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50ss Tournament this weekend in Tacoma WA


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June 10th @ Terracrux- Spring Fling 50ss GG17 single faction, no paint required.

Noon to 9ish. I will be leaving from Vancouver, WA that morning if anyone is looking for a car pool. I have 1 seat taken already. 

Malifaux is awesome and you should be playing it... even for just a "side" game. Ya know? Its super easy to get into and doesnt cost an arm and a leg, only gotta paint like 10 dudes too. Card flipping is as fun as rolling dice, I wasnt expecting to like it as much, but its pretty sweet. Just thought I'd throw this out there. 


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This was an excellent tournament with some top notch players. Matt Witek won the tournament with Outcasts, I did not play him as I was busy losing some close games and did not ascend tables with any wins. 10 players showed up with a good spread of factions minus Gremlins who weren't represented. I played Dreamer all three games and faced Ironsides, Sandeep, and Nellie, all of which were my first time seeing those masters. I felt like I was able to keep it close enough by focusing on my schemes and what I could control in the game. But.... mistakes were made. My ignorance got me on some enemy models and I made a few hasty decisions that cost me... a few timely black jokers... 

Game 1 Ironsides. She is scary in melee... no question. The strategy  was turf war and I just ran around the center the best I could. Chose claim jump and leave your mark so I was fine attempting to out activate while working the outside only to move 2 scoring models within 6" of the center for VP. Those models would die instantly the following turn though to Ironsides, joss, or the emissary.  Oxfordian Mages were used to great effect to push models vast distances to deny my schemes twice. 1 claim jump and 1 leave your mark were denied by those mages, yikes. Better positioning of scheme markers and a touch more aggression would've helped in this one. Big time. 6-4L

Game 2 was against Sandeep, solid opponent who really knew his stuff. Looking back on this one it was all my own fault. I knew who he had frame for murder on and I killed him anyway, dumb. I had ways to mitigate that models effectiveness without killing it and could've put my main beater (Nekima) on the flank to oppose the Valedictorian who ran up on a waldgeist id put over there. If I'd have just surged to this flank with my entire force, minus summoned Alps to tie up the FFM target, I feel like Sandeep would've had more decisions to make. Instead... I gave him an early lead and control of the game that I was never getting back. 8-6L

 game 3 papa loco is 'loco'and put down 4 models and himself early turn 2 with some suicide bomber shenanigans. Feel like I could have mitigated his effectiveness by moving differently in T1, could have clogged an alley with a summoned Copellius and his 2" engagement range. Would've forced him to walk closer to his own guys. This was the difference in this matchup as it put me behind on the main objective. Needed all those minions for interacts and schemes. 6-4L 

Eventhough I lost all my games I had a blast! This game is really rewarding whether you win or lose because you can always recognize where things went wrong. With models having as many abilities as they do, it's really open ended as to HOW you use them and where you went wrong. Cards aren't always going to be there and it's not like luck isn't a factor, BUT I feel like you can always control enough to be competitive even if the cards aren't falling right. So many VPs can be earned without even having to flip a card and that's the resource management and spacing part of the game I find so gratifying. 

With all that I did come away winning the raffle for a translucent Kaeris box if anyone is interested. I will not play Archanist scum....lol. 

Really looking forward to my next game, can't get enough. 

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29 minutes ago, Fixxer said:

With all that I did come away winning the raffle for a translucent Kaeris box if anyone is interested. I will not play Archanist scum....lol. 

Really looking forward to my next game, can't get enough. 

What would you want for that translucent set? Anything I don't have to paint is awesome... 

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