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Howdy Guys and Girls :)

From the UK Games Expo - Gretchinz!

Lady Atia


"We are happy to announce the upcoming project Gretchinz! This is a hilariously violent card-driven racing game, in which the cards become the very track on which the Gretchins drive. In Gretchinz! players will fill the shoes of crazy Gretchin drivers behind the wheels of insane contraptions that could barely pass as vehicles, in a deadly race on a deserted alien planet.

Players will choose which Klan they belong to, each one granting a unique special ability. Each contestant will have a vehicle and a bunch of tarot sized cards in their hand. One side of those cards (the side that the player holding them sees) indicates the type of attack card that they can play, while the other side (which everyone else sees) tells what sort of danger lies ahead in front of their racing devices.

This game will be published under license from Games Workshop®, based on the Warhammer® 40,000® universe. The game is designed by top creators Roberto Fraga and Yohan Lemonnier, authors of the 2016 smash hit Captain Sonar (Matagot). Roberto on his own is a well known and awarded games designer of titles such as Dr. Eureka, Me want Cookies! and Spinderella (2015 Kinderspiel award winner), amongst many, many others. The game is being illustrated by Albert Monteys, recently nominated to the prestigious Eisner comic awards.

2 to 4 players / Age 8+ / 20 minutes per game."

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