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On 6/5/2017 at 11:37 PM, Pyre Warden said:

Hey there, 


I bought a ticket for the Horus Heresy event but i actually want to switch over to the Age of Sigmar event. Looking for an admin or whoever i have to talk to in order to do that. I'd prefer to not have to buy a whole new ticket and just pay the difference if there is one. 

Welcome to the Darkside, I will be there with my Tzeentch Chaos force.

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I'm pretty excited, the more i try AoS the more i kick myself in the ass for not getting into it sooner. I picked sylvaneth based on the models, always wanted to do a cherry blossom paint scheme. Now i'm learning their rules and how they play. The teleporting thing seems really cool and interesting. 

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