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Sogarats vs Suryats


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Hey all I'm curious about peoples experiences with Morats 2 heavy infantry. Both fill a very similar role in the faction. Both have their own level of survivability in comparing a sogarat haris and a suryat core. Sogarats have an extra 2 points of armor and the auto medkit. Suryats have more wounds spread across more targets. Both are straight forward beat sticks with good weapons and no specialists with the exception of the addition of a Raktorak to the Suryats which I think is almost mandatory considering it saves you nearly 20pts off of a very expensive fireteam.

I'm considering one of these options for zone control type scenarios but can't figure out which is more apealling. Any thoughts and/or experiences?

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While Sogarats and Suryats look like they fill the same niche, they're actually kinda different in terms of combat roles. Unfortunately for the Sogarat, the Suryat tends to outclass it in most categories if only because silhouette isn't a costed stat in Infinity and S5 is a big detriment compared to S2. If you're thinking of purely all-comers usage, I'd urge you to just get the Suryats and be done with it. 

Suryats bring:

  • Jungle Terrain (useful for Rescue)
  • S2 instead of S5
  • BTS 6 (pretty important considering the lack of decent counter hacking in MAF)
  • Ability to link with a Raktorak
  • A wider breadth of equipment options (Tinbots and direct template weapons being chief among them)

If you're looking to capitalize on Sogarats, I'd look towards a game plan using their strengths which are:

  • ARM 6 
  • Higher CC
  • Assault Pistols on the Feuerbachs

They also have +2 PH which would be amazing if they had grenade access like quite a few Morats do, but they don't so I don't list it as a consideration for taking the unit. To consider taking Sogarats over Suryats, I'd be looking mainly to leverage their MULTI HMG option and the ARM 6 (9 in cover). The HMGs having DA with B2 in the Haris is pretty deadly and the Sogarats can be too difficult for most troops to dislodge with conventional weapons if you find a nice spot to break the Haris and put them in Suppressive Fire. Just be careful if you're doing this as both their silhouette and low BTS makes them especially vulnerable to weapons well suited to dropping HI.

A special note on the weakness of Sogarats is that they must bring Kornak to form a link at all and the two sort of waste the other's potential once they're linked. What I mean by this is that Kornak's main gift is that he's BS14 which is fantastic, but you don't want to bring 100+pts of Sogarat beefcake around just to give him +1B as it's a waste. This isn't so much of a problem with other link options as 100-ish points usually gets you a full 5 man suite of tools to choose from which make the 2xSogarats look a little...anemic. So, during the active turn, you're either wasting the Sogarats or you're wasting Kornak which is a shame.

Basically, I'm not a big fan of Sogarats because of the math, but they do have a purpose if you're looking for a couple of mini TAGs to bully people with. If you're not, just bring Suryats.

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Unfortunately Sogarats don't have multi hmgs they have ap. I've not run a team of them yet but I've been meaning to. And I've never run any more than a haris of Suryats yet so I need to experiment.

I have had success with the solo Feurbach Sogarat. He's a bit of a nightmare in ARO. And if he gets hit he can shrug most of it off. Its just a very expensive team. Strangely while I'm reluctant to use the Sogarat team I'm actually excited to pick up Xeodrons and run that haris in Onyx.

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Right, right, AP. 

I think that there's some play with Sogarats for solo play as you mentioned, but you seemed to be asking more about link details than anything else. 

As for the Xeodron Haris, I've run it a few times with lackluster results. It's not really a statement of the link itself as it's actually pretty good, but more that Onyx doesn't handle the expenditure well. I'm sure if it were in pretty much any other faction it'd find a place. Alas, Onyx (and CA as well) don't really have the line troopers to fuel it or the support pieces needed to protect it. 

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