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Sisters of Silence / Custodes Question


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That's the theoretical structure, at least. If all that matches is "Imperium", there are no extra benefits. If they're all "Adeptus Astartes", that whole Detachment gets something. If they also all have the same <Chapter> Keyword, they get still more on top of that. It was described somewhere, but I can't remember if it was one of the Warhammer Community posts or something Reece let slip, or what. It'll probably start showing up once we get actual Dexes.

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8 hours ago, WestRider said:

As long as there is at least one Faction Keyword that the whole Detachment shares, it's legit. If you match more than one Faction Keyword across the whole Detachment, you get extra bonuses.

I think it will be more of a "if your detachment only contains AstraMil, then xxxxxx" nature.


And future expansions having say SM/AM, or TauDar combined forces with specific units available to it from those forces and you gain benefits. 

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