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Found 5 results

  1. Despite knowing that it won't be legal in any formal Warmahordes TOs, I've starting putting together a 40k Inquisition themed army on PP bases with the intention of fielding them as the Protectorate of Menoth. Calling it the Inquisition of Menoth. I don't expect to finish anytime soon, but I'm having fun and it'll at least be some good pictures. It's also been a good excuse to buy some really cool models for armies I don't play in 40k. PP started releasing all the rules without the models, so now I'm free to not buy their models and just field what looks fun. I also have some inquisition from previous editions of 40k that I want to field, but don't play the related armies anymore. And I really think PP games need more non-PP conversions. I'll add pictures when I'm more confident in the results. On a more general response, current list of conversions various stages of progress 4x heavy warjacks. Bought 4x Armigers. Tough getting them to fit on 50mm bases, but they really look like "heavy" warjacks. 3x light warjacks. Bought 3x adeptus titanicus imperial knights. Much smaller than the armigers, but look similar enough where they seem like part of the same faction. These fit perfectly on 40mm bases. 1x Vessel of Judgement. Metal Karamazov converted so an even older Lord of Macragge can sit on that throne. Very much still in progress, but looks really cool.
  2. Guest

    My little legion

    (copied from the cog collective forum. Given that I enjoy feedback, seemed logical to try for feedback from more than one venue. Also, allows the ordo warmahordes section to seem more busy... :) ) A long while since I played last. I intend to be at GG tonight, I'll be bringing this list: Rhyas -2x Shredder -2x Stinger -4x Harrier -Proteus Throne Throne Thrullg Thrullg Feralgeist Forsaken Forsaken 50pts Work in progress, very much so. Rhyas is proxied by a beast mistress, GG doesn't have one in stock, but it's ordered. I do have her card(s). Other models are owned. Idea is that rhyas can move through those thrones and her feat could be pretty nasty with the thrones (assuming huge bases can be "placed"). This allows the thrones to serve both as shields and as attacking threats. The harriers can also move through the thrones, and even advance back through the thrones after attacking, so some interesting potential there. I think true strike combined with Rhyas' feat could be pretty impressive. Thrullgs (or, perhaps, thrullgi) are included mostly because I think they are cool. They are also pretty nasty against certain opponents. Although I can't boost them, they can hide behind the thrones while providing their anti-magic aura. They very much add to my moving wall concept. These are fearless, so no conflicts with my abominations. Forsaken are for additional fury management, but also for their fun burst power, which I've found quite useful. Abomination isn't very impressive, but is a nice passive defense that is useful occasionally. I love the stingers, which actually could be pretty mean when combined with Rhyas' spell to transfer MAT and RAT scores. Good character and warbeast assassins Shredders are mostly to buff the thrones. Proteus is included for three reasons. First, rhyas has a limited control radius, and his herding ability presents some flexibility to this limitation. Second would be because I only have two heavy beasts at the moment, him and ravagore, and I like this one more. Third is silly, but I just wanted to keep the "tentacle" theme to my army, as I've got three different models with tentacles... Lastly, feralgeist is here for only one reason. I had a game a while back, where one of my key issues was a lack of ability to snag objectives early on, mostly because of my slow moving tower formation. Being incorpreal, he's an annoying bug that's hard to deal with for most rank and file enemies.
  3. Surprised we don't already have one of these on Ordo. As title, post sites when benefit new and old players of Warmachine or Hordes. Others encouraged to add their own. Descriptions of what you are linking would helpful, but not required. I'll start. Privateer Press' Card Database. A bit ago, PP switched from selling cards to giving them freely via their online PDFs. Database is found here: http://cards.privateerpress.com/ Online Armybuilder for Warmachine and Hordes: https://conflictchamber.com/ Warmachine University: Site Explains and summarizes the various rules and models. https://warmachineuniversity.com/mw/index.php/Main_Page
  4. Hey guys and gals reading today and future days. I wanted to extend this invitation in a more public and open fashion than perhaps we have so far. The Phoenix Nest is making inroads to carry Privateer Press's products including their model lines for Warmachine and Hordes. This game (two systems, same game) is excellent, a great deal of fun, and plays very differently from 40k. For those of you joining in Kill Team, KT plays very similarly to it. Anyway, the invitation is to come have a look at WarmaHordes, try it out, and have some fun. Wednesdays will be the night for it. Sean, Jeff, and I will be at the Phoenix Nest tomorrow to play games and run demos. It plays fairly small scale, and just the basic battlebox (intro box) is a perfectly serviceable game of only about 3-5 models. The three of us have more than enough models to provide multiple battlebox size games for several different factions. So if you're curious feel free to come by and check it out :)
  5. Cancelled* I will be there with a demo table setup and hopefully have a side game going on as well to show how the game is played.
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