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Sunday: All Hands Abandon Ship!


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In Coming Message....................

Alert: The ship's engines are failing. Sections of the ship are in fire! Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!

A fire fight for the control of the Merchant Freighter Mercia between forces has inadvertently triggered a fire damaging the ship's systems. Smoke fills the corridors. Find the Escape Pods and abandon ship!


Your new mission is to save as many as your troops as possible while prevent the opposing forces from leaving the ship. 


1 Point for having one model leave the ship.

3 Points for having more troops than your opponent leave the ship. 

3 Points for having more victory points than your opponent at the end of the game.

2 Points for having more Escape Pods depart the ship than your opponent. 

1 Point for the Classified Mission: Extreme Prejudice.

Set up:

1) The table will be on a ship. The battlefield will be in the corridors of the ship. There is only one level to the ship. Buildings will be considered rooms. Their roofs are out of play.

2) Since the setting is a ship, expect to play on an asymmetric battlefield.

3) The ship is on fire. Smoke has filled the corridors. The game will be in low visibility zone.

4) All rooms with doors are playable and start closed. Once opened they stay open until closed by a short skill action.

5) The crew of the merchant ship has locked the release mechanisms for the escape pods. They want to use the pods! To release the pods, players must do one of three things. 1) Obtain a key from the opposing HVT. This key card with allow any pod to depart if the key touches the console in the pods (by using a short skill). 2) If a hacker enters a pod and overrides the lock (by making a successful hacking roll on the console). 3) If the specialist from either side unlocks the pods from a console in the center of the table. This takes a WIP -3 roll. Hackers and Engineers suffer no penalty. The player attempting to unlock a pod designates which pod he wishes to release each time. One unlocked, anybody can use the pod.

Remember, the console can be used to lock any unlocked pods. 

It takes a short skill order to launch the pods. Once launched, the models are removed from play and no longer generate orders.

6) At the end of the third turn, the ship explodes. All models that have not escaped are dead. 


200 - with a 4 point spec op!


See you Sunday at the club!

3 PM Start


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Thanks Raindog!  Good Game Jay!  Rookie mistake on my part, but it's the sting that teaches the lesson.  See you next week! 


This mission had some complexity, but turned out to be simple enough.   :)  

Also, it helps if I think about what turn it is... when it's turn 3!

I appreciate the mission being posted, somehow I missed it before game night.  

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