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40k Tournament 4-1-17

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Alright folks, our end of league tourny is here! Here's the info, respond if you can attend.

Where: The Phoenix Nest

When: Roll call at noon. First round starts at 12:30 pm. 15 min breaks between rounds, and 2.5 hour rounds.

Food: We will order something as a group, we'll decide what then.

Points: 2,000

Rounds: 3

List Comp: None. Just dont go overboard. No superfriends bikers plus storm's eye drop pod grav cents and the like.

Buy in: A box of something from the store

Prizes: 1st place: $30 gift certificate at the nest

2nd place: $20 gift certificate at the nest

Last Place $10 gift certificate at the nest

Any questions? Put them here!

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