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Open Play testing for wave 5


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Could'nt be more excited for wave 5 right now. Looks like the 3 characters from Divergent Paths were all fleshed out into models with some pretty fun abilities that were bestowed upon them during their adventures to Malifaux. These arent final, just giving people an opportunity to give feedback to the game developers for finishing touches. I think its a fresh take on gaming and community involvement. 


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Looks like they are wrapping up most of these models now. 

Really pleased with the new additions in this wave. A few Henchmen scattered around but mainly minions for all factions to add variation to certain styles of play.

Notably in the Neverborn I like the Azde, a giant vampire esqe spirit mosquito, that will fit perfectly in my Zoraida lists with the Will o the Wisps as a support piece. The interplay between those three different models is enough for me to purchase them without second thoughts. The can be used as a scheme marker at the end of the turn, you'll need to discard a card to keep them on the table, but this is worth it as they can become a mobile claim jump or leave your mark that will be tough to nail down with all the pushes or obeys from other models. Heals when it deals damage, has a nice (2) action that the Wisp can copy, he's incorporeal. I know the community wasnt all that stoked on this model, but I see it being a welcome addition. 

I also really like Serena Bowman, a new Enforcer for the NB that was part of the Divergent Paths campaign and was won by the NB. She has a condition removal and a nice ranged attack that will be annoyingly effective in finishing off models late turn.She has disguised and cannot be the target of a charge action and has a cool trigger on her attack that is very fluffy and givers her "familiar face" (- flip to MI attack actions).  She also "always comes back" meaning she is placed in your deployment zone she is killed or sacrificed. Seems like a problem, but with only 5 turns in a game, its not that big of a deal. She also has an upgrade that will allow nightmares to be deployed closer to the enemy. Good for alpha strikes and annoying stitch together's being on you early.

A lot of conversation about Serena Bowman, but that is true of all 3 of the Divergent Paths characters as their abilities were developed throughout a campaign. They have abilities that are from other factions due to this and have a lot of them too... 

The Grootslang are a terrain laying minion that can teleport between their lair markers. Expensive scheme runners and board control pieces that should add a fun wrinkle to the faction. I see running them with my Lilith crew. Bring the Emissary and Waldgeists in addition and lay down a lot of extra terrain to clog things up and put the fight where I'd prefer. 

Those are the three models I am looking at for sure. 



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New henchmen, Benny Walcomb, he's a bandit, nihilist who seems to work well with Parker and Hamelin considering his keywords. He summons rats... ;/

Tara got another Void creature called Talos. Enforcer, 50mm base, rare 1 beater- min damage 3. Healing tricks. 

The Midnight Stalker is another enforcer tha looks down right mean. Seems to be a copycat killer or in competition with Seamus as to who is the scariest in all of Malifaux. Hilarious fluff, I like this dude. Only 6 wounds but has amazing healing and defense tricks. He'll eat your hand but will be entertaining while doing it. 

Prospector, a scheme runner minion that can produce soul stones. And finally the Freikcorps engineer, a support minion who gives out even more armor.


so, outcasts did well with a henchmen, 3 rare 1 enforcers, and 2 minions. All seem to be very useful in certain schemes and play styles. 

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