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Moving fund raiser


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Hello Ordo!

I need to raise some funds for moving, and find some underused geekery a new home. I'll be putting this up on ebay in a couple of weeks, but I figured I would put it up a little cheaper on Ordo first. I live in the Seattle area, and happy to meet locally to trade stuff. If it needs to be shipped to you, I'll do my best to keep the costs as low as possible.


50$ - Games Workshop backpack and figure case (Apocalypse)

125$ - Warhammer Tower of Sorcery (Unbuilt)

60$ - Warhammer Sedge Tower (Unbuilt)

20$ - 40k Plastic Craters 

20$ - Crashed Aquila Lander 40k

20$ - Crashed Aquila Lander 40k (I have two sets)

25$ - Shrine of Aquila (unbuilt) 

25$ - Manufactorum - Earmarked - WestRider

300$ - Descent 1st Edition, with ALL of the Expansions, 2 extra sets of dice (HEAVY).

225$ - Ghostbusters Deluxe Edition, with Mass Hysteria kickstarter bonus.

200$ - The Others 7sins, Apocalypse exp (+Kickstart bonus), Beta Team, Omega team, Men of Faith, Envy, Wrath, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, dice pack, Plastic token pack. All still in shrink wrap.

150$ - DeadZone: 
- KickStarter Box set
- 2nd Edition rule set
- Deadzone Compendium (Nexus Psi, Incursion and Contagion)
- 2 "Deluxe Mats"
- Arcrylic Counter set
- Resin Equipment Crates
- Forge Father Starter pack
-- Forge Father Booster pack
- Asterian Starter pack
-- Asterian Booster pack
- Plague Booster pack
- Rebs Booster pack
- Enforcer Booster pack
- Marauders Booster pack
-- Marauder Stunt bot
- Extra Dice
- Many "free" Kickstarter extras.

100$ - Sedition Wars (Unpunch, unbuilt):
- KickStarter freebies included
- Terrain pack
- Ripley
- Ramirez
- Hexen
- Calamity Crew

Thanks for taking time to view my listed, and for the help raising moving funds.


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Thanks for the PM's, replied.

Also would like to add the following to the list (I was surprised to see these going for 150 on ebay).

75$ - Mighty Empires + Expansion 2 tile set - unpainted

70$ - Mighty Empires + Expansion 2 tile set - unpainted. 1 tile and flag missing, 5 tiles primed

75$ -Planetary Empires + Hive City tile - unpainted

100 - Mighty Empires "Game version" NO BOX
 + 3 metal Elf Towers, 3 bridges, 3 pirate ships, 2 catapults (look like rock lobbas), 2 undead banners, 2, bridges with towers, 2 sedge towers, 1 undead tower, 1 cannon
 + White Dwarf pages with extra rules for: Pirates, Wilderness, Agents, Bridges, Necropolis, Wizard Tower.

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