURPS. If you're not familiar it's just another tabletop RPG system. And we play fantasy. So, I'm always in need of monsters/monstrous creatures and bad guys for the GM (DM for you DnD guys) to throw at us. I'm looking for either unpainted/unassembled or at least well assembled miniatures. Not super interested in painted unless the price is near the unassembled price (I would likely just strip and repaint). Newer models preferred, but some of the old metal miniatures can certainly hold their own. PM me with details of what you have and your prices. Or upload here.
  8. I believe this is where we upload finished products. If I'm wrong, direct me there. But, finished this guy up recently. Technically I sort of mixed the miniature pieces up a bit. But, I liked the Puke and so did my GM but I like the teeth of the maggoth lord (the puke is from the other dude, I forget his name). I'll post some of my other mini pics here later. And all other local painters should feel welcome. My whole reason for being here is to find a painting buddy or two.
  9. One of the members of Rose City Horus Heresy https://www.facebook.com/groups/713422632106296/ is a manager of an IHOP out near cascade station. He has been given permission to host games there late night on Tuesday's, Thursday's and Sunday's. It should be a great night if we can get a couple games going at once. At first we will need to bring all of our own terrain, because it's IHOP. Contact me anytime here or on Facebook for a game and I'll usually be free. Our group also meets up regularly on Saturdays @ Fate&Fury games in Vancouver and on Sundays @ WOW. Both days offer gaming from
  10. As a kid, teen, college student, and up until recently I have always been infatuated with the Warhammer Fantasy Universe (and tabletop gaming in general), but never indulged. Maybe because of time or money, lack people to play with or all of the above at different times. Last month though my wife and I saw a great deal on the Age of Sigmar starter set and I finally took the plunge and grabbed it. I am absolutely in love with it, although I have yet to actually get my hands dirty in a pitched battle with a worthy opponent (my wife tries, but it just ends up being me playing myself haha).
  11. Haven't played 40k in over a decade and already sold my Orc army a while ago. Just found my first Eldar army in storage. a lot of the pieces are not painted. some are primed. and a select few I started to paint, albeit kind of poorly haha. I want to sell this all together as opposed to piece by piece. Please make me an offer. I live in NE Portland on MLK and could meet at Guardian Games for the trade off. Cash only offers please. Comes with foam padded briefcase in picture. Feel free to email me at keen4nmccune@gmail.com Thanks! Includes: Corner piece of building terra
  12. All, If you listen to Warhammer podcasts, we've started one focused 100% on fantasy. We're based in Seattle, so we have a slight slant toward our local scene, but I think the content is of general interest to anyone who plays, and that's how we aim to keep it. Please visit our iTunes page if you'd like to subscribe, or listen directly from our blog. Feedback welcomed! Episode 2 should be coming within the next week or so. Thanks, ~gwh
  13. Hi there, Im looking for some one to play a game of 40k with on this upcoming Sunday. I am relatively new still and want to get some more games in before trying to play in a league. Im available all day sunday and could meet at either guardian or east port. Thanks, Ethan
  14. Hey does anyone know where I can find a list of upcoming fantasy tournaments in Washington/Oregon? Also, what's the best game store for playing pick up fantasy games in the Seattle area? Thanks!
  15. All, After our first Masters qualifier season which got started a little late, I'm proud to announce the new system for qualifying for 2015. Summary Any tournament in the region counts towards rankings Rankings points = 2 best results + 3rd result / 2 + 4th / 4 and so on 2015 season ends November 30th, 2016 qualifiers start Dec 1st 1 day tournaments count for 60% of 2 day (same as 2014) Exponential rankings points Detail There were a few problems with the qualifiers that we wanted to make sure were addressed with a new system: Attendance: Having a high number of attendees at a single even
  16. Hello everyone, I am happy to announce the release of the official Rules Pack for the OFCC Fantasy Open 2014! This OFCC 2014 event will take place Friday, September 26th at the Double Tree Hotel in Portland, Oregon during the OFCC 2014 event. The OFCC Fantasy Open will be a 3 round, no composition event where players bring 3,000 pt armies and battle. Interested parties may review the rules pack in the Downloads section.or find it here. Any questions may be directed to me via PM. Rules Pack 2014 for the Warhammer Fantasy Open will be updated once a month as needed.
  17. I have been playing 40k (Marines and Tau) for about 6 months and am interested in starting a small Fantasy Army. Currently I am looking and Vampires and Dwarfs. The latter because its new and I hear it has a low model count. The former because it has a lot of fluff that I have been reading about in books. What I think I want is something with a lot of magic, relatively low or reasonable model count (cost is a factor & would like to start with 800 to 100 points worth of stuff), and lots of interesting fluff. Am I on the right path with these two armies or should I be looking elsewhere? Also
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