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Cheap Alternative Rough Rider Mounts?


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Anyone Got any good, cheap ideas for non horse RR mounts?

I really like my old idea of using Cold Ones, but $40 for 5 is pretty steep.

I had considered Ramshackle games' motorcycles,  but at £5 each they are also a bit steep (and I don't like how the base has terrain on it...).

I like the idea of antellope/gazelles, dinos (raptor or pacycephalasaurus preferred), hyena, or big cats (I really don't like the Manti ones).

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9 hours ago, PourSpelur said:

Cadians sitting on the shoulders of Catachans...

You have no idea how bad I want to make this a reality now.

If the Models were available in plastic, I think I'd make the riders even fancier, with Vostroyans or Mordians or Praetorians riding the Catachans.

"Just you wait until the Commissar ain't lookin', buddy."

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4 hours ago, Munkie said:

I've got a bunch of the [big bad swear word]ty lizardmen cold ones (not the cool dark elf ones that I used to swap out the [big bad swear word]ty ones).

I'll straight up give you those. Free is cheap, and club hands should be cheap. 

How many ya got?  Yeah, the [big bad swear word]ty lizardmen ones are indeed [big bad swear word]ty.  They have them in stock on Hoard o Bits at a decent price.  

Ideally I want 60 mounts.  

I have this crazy IG army in mind that is

2 of the FA detachments 

Each has

Tank Commander in Executioner Leman Russ with Multimeltas and lascannon

3 Units of 10 Rough Riders with 2 meltaguns and the sarge has power axe and plasma pistol

1 unit of 3 Scout Sentinels with Missile Launchers

2 Hellhounds with Heavy Bolters

1996 pts of fast IG!  

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Well I have 9 unassembled, possibly with one tail missing—will do a more thorough search through the bitz box later. A mere pittance compared to your dinobolical aspirations.

Have you learned nothing from the Jurassic Park quadrilogy?? 60 raptors bred for warfare? What would Jeff Goldblum say?!


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