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Found 24 results

  1. Lot 1 Rebels 1x A-Wing 2x B-Wing 1x E-wing 6x T-65 X-Wings (1 broken) 3x Y-wing (2 regular, 1 Scum & Villainy) 2x Z-95 (Scum & Villainy) 1x HWK-290 1x ARC-170 Resistance 6x T-70 X-wings (5 blue, 1 Poe) Scum & Villainy 1x StarViper 1x Second Edition T-65 X-Wing damage deck 3x Rebel dials $130 Lot 2 Empire 9x TIE Fighters 9x TIE Interceptors (1 regular, 4 red, 4 striped) 2x TIE Bomber (1 regular, 1 striped) 1x TIE Phantom 1x TIE Punisher 2x TIE Defenders (1 regular, 1 red) 1x TIE Advance 1x Inquisitor's TIE
  2. Hey guys, this really sucks to get rid of but I'm building a business and need the cash outside of the business. I have all the boxes from anything that came in a box IE bigger ships and aces ect. as well as a custom foam travel case that fits literally everything that wasn't an epic or a few of the large ships. I was very meticulous in how I kept my stuff and only my star viper has a little hangar rash. However I did mark alot of the bases and dials (so I'd know what was mine) and some of the ships have "war paint" on them. A lot of the large boxes and such still have their cards and or
  3. Selling wheeled KR case in very good condition with 5 standard sized cardboard trays arranged in different configurations. One is a troop carrier can hold 80, 28 mm miniatures, One is configured for two large miniatures, the others are a mixture of arrangements. All can hold some 28 mm miniatures and some are setup to hold 8 Warjacks. Looking for $400 (or best offer) for the hard case and all 5 cardboard trays. Examples online: https://www.krmulticase.com/product/cases/WH6-S https://www.krmulticase.com/product/cases/KRM Foam in the cardboard trays https://www.krmu
  4. I'd like to trade 2 TIE/fo for 2 standard TIE. Additionally I will pay 50¢ for random ship parts such as cockpits and engines. and up to 3$ for a damaged but largely intact fighter craft. Complete fighters and ships will be negotiated for on a case by case basis.
  5. I salute you, good luck to any and all Bellingham attendees to the X wing regionals in Seattle this coming weekend.
  6. Just a heads up, Barnes and Noble has a 50% off sale on X-wing and Armada stuff, including 3 Armada core sets, a few Armada expansions (not sure which they were), an indeterminate (but small) number of force awakens core sets, K-wing, Khiracz fighter, Decimator, Rebel transport, tie bomber, and a few others. Not many left, but worth a trip today, especially if you want to get into Armada for $50. Also, I saw a sign in a store in Fairhaven advertising a new board game/rpg store, called Your Turn, opening this month -- maybe this weekend. Has anyone heard anything about this? A web search t
  7. X-Wing Tournament planed for July 9th at Cosmic Comics. Let me know if you are planning on playing. https://www.facebook.com/events/1641234696195833/
  8. Dark Tower games 5$ Entry (goes to prizes) 3 rounds Rounds start at 12:30 The store should be open earlier than normal because of a magic event that day. Let me know if you have questions, big or small. All levels welcome!
  9. Hey all, I'm running a competitive 100pt x-wing tournament at 12:00 Saturday at Cosmic Comics. We had great turn out last time and this time should be a blast because of all the new lists we'll see with the new Scum and Force Awakens options. $5 fee that goes to prizes, 3 rounds so you can be on your way by dinner time, little promos and big fun. We'll do some fun random prizes too. RSVP on their Facebook page so I can make sure there are enough spots for you.
  10. The Portland Game Store (922 NE Killingsworth St, Portland OR) is hosting a fun tournament on 9/6, details below: Star Wars X-Wing Tournament - FREE - Grand Opening Weekend! 100 point X-WING TOURNAMENT! The Portland Game Store will be hosting an X-Wing miniatures tournament Sunday, September 6th. FREE ENTRY with purchase in store, signup in advance is very recommended. 12 spots available and $100 in gift-certificates prize support to be had, so get signed up ASAP! 100 point squads, all cards being used are required, no proxies. Players are to bring three obstacles (asteroids or d
  11. In case someone slipped past the word of mouth and web site posts... X-wing tournament today 12:30, doors open at 12:00 $5 goes to prizes. Should be great fun with all the new ordinance and heavy bombers. We will do 3 rounds and try to get people out before 6:00
  12. PNW Star Wars Miniatures Championships An Armada/X-Wing/Imperial Assault Tournament What: A 4-round Star Wars miniature tournament using Armada, X-Wing, and Imperial Assault. When: August 8th - 12:30 PM Where: Dice Age Games – Vancouver, WA How Much: $20 Why: Because it’ll be awesome. The Plan: Round 1 – 300 Point Armada Round 2 – 300 Point Epic Scale X-Wing Round 3 – 100 Point X-wing Round 4 – 40 Point Imperial Assault Skirmish Prizes: The tournament is the weekend after GenCon. Any models being released early at GenCon will be given a
  13. So this is the Scum ship i think everyone will be running. The dial has 9 green. It has a 4k AND the 3Signor. You can deck it out to yer heart's content. So what will your build be? I really enjoy the IG-88B and IG-88D combo. IG-88B lets you perform a second attack with an equipped secondary cannon weapon if your first attack fails - Built in gunner can never hurt! IG-88D lets you use the 3 hard template when performing the Signor loop - another bump in maneuverability. Coming in at 36 points, you can either leave them plain and fit a small m3a or z-95 into the build or the
  14. Hey gang, Simple post this time - I've got a TIE Defender still in blister I'm looking to swap for a TIE Interceptor blister pack or a Firespray/Slave I, or more if you've got 'em. If you only have Imperial Aces, I could be persuaded by I'm specifically looking for the lower PS cards and chits. Thanks!
