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Sunday the 4th: Wotan: SHǍNQIĀNG


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Okay Gents, 


Wotan is here. Sign up at Beasts of War!

We are still playing 200 points and limited insertion. 

For the First Mission, we are playing is here:



The light frigate Shǎnqiāng (Lightning Spear) belongs to Yào class (鹞, sparrowhawk), a specialized-role frigate model that sacri ces shield and  re capacity for speed and maneuverability. In the beginning, this type of frigate was created as a fast escort for convoys and worked as an immediate support and advanced recognition element. Their technical characteristics allow them to move and relocate quickly on the line of battle to protect other ships easier than bigger and better armed—but slower—ships can.

The Shǎnqiāng frigate, like the rest of its type, stood out for its tactical role during the NeoColonial Wars, especially in confrontations with Haqqislamite pirate ships and many skirmishes in the outer area of the Human Edge. Since the Combined Army arrived at Paradiso, this light frigate has functioned as a persecution and hunting element in the Intermediate Blockade and as a fast patrol in the Wotan Blockade.

In this kind of ship, the Combat Information Center (CIC) is a vital element for coordinating naval battle-strategy and tactics. Computers on this deck are full of high value information to any boarding group. However, the task of CIC tactical officers would become useless without naval officers piloting the frigate from the navigation deck.


The Mission is a  Transmission Matrix that scores like this:

Dominate the same number of transmission areas at the end of the game round as your opponent. 1 Point.

Dominate more of transmission areas at the end of the game round than your opponent. 2 Points.

Each player has 2 Classified Objectives (2 Objective Points each).



The ZOs (the 5 transmission areas) are considered Zero-G Terrain Zones. In this area Movement restrictions are not applied, however, all troopers possessing Zero-G Terrain or Multi-terrain get a +1 inch Bonus to their  first MOV value.

This Bonus will be applied only during a Move Common Skill declared or performed in the ZOs.



The transmission areas act as repeaters, but only have a 4 inch area of effect.

The Transmission Antennas are Repeaters for the Hackers of both players. The Transmission Antennas don’t apply the Firewall MODs.



A Zone of Operations (ZO) is considered Dominated by a player if he has more Army Points than the adversary inside the area. Troops in a Null state do not count.


See you all at 3 PM.

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Boarding action you say???  It's time to break out the old KillTeam terrain!  I've been playing around with ideas on how to make it less 2 dimensional.  I can do 2nd and 3rd stories, but keeping the underneath playable is a big challenge.  



I built this years ago for playing Special Operations Killzone, and then HOR Kill Teams, both 40K Skirmish games.  


I'll be bringing a good portion of this to Game night on Sunday for the 'Despoiling of the SHǍNQIĀNG'

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I really like that terrain! all you need is some ladders or stairs to add 2nd and 3rd levels, but i wouldn't bother making it playable beneath. the added levels will add dimension without taking from game play. 

Is the LED lighting from a single power source? or does each lighted piece its own lighting unit?

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