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H: Brets & Empire WFB & possibly Circle Orboros W:Retribution or Trollbloods or Circle

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I have 2 WFB armies for sale or trade. Bretts consisting of mostly knights, some man-at-arms and bowmen. also some solos including green knight. I have a mix in Emprie w/ knights infintery and some arty, also has some solos. I will inventory the models to have an accurate count, but for now I'm just guaging interest. I am interested in either selling all of it or will accept reasonable trades. I am willing to get rid of my Hordes Circle army (Apx 100 pts.) in exchange for Trolls, or will get keep it and accept trades for Retribution, Circle or Trollbloods. I like WFB alot, and that's why I bought it, but my friends only played me a few times, and I spent several hundred dollars on each army but now they colled dust. All interested parties just let me know what you have to offer, and please be near the Portland-metro area, but will bill willing to travel as far north as Seatlle or south as Medford for the right deal. I will get some pics together while I sort out my figs.

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