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Warhamsters Game Night Tuesday May 9th


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Hey Shawn, I still have my bases and dice coming and the only models I have put together are my warlord and a unit of Hearthguard. It may have to wait until the 16th until I have at least a 4pt warband ready. However, if you wanted to play with some of your other models we could get another practice game in for me. 

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Sure.  I have assembled a bunch of metal vikings, archers, and Pagan Russ cavalry that can be used to field 6 points of Vikings, Jomsvikings, Pagan Rus or Rus Princes.  All of these use the Viking dice, and Sherbert will let us borrow his.




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10 hours ago, Gabado said:

If the plan hasn't changed, the beast heard will be joining forces with a legion of demons to destroy the evil humans and vile dwarves!


(2v2 game of 9th)

It's happening, 2500 point armies, following team rules for 8th (unless someone found some ninth ones) 2 generals, 2 bsbs, magic items are as usual but each teammate can have same item, etc. etc.


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