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  • A Cold-War-Gone-Hot Campaign for Tabletop Miniatures
  • An Escalation League and virtual campaign
  • A home-brewed campaign designed by James Billingham and play-tested by RCDD (Rose City Dukes and Duchesses FOW Ranger Group), June 8, 2017

WHEN: June 8, 2017 to August 31, 2017

  • Each turn is two weeks, with multiple battles per turn
  • Play one or more battles within that turn, no fixed time, no fixed location.

WHO: Any gamer with Cold War-era tabletop miniatures


  • This Forum, look for threads "Fulda-Gap-86 Escalation Campaign - Turn #..." The turn thread is explained below.
  • Blog: https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/team-yankee-fulda-gap-86/
  • The Blog is where we post files, pics, and a lot of the narrative.
  • Play anywhere. This is a virtual campaign.
  • Arrange to meet your opponent(s) via PM (Personal Message), forum post, or other communication (as explained below).


  • Have fun!
  • Compete with your opponents and the opposing team.
  • Great modeling of miniatures: 6mm, 15mm, etc.\


Team Yankee ® is a registered trademark of Battlefront miniatures, LTD.
FULDA GAP '86: IRON BEASTS AT THE GATES™ is a trademark of ‘barca’, James Billingham
FULDA GAP '86: IRON BEASTS AT THE GATES(c) is a 2017 copyrighted work of ‘barca’, James Billingham

QUES: How do I get involved?
ANS: Follow these instructions:

1. If you do not have a user account at ordofanaticus.com, then sign up to get a free one. A paid account is not required. That forum is our primary communications channel.

2. Ensure that you read the Forum Rules at " www.ordofanaticus.com/index.php?/topic/3591-of-forums-usage-guidelines-aka-code-of-conduct/&do=findComment&comment=43467 "

3. Track the forum threads that have this in the topic line: “Fulda-Gap-86 Escalation Campaign”. The Official Thread is the basic info about the campaign. The Turn Threads are the specific information for that turn. Once a turn is completed, we start a new turn and a new forum thread for that turn.

4. We also have a blog with campaign graphics and photos: https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/ The Ordo Forum does not support a lot of graphics, so we post them in a blog. The blog will be listed in the Official Thread.

5. Download the files for "TACTICAL COMMANDERS" at https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/team-yankee-fulda-gap-86/ Read the instructions before proceeding.

6. In the current turn, check the start and end times of that turn. If you are confident that you and your opponent can complete and report on a table top miniatures battle within that time frame, then you can “claim” a battle. Post a reply to the thread. The Campaign Organizer will update the turn thread

7. Read through BATTLE ORDERS. The information in the files “Fulda-Gap86-instructions-and-Cdrs-briefing-v2-NATO.pdf” and “Fulda-Gap86-instructions-and-Cdrs-briefing-v2-WarPac.pdf” - will explain how to read a BATTLE ORDER, and what it means to you for setting up your game. You want to consider the battle orders that have the status of “Unassigned”. These are the battles that no one has claimed nor completed.

8. On that turn thread, post that you are claiming a specific battle. We refer to each battle in a turn by its BATTLE ARROW NUMBER, which is unique for that turn. Once the Campaign Organizer - barca - has read your post, he will update that BATTLE ORDER to “assigned.”

9. If you want to communicate with your general, or fellow team members, then do so by PM (Personal Message) on the forum. If you want to talk to all of the gamers in the campaign, then post in the turn thread, or start a new topic of your own. If your team wants to exchange email, that is their prerogative. As a courtesy, do not post anyone else’s e-mail address nor personal information on the forum. If you want to exchange personal contact information, do that via PM.

10. If you want to contribute some “fan fiction”, After Action Reports, or photos to the storyline of the campaign, then PM the Campaign Organizer (barca). Entertaining and informative content will be added to the RCDD blog https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/.

11. Play out the table top battle. Record your results in the BATTLE REPORT (“BATREP”) format. An example blank BATREP is included in the files mentioned above.

12. Post a BATREP on the turn thread on the forum. Do this within the time-frame of that turn. The schedule of turns is posted ate the end of this document. Late reports will be discarded.

13. You can follow the progress on the forum and the blog: https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/

14. At the end of each turn, the GENERALS will roll up the results of all the table top (TACTICAL) battles.

15. The GENERALS will dice off the remaining battles (OPERATIONAL BATTLES) that were not fought on the tabletop.

16. Victors will advance, losers will retreat, casualties will be recorded and processed, and campaign victory points
will be assigned. The results of that turn will be posted.

17. The turn cycle starts over. The GENERALS and the Campaign Organizer setup the next turn, start a new turn
thread and issue new battle orders.

TURN 1 - JUNE 8 to June 22
TURN 2 - JUNE 22 to JULY 6
TURN 3 - JULY 6 to July 20
TURN 4 - July 20 to August 3
TURN 5 - August 3 to August 17
TURN 6 - August 17 to August 31

19. The Blog and file downloads: https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/team-yankee-fulda-gap-86/

20. There are no fixed/appointed GENERALS. Anyone who shows up at Guardian Games on the Thursday that the turns start and end (6:00-9:30 PM) can be a GENERAL (limit of two) for that turn.

21. There are no fixed teams. You can be NATO in one battle, and Warsaw Pact in the next. Or you can play both factions in a solo battle, if you have the resources for two opposing Forces.

22. There are no fixed army/Force lists you have to stick to. Play British Mech Infantry in one battle and German Panzers in the next.

23. You don't have to play in each turn. Out of town? When you have time, after your hiatus, then come back in on the next turn, claim a battle, and join the fight.


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