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Tyranids Hive Fleet: Milky Way to Your Mom!

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So one thing I love about the OFCC is that is pushes me to something new army wise each time. Last year was my Beastnesh goat themeed slanesh army which I was quite proud of.


This year I i have bugs in my pants.


I've been batting around some different color schemes and think I have settled upon one for my gribblies. Don't know if the name will change, but the fluff is a bit silly and works right now.


The concept is a group of Tyranids that live in the void of space and rather then ride inside Space Hulks, they climb upon them and surf them from space ship, to space station, to mining asteroid in the vast reaches of space. Their carapaces have morphed to camouflage with stars and patterns of space taking their enemies by surprise when the launch off their hulks to float upon their unsuspecting space prey to penetrate their defenses and wreck havoc upon the counltess space structures of the grimdark future.


Right now I'm in the modelling stage, putting lots of things together. Don't know if the models will be as unique as my beastnes, but I'm hoping to improve that with the paint scheme.

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I really like this concept.  If you are looking for "space/star camo" I think it will be hard to make black "pop" without white or bluish highlights.


Here's one thing I tried, which is to deliberately turn down the PSI of my airbrush compressor very low, to like ... 10psi.  This produces tiny dots.   The effect worked well on some of my camo cloaks for Guard snipers and might work for "stars on a carapace"?







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