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Friday - OFCC - 3 round 8th edition


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We will be adding a three-round 8th edition rogue trader tournament to the OFCC schedule, to occur on Friday.


1500 its.  All units that have 8th edition stats are permitted.

3 rounds

3 color plus basing required - no exceptions, this is OFCC.

Mission Determination

Players roll a d6.  On a 1-3, their mission will be from the Eternal War section.  On a 4-6, their mission will be from the Maelstrom of War section.

Players then roll another d6 to determine the individual mission within those sections.

Whatever mission you roll, the following special rules apply to the following rounds:

ROUND 1:  Use the Night Fight Battlezone special rules found on pg 252.

ROUND 2:  Use the Cities of Death rules found on pg 260.

ROUND 3:  Use the Death from the Skies rules found on pg 268.


GW FAQ in effect

Tournament FAQ as follows:

  • No understrength units allowed - you must field the minimum
  • In determining who controls an objective, you do not count the number of models within 3", instead you count the number of current wounds of the models within 3" of the objective at the time you are determining who controls it.  
  • If playing the "No Mercy" mission, rather than getting 1 point for each unit destroyed, you get a number of points equal to that unit's power level (not points, power level). 
  • Players who finish deploying first, do not automatically go first.  Instead, players roll off, and the highest roll gets to chose who goes first.  The player who finished deploying first gets a +1 on the roll.
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Cool. Leaning towards full painted/based? I've done my typical OFCC paint procrastination ritual and I'm trying to paint with an eye on both editions õ_0

Regardles, I'm really excited to stumble through this event!(figuratively and literally)

Even though DE are kinda bland now. I miss my WWP already, but I'm sure I'll get it back when we get out of the index and into a book.

It's really weird to see the difference between 1500 and 2000 on terms of what detachments you can bring. It's a [big bad swear word] load of HQs to try to farm command points, and that's really hard to justify at 1500. Though DE do have 7 point fast attack choices, so that kinda compensates...



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So where is the info for this? I'm desperately trying to complete my AoS army, but with all the distractions it proving difficult. Now with this tournament I wanna play but there is no way for me to get a second army painted. Hopefully the painting requirements are less.

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