  15. I've been getting more into X-Wing since going kind of crazy buying stuff over the holidays and I'd like to get some more games in and get other people more into it. I know Dark Tower has had stocking issues that may have held people back a bit, but I also understand that a lot of people have miniatures collecting dust at home so here is my attempt to get those ships off the shelf and onto a table. For anyone who has X-Wing stuff already and has played a few games, we should get some more games in. I was thinking something like an escalation league might be fun? I've heard people talk abou
  16. I'm feeling energetic (partially because I just acquired a coffee maker) and could potentially be up for a game of the X-Wang today. If anyone is down, shoot me a text at 360.483.6780.
  17. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this in passing to some of you, but just to make sure anyone who might be interested knows, we're having a game day at Dark Tower tomorrow from noon to whenever. Expect a day full of pick up games, demoing for any new people that show up, and hopefully some team/team epic games too. Hope to see you there!
  18. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=4645 Holy. Crap. I've been worried about the future of X-Wing, as with the release of big ships and repaints in the last few waves, it was starting to look like they'd run out of ships already. This wave looks to really mix things up for both factions, including: * a 12 pt Rebel Ship in the Rookie Headhunter * The game's first 4 ATK ship in the TIE Phantom...plus cloaking! * The toughest, nastiest TIE (3's across the board) in the TIE Defender * The expensive love child of an A-Wing and X-Wing (with Astromechs and Advanc
  19. I've managed a handful of games of Xwing at Epic scale and so far I'm really enjoying it. The additional points allows for some combos that normally don't hit the table in 100 point games. APTs + Jan Ors + Opportunist = 7 attack dice! I've also found that in Epic and higher point games PS becomes huge. There is enough firepower on both sides that typically the side shooting first can put a big dent in their opponent. Likewise, assault missiles and other ordinance seem to add to the alpha strike. The Rebel Transport is way more fun to play than I expected. It is setup in t
  20. FFG put up their list of stores that got in for the Assault on Imdaar Alpha preview event and we're on the list! For those not in the know, here is a link to the latest news article, but basically this is a special preview tournament where the top four winners will get their pick of the new Wave 4 ships BEFORE they release! For those interested in attending, we have a choice on when we want this to happen. Our choices are Friday May 30th, Saturday May 31st, or Sunday June 1st. As we typically do our tournaments on Saturdays, I'm leaning toward the May 31st date, but I want to give you
  21. The X-Wing game day was a big success so I'm looking to put together a tournament in March. As Corey is running his event on the third Saturday and I'm out of town on the 22nd, I'm looking at the last Saturday, March 29th, as the day to shoot for. Does anyone know of any conflicts with this date? I'm looking to run the tournament with the standard Fantasy Flight Tournament rules with the following exceptions and random thoughts: Tournament Organizer Participation I'm looking to play in this tournament as well as run it, which is allowed in those rules as long as this isn't a regional,
  22. Just a heads up guys, SmashtheDean going to be running a 100 point X-Wing tournament at Dark Tower Games in Bellingham on Saturday, March 29th. It's just going to be an easy $5 entry fee with prize support and hopefully lots of fun! It'll be starting around noon with three 90 minute rounds and breaks/lunches in between so it shouldn't go very late into the evening at all and would make a pretty easy day trip for any BC or Seattle area people looking to get some games in. Hope to see some people there!
  23. Crossposting this blurb I sent to Dark Tower to put up on their Facebook. Mind stickying this until the date Jim? Come down to Dark Tower Games on February 22nd to play some games of the X-Wing: Miniature Game with lots of friendly people! Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a rookie pilot, this will be a great chance to fly some spaceships around the table and make laser sounds while having lots of fun! Flight instructors will be on hand for those just dipping their toes into the game with demo games running throughout the day. Even if you don't own any models, this is a great chance to
  24. So my nerdling daughter is really into dragons right now, but not at all interested in SciFi. She said she'd play a dragon game, so I figured I'd use the X-Wing system with some house alterations for some dragon battles. Before I embark on this type of project I'd like to get a line on some appropriately sized dragon minis. Man O War Dragon riders would work, but they are spendy, if you can find them. Anybody have a good source for dragons about the size of X-Wing minis?
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