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Vampire Counts / Undead, W: $, Bretonnia, Malifaux


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SO, now that my son is here, I'm getting a clearer look at what my hobby time is going to be like, heh. So I've decided to focus on my Bretonnians / Ogers and let my Vampire Counts / Undead army go! Here's what I've got:

-40 Grave Guard. 5 on sprue, the rest assembled / partially assembled. 10 are primed, 1 is painted, rest bare plastic.$70 - SOLD

-Corpse Cart. Needs some stuff glued back together. + Reaper Bones Necromancer guy. - $20 SOLD

-37 Mantic Ghouls. Assembled, some paint. - $35

Also for sale / trade:

-20 Chaos Cultists from Dark Vengence, unassembled. - $20




Willing to do partial trade / cash for some Bretonnia stuff to:

`-18ish Grail / Battle Pilgrims

- 9 Mounted Yeomen

-Lord on Hippogriff (most current, metal preferably)

Also willing to consider Malifaux Outcast stuff... stuff I can use with Jack Daw.

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Quick pre-garage sale bump: In the interest of moving some of this stuff to help me pick up the new 8th box set, if someone want to purchase the Grave Guard for $70 and can meet me at the Ordo Garage sale on Saturday between 11 and 11:30ish (or can pick up at my house later tonight), I will also toss in either the Ghouls, the Corpse Cart + Necro, or the 40K Cultists for free!

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