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Congrats, Brad Lyons and Kingmaker!

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We just got the word in that Brad's board game Kingmaker made the finals at the Kublacon convention in San Francisco this weekend.  Playtesters will rate it over the course of three days and we'll find out on Monday whether it placed 5th-2nd!  Good luck, Brad!

Reposting because my post might get lost in Brad's. We both made it!

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I will actually make a golfing game that will actually involve physical violence.  It will be like slugbug, but everytime anyone says "Joey" you have to punch a guy named Joey and there are, I guess, some dudes playing golf maybe but they might have recently stopped playing golf.  And every card will be of the suit J so you have to say "I'm playing the 4 of Joeys" and everyone else in the game will get in a line and start icing their knuckles because this has literally been going on all weekend because the tournament rules.  They're so extensive.


TLDR: I enjoy or can't avoid physically beating Joey for excelling at video golf, and invite others to take up the practice.

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