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Ordo Garage sale! Who's going?


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15 minutes ago, Scarydog said:

I'm looking for space wolf stuff. 

Bits, and models if anyone has some for trade. 

I have the below specific to SW (along with tons of generic marine stuff) and if you have a particular set of bits you need, I have a butt-ton of SW bits in my personal collection. If I know what you're looking for, I can bring bits boxes.


https://www.dakkadakka.com/gallery/images-20774-33080_Sw Trade.html
- Long Fangs (6) (Metal/plastic hybrid models. 2 ML, 2 LC, 1 HB, 1 Sgt. As Shown. Some need left arms) PIC    -    $20.00
- Njal (Metal, primed, power armor) PIC    -    $8.00
- Ragnar (Metal, bare) PIC  - $9
- Ragnar (Metal, primed) PIC    -    $8.00
- Space Wolf Terminators (13) (Mix of paint/bare/primed metal terminators from 2nd edition. See pic) PIC    -    $50.00
- Space Wolves (16) (Bare plastic/metal 2nd edition SW and Marine models, as shown some need arms) PIC    -    $40.00
- Space Wolf Job Lot (24) (Painted and Bare Plastic. 1 LC x2, 1 LC/Bolter, 1 TH/BP, 1 LC/BP, 3 BP/Bolter, 8 Bolter/CCW, 2 Bolter, 2 Plasma, 1 Melta, 2 BPx2, 2 BP/CCW)PIC - $24
- SW Bits Lot (Most of an old Logan, Body of Arjac, Iron Priest with out head of hammer, Melta Biker, Bike Sgt, LF Sergeant, Tons of extra metal bits) PIC - $20
- Ulrik (Metal, primed, previous Model) PIC    -    $8.00
- Wolf Guard with Wolf Mask (BP/Chainsword, Metal Painted) - $3

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http://www.ordofanaticus.com/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F208124-ordo-gamer garage sale-saturday-6317%2F

717 SE Main St, Portland, OR 97214-3421, United States

Here we go again, time to buy and sell, and then buy some more of our favorite stuff! Please see the above post for more detailed information if you are wanting to sell items.

Otherwise, 11AM Saturday June 3rd at WOW, sales will start! We have seen quite a variety of items in the past, I'm sure this sale won't disappoint :)

Hope to see everyone on Saturday!


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