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Masterclass painting and airbrush classes, Vancouver BC, June 2017


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Mathieu Fontaine is holding two, 2-day painting courses in Vancouver BC this June, one for advanced brush painting and the other for airbrushing.   Masterclass Painting is CDN$180 and the Airbrush class is CDN$260.  

I took a painting masterclass with him a few years back and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to improve their painting skill.  I'll be taking the Airbrush class myself this time around.

Might be a bit of a trek for a lot of you, but Canadian dollars are cheap!  If you're looking for a place to crash I can probably accommodate you.



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Each workshop is two days, I think around 8h/day with a lunch break.  

You bring your own paints (and airbrush/compressor for the airbrush course).

He's supplying the model you work on (so everyone has the same model). The painting class will likely be an 28mm-scale ogre or similar.  The airbrushing class will be painting a bust. 

Based on my experience at his previous painting masterclass, he walks you through the entire process of painting the miniature from priming (yeah I was doing that wrong myself) to base coats and seamless blending, shading/highlighting metallics, eyes, skin tones, colour theory, etc.  You get time to watch him demonstrate the techniques and more time to practice yourself on your own model (included in cost of the class).  So much info crammed into two days I know I could pick up more if I took the painting masterclass again, I just wanted to kickstart my airbrush abilities beyond simple priming and base coats this time around.

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I used to go for full coverage, for example making every bit of the model solid white with white primer.  Sometimes took two coats.  Apparently that's wrong.  It's an excessive use of the paint, and there's a good chance it's filling in fine details on the model.  

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Priming is only about putting a foundation down for the paint to stick to. 

If you actually follow the directions of most primers for distances and take a quick pass that's what you do. My mass production method relies on the primer being the base coat as well which army painter primers are designed to do. Add a wash for shading jobs done! For display quality yeah this class sounds good. I've read profusely and have a large collection of 75 mm for "getting serious" which I'm close to... as in the next 5 years close. 

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