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Forgeworld Order for the new Indexes, etc.....


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I will be placing a forgeworld order for the new indexes from them. Anyone want to combine the order with me so we can share the shipping or maybe even qualify for free shipping. I will have the order shipped to the Phoenix Nest so everyone can pick up their stuff from there. Money will be due before I will let James release your stuff to you. The final cost will depend on the exchange rate at the time of the order and the final shipping cost. I will not know that till the order is placed.

I plan on waiting till they release the xenos and the astra militarum books in a couple of weeks.

Please add to this thread what you want on the order.


As of right now I have:

Rob - Index Adeptus Astartes

Jeff - Index Chaos


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thanks again rob, they are badass. i had to make them all up and now they will bring down the armies of the imperium.  Ive been working on a list of bash brothers that should be fun.


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