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Warhammer 30k weekly league

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Here is the info on the 30K league


Fate & Fury 30K custom scenario League

What: Weekly 30K custom scenario league (4 weeks)

Where: Fate & Fury Games 11017 ne burton road Vancouver, Washington 98664

When: Saturday Starting 5/6/17

Time: 8:00PM – 2:00AM

Who: Anyone with a good attitude, and wants to have a fun time without being overly competitive


We are working on custom planetary assault mission. Should be fun for you all. 


Looking forward seeing you all there


Entry Cost $15 for the month (four weeks)


Prizes will be given to the follow

• First place 

• Second place 

• Last place (wooden spoon)


*All paying players also receive discounts instore during league hours



• Armies must be chosen from one of the Age of Darkness army lists

• No Shattered Legions or Army of dark compliance.

• Armies must conform to one of the force organization charts found in the Age of Darkness books with all limitations

• Normal LOW rules


Points per week

1. 2500

2. 2500

3. 2500

4. 3000


*Players can team up, however players must declare who is the primary detachment and who is the allied Detachment


How to win: 

There are a total of 6 points you can win per league night

Point break down:

• 1 point for attending 

• 1 point if their army is painted, 3 colors min

• 1 point if their army is based

• 1 point if they bring a newly painted model

• 1 point if they win a mission

• 1 point if they bring a snack for all players

